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It’s true that physical exercise burns stored fat and buffs your muscles up, but is it enough on its own? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t. You will have to combine physical exercise and a healthy diet in order to truly start losing weight (without causing your body harm).

The third component of the weight loss trifecta are supplements. Now, supplements are optional since they just speed up your weight loss progress, but are nonetheless helpful and sought for. They’re a healthy and effective way to reach your goals quicker.

Today, we’ll be reviewing a pAGG Stack (we’ll talk about what pAGG means in a bit) Supplement System from New Health. But first, it’s important to let you know everything there is to know about the ingredients present in this stack.

We all know just how difficult losing weight is, especially if genetics aren’t on your side. Some people take years to get down to their desired weight, whilst others manage it relatively quickly. It all differs from human to human. Fortunately for all, there are multiple ways to lose weight. The most common method that comes to mind is physical exercise.