Everyone looking for a premium quality was never disappointed by this supplementation manufacturing giant. Olympus Labs always managed to find a way in creating premium products designed for those trying to reach greatness. Today we will be doing a review on one of their new line products and checking out is it as good as the rest of their assortment. RE1GN is a pre-workout packed with a hand full of highest quality ingredients and with a mission of taking your workouts to another level.

Lately, we witnessed an exponential growth of performance-enhancing products, but unfortunately, only a minority is capable of fulfilling all of your needs. There are few areas every pre-workout should enhance while at the same time preserve or improve lifestyle quality. RE1GN's main focus is on boosting mental clarity, strength, endurance, pump, and providing sustainable energy.

RE1GN Ingredients

Olympus Labs somehow always manage to find a right way to create a mixture of ingredients and taking the most out of every single compound. It is something everyone tries to accomplish, but in reality, only a few manage to do it successfully and on a constant basis. At first, RE1GN seems to be no exception, but let's take a closer look to see if that is the case!

Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix

A mini blend that has some surprises when it comes to dose and ingredient choices. There aren't many products out there with such a big dose of l-citrulline, especially not if combined with few other compounds. However, the mixture seems to work perfectly, as most of the customer compliments come for pump and endurance.


Pomegranate Powder Extract


Intense Energy Matrix

Most of the pre-workouts on the market have caffeine anhydrous as their main ingredient for boosting energy and providing some other additional benefits. Although it is a reliable source on its own, folks from Olympus Labs decided to go some extra lengths ensuring you are getting maximum out of this category too!

Caffeine Anhydrous

Eria Jarensis Extract

Julgans Regia Extract


Immaculate Focus Matrix

It may seem unnecessary for some of you, but the addition of these two compounds actually does have a lot of sense. Although there are some other ingredients in the mixture that are capable of improving mental performance it isn't their main mission, so these are put in to ensure you are on top of your game when comes the time for a workout.



Maximum Absorption Matrix


RE1GN Side Effects

RE1GN looks like a pretty safe option for anyone looking for a pre-workout, especially one with such a possible upside. Looking at its ingredient profile we don't see a major risk for your health unless you are already suffering from some sort of medical condition or react negatively on some of the compounds found within. It is capable of causing some side effects such as higher blood pressure or nausea. We didn't find almost any side effect reports, and it is something that definitely tells a lot about its safety. One customer complained about having jitters after using it but still wasn't left disappointed in the product. Here are his thoughts:

“Great focus. However taking the one serving sample pack gave me some jitters. It would be great if it didn't give the jitters at one serving. Maybe better at half a serving.”

RE1GN Reviews

Majority of the customers only had nice words to share. It is always encouraging to find out that a supplement you like on paper is backed up with a high percentage of satisfied users.

“Re1gn definitely delivered as far as focus and energy. Pumps were pretty good as well. Good, clean energy without the crash. i'd recommend. ”

“Reign definitely helps you get into a good focused mindset for your workout. Careful with the dosing though. I'm pretty stim tolerant, but I started with one scoop and that was plenty to get me through a 75 minute workout and I still felt like I could keep going with no crash. .”

“The pumps from RE1GN were good to the point that I never had to stack a pump product. In addition, I had a heighten focus effect that was great, at one point I did not realize how long I was at the gym. Furthermore, my endurance was increased “

Most of the customers seemed to enjoy it. However not everyone used the same dose, and it is something to look for, as you might not need all of its power at once, especially if you are new to the world of bodybuilding or sports in general.

RE1GN Reviews

We have to say that we expected a lot from this one, but it still managed to surprise us with how good it was. Olympus Labs are one of the best in the business and once again they managed to make a product that is one of the best in its category. RE1GN does not only have a great balance in providing all the necessary benefits for a high-intensity training but also does so with unbelievable efficiency. With everything it has to offer we would recommend this one to those that already have some experience with pre-workouts and give their best every time when they step into the gym.

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Trying to grab a bottle on your own and try it out shouldn't be a problem because it is rising in popularity on a daily basis and comes from already established and well-known brand. We recommend checking it out here and getting it for a great price with fast delivery service.

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Cycle Support and PCT


Androgenic/anabolic substances are among the most used ones in the world of bodybuilding. They offer the best results and effectively put your body into the optimal muscle building environment. But, as you all know, these sorts of compounds are not that safe to use. Don't get me wrong. You won't die from using them, but your body might need additional help on and after the cycle to get back to normal hormone levels. That's where OCT (on cycle support) and PCT (post cycle support) supplements come into play. Olympus Labs is a company known for their involvement in bodybuilders' safety. That's probably one of the reasons they made K1ngsguard, a next-gen OCT therapy that will make sure your body stays as healthy as it can be. With that in mind, I will do the best I can to

K1ingsguard Benefits

If you don't know what OCT and PCT supplements are and what exactly do they do, here's some general information. They protect your entire body and most importantly, your liver, which suffers the most from testosterone boosting products. In order to effectively do their jobs, PCTs usually feature many ingredients, with each one of them protecting a certain organ in your body. Some of them are there to keep your liver in a healthy state, some of them protect your heart while others take care of your immune system and so on… The key, to put things very simply, is in normalizing hormonal levels and making sure your body can go through the entire cycle without getting serious issues.

K1ngsguard Ingredients

Before jumping to the explanations of some of K1ngsguard's key ingredients, first we will take a closer look at its label:

Aged Garlic Extract

Aged Garlic has a plethora of positive effects on our bodies. it helps regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and even reduces the risk of dangerous heart and prostate diseases.


Tudca is definitely the most popular PCT and OCT compund. That's because of its amazing liver-protecting properties that set it ahead of all other similar compounds.

White Willow Bark

Very similar to Aspirin, White Willow Bark is used for treating all sorts of pains and discomforts, ranging from headaches, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis and more. It's been widely used all across the globes for centuries…

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract helps with poor circulation, high cholesterol and many other diseases. It is also known for its antioxidant properties as it helps cells from being damaged… One research points out that Grape Seed Extract could lower the risk of certain types of cancers.

K1ingsguard Side Effects

Side effects should not be a major issue since K1ngsguard's ingredients mixture consists only well-known and researched substances. Still, if you are allergic to Aspirin your body might trigger an allergic reaction on willow bark. In addition to that, there have been a few complaints on mild headaches, but nothing more serious than that. Keep in mind that you should not be using this product while breastfeeding or during your pregnancy as it consists chemicals that are potentially dangerous to infants.

K1ingsguard Reviews

Since K1ngsguard is a fairly new product on the market, there aren't that many reviews for it just yet. Luckily, I managed to find 2 of them that prove its quality!

“Even though I am not currently on a cycle, I still picked it up since it features a good mxiture of antioxidans and generally healthy ingredients. It is not that expensive so I will probably buy one or two per year to keep my body as healthy as possible!”

“This is an OCT but I've used it as PCT and it did the trick. My liver is intact and I'm not suffering from any issues caused by hormonal imbalance. Kudos to Olympus Labs, they've done it again!”

K1ingsguard Conclusion

Considering the sheer quality of ingredients found in K1ngsguard and the overall level of satisfaction that its users show, I believe it to be a solid choice to everyone looking for an OCT supplement. With that being said, I would like to congratulate the good folks over at Olympus Labs because they have, once again, proved that they don't joke around when it comes to manufacturing outstanding products!

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Muscle Builders


If you are looking for a testosterone increase that will improve your performance in the gym, Olympus Labs has something just for you. It is a revolutionary testosterone booster – Test1fy, that will help you get the physique you always wanted. It is time to fuel your body with Olympus innovative and effective formula that will provide you gains you always wanted. There is no easy way to the top, but with hard workout routine this product will make your journey a lot faster and enjoyable. Without further adieu, let's see what is this testosterone booster all about.

Test1fy Benefits

This amazing formula from Olympus Labs has everything you need to achieve your goals. Test1fy will boost your testosterone levels, reduce estrogen, improve vascularity and boost growth hormone. With all that, you will feel a huge increase in strength and gained muscle mass. It is time to overcome all the obstacles and “sculpt” your body to envious levels. There are thousands of people using it and getting remarkable results. Test1fy will also take good care of your cortisol levels and help you increase your libido. If you already tried some testosterone booster supplement there is a big chance you were left disappointed, due to the huge amount of products not fulfilling their promises. If you are one of those people, make sure you consider this one, because it will be a total game changer. The ingredients list is very impressive, and we wish there are more products of this kind, taking good care to actually provide you amazing benefits rather than making false claims   they can't realize. Considering the quality of their products, especially ones like Testif1y, it isn't strange that Olympus Labs managed to build their brand as one of the best in the world of bodybuilding supplements.

Test1fy Ingredients

Here's the label of Test1fy. After you have checked it out, make sure you read a brief info about some of its most important ingredients:

Anacyclus Pyrethrum
This compound is a potent libido booster that also increases testosterone luteinizing hormone by stimulating hypothalamus.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root
Extract of this root helps your body deal with prolonged stress effects, reduces cortisol and also can improve semen quality.

Mucuna Pruriens
This compound reduces prolactin levels in the body and can play a big part in increasing luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels.

LJ100 is a scientifically proven extract that has numerous positive effects on overall sexual health.

Test1fy Reviews

“Some of my favourite natty ingredients in this, and much cheaper than any similiar “competition”. “

“Best test booster I have used, by the middle towards the end I was making huge gains and strength gains. Felt amazing muscles so full. By way asked company can take this 8 to 12 weeks on then 30 days off. Best you can get.”

“This Test1fy by olympus labs works. It won't hit you in the first day but when you feel it and use it as it's supposed to you will feel the difference. It's part of my now daily regiment and it's not putting a dent in my wallet either so thats even better “

Test1fy Conclusion

Test1fy is one of the best testosterone boosters we've had our hands on. Its amazing formula contains everything necessary for getting the physique you always wanted. It will increase your testosterone levels, reduce estrogen, boost growth hormone and improve your overall sexual health. Olympus Labs tried to create a top notch supplement that fulfills all your needs, and once again, they succeeded. Test1fy comes at a great price and we recommend it to everyone!

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Fat Burners


Another great and cheap supplement coming to us from Olympus Labs. Rauwolscine is the name, and it packs 10mg of 90% Alpha-Yohimbe (AKA Rauwolscine) in the bottle. That's 3mg per serving, having a total of 90 for them. The recommended daily dosage is 1 to 2 capsules per day which should get your body going on the right way – burning that extra layers of fat quickly and effectively. So with this in mind, let's take a closer look at this little fella in order to see what's it all about!

Rauwolscine Benefits

The answer to this question can be found above, but for the sake of this article, let's state it here as well: Rauwolscine is a powerful fat-burning molecule that helps you shred that nasty belly fat you got going on there. But, in addition to its fat burning properties, Rauwolscine is also capable of suppressing your appetite and improving your mood. All of these effects are great, and research proves that Rauwolscine is capable of delivering all of them. True, Rauwolscine HCL is a better and more effective way of burning fat… But you are also forgetting that it's way more expensive. Rauwolscine costs cca $25 (there's a special discount for this product at the end of this review. Thank us later!) which is just a fraction of the price you'd have to pay for a supplement containing Rauwolscine HCL.

Rauwolscine Ingredients

If you take a quick look at its label down below, you'll notice that it only contains Rauwolfia Serpentina which represents 90% pure Rauwolscine.

Rauwolscine comes from a plant called Rauwolfia Serpentina. The plant itself contains many things, among which is this potent fat-shredding compound. It works in a very simple way. By functioning as an alpha adrenergic receptor agonist (pretty much the same as the ever so popular Yohimbe), Rauwolscine is able to effectively block off receptors whose role is to limit fat burning your body does during workouts. In other words, by taking Rauwolscine, your workouts will yield better results because your body will have no limit on the amount of fat it can burn during these highly intensive scenarios.

Rauwolscine Reviews

Below you can find 3 useful reviews on this product that could give you a better picture of the effects it could have on your body:

“I take 2 caps first thing before fasted training and cardio… One of the reasons I stopped using Yohimbe is because my blood pressure was raging with it. Now, with Olympus Labs Rauwolscine pills, I have it under control. Warmly recomment it to anyone looking to lose some weight!”

“Rauwolscine > Yohimbe. It's as simple as that. I take 2 caps per day, one in the morning and one before lunch. It's been three weeks since I started taking it and I gotta say I'm loving it. I don't have big food cravings anymore and I already feel some improvement around my waist. What's best of all, it makes me feel great, and there's no price you can pay for that!”

“Olympus Labs never cease to amaze me. I've been a satisfied customer for well over 2 years now. Some would say I'm a proper fanboy, but I don't mind becuase their shit works! It's a fact! And nothing different cannot be said about Rauwolscine. I had some excess of fat around my belly and I've been using it for cca 2 months, give or take. And oh boy did this thing work like a charm!!!”

Conclusion on Rauwolscine

After all of the things mentioned above, we are coming to the conclusion that Rauwolscine is a pretty decent fat burner. It might not be the most powerful one out there, but within its price range, it would only be fair to admit it's among the best ones. Olympus Labs made sure everything is set up nicely, as they always do. So, for that, we give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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Fat Burners

BloodShr3d Raw

Tired of looking yourself in the mirror and seeing no progression at all with that fat loss process you've been doing? It is time to step up your game and take better care of your diet. This is why we present you with a product that will help you achieve your goals! It is Olympus Labs‘ high-quality fat burner Bloodshr3d Raw. Some of you familiar with the firm may know they already have one fat burner on the market- IGNIT3.

It is a similar supplement,but it comes in the form of capsules and can't provide you with all that amazing effects like Bloodshr3d. With this product, Olympus Labs made sure to put all capsule disadvantages aside and create a perfect powder fat burner that tastes delicious and has no limitations considering ingredients. Let's dig into it and see what makes this product so special and what can it provide for you and your body!

BloodShr3d Raw Benefits

Bloodshr3d Raw is a savior in many different areas, its carefully designed formula will provide you everything needed to get rid of fat in the best way possible. Even after the first usage you should start feeling some of its key benefits such as improved mood, increased energy and enhanced mental and physical performance. Bloodshr3d's main mission is to stimulate fat loss and it shouldn't take long before you start noticing first changes, it will also help increasing your metabolism, reducing stress levels and reducing water retention. If you are tired of seeing no results and want to take control over your body now is the time. This fat burner from Olympus Labs will help you get on the right path and get the body and physique you always wanted. Some of the key factors in choosing the perfect thermogenic supplement for you and very frequently looked by  is its taste and you just can't go wrong with this one! Bloodshr3d Raw makes sure you get the best results and get shredded in the most delicious way possible.

BloodShr3d Raw Ingredients

This fat burner is packed with 8 powerful ingredients all perfectly dosed to get you to the fitness level you always wanted.

Eria Jarensis
Eria Jarensis is a key compound in creating “euphoric” feeling during your workouts and also increases energy levels

Caffeine is massively used compound in all types of supplements, proven by variety of studies and has a huge role in increasing focus, mental alertness and reducing symptoms of fatigue

J.Regia Extract
This is a stimulant that enhances energy and also can be found in Olympus Labs pre- workout supplement Conq3r Unleashed.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE)
This is an effective weight loss supplement that has a big influence on glucose and fat

BloodShr3d Raw Reviews

“At first I was a bit skeptical, but after reading some articles about it I finally decide to give it a try, and I've experienced nothing but great results ever since. Goodbye fat and hope to never see you again!”

“Haven't really tried any other fat burners or thermogenics whatever the correct term is, but for this one I can only say nice things. I can see a big change in the mirror comparing myself now and two moths ago and I believe this magic powder played a big role in my makeover.”

BloodShr3d Raw Conclusion

Bloodshr3d Raw is a fat burning supplement from Olympus Labs that, except weight loss, effectively helps you with increased energy levels, improved mood, increased metabolism, suppressing appetite and much more. It is packed with 8 proven ingredients that will provide everything necessary for the physique you always wanted. This product also tastes great and we would recommend it to anyone willing to loose some of that unwanted fat.

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Sup3r DHEA

One of the most common side effects you will experience during your PH cycles is a huge drop in your energy levels. This comes as no surprise since your body reduces the overall production of testosterone because it is getting lots of hormones from your PH supplements. If you are currently on a PH cycle and you are experiencing this issue, then it is the best time to take a closer look at Sup3r DHEA. It's a brand new transdermal testosterone base coming straight from Olympus Labs, that is going to make sure your body is up and running throughout the entire PH cycle.

Sup3r DHEA Benefits

As you can see above, the main goal of Sup3r DHEA is to keep your body in perfect condition during your PH cycle, allowing you to have an abundance of energy throughout the entire usage period. But that's not all this supplement has to offer. One of its core abilities is improving your PH cycle and promote lean muscle mass and fat loss. Not only that, as you'll be able to see down below in the benefits section, this little fella has a big array of beneficial effects as well, ranging from increasing muscle mass, strength and recovery to enhancing cognitive abilities, quality of sleep and so on… These were just some of them.

Sup3r DHEA Ingredients

Let's start this section off by saying that this thing is PACKED with top-quality ingredients in relatively big doses. After taking a glance at its label we've realized how powerful it really is. Olympus Labs made sure about that. Below you can find the Sup3r DHEA's label. After that, we'll take a closer look at its key ingredients.

DHEA 100mg

A whopping 100mg of DHEA in this product is bound to get your body in excellent condition. As you already might know, DHEA has a great number of beneficial effects for bodybuilders. Not only does it increase lean body mass, it is also known to decrease body fat, regulate cortisol levels, improve mood, support sexual health and more.


In addition to normalizing hormonal levels in the body, newest research on this ingredient shows it's able to support cognitive functions and memory while at the same time promoting healthy joints and skin.


Osthole (what a funny name for an ingredient, right?) is inside Sup3r DHEA because it is known to improve libido. Moreover, it's also believed it promotes fat loss and mental health, both of which are of utter importance to all of us.

Sup3r DHEA Reviews

Considering Sup3r DHEA is a brand new product, finding testimonials online was not that easy. Still, we managed to find 2 of them after a couple of hours of prolonged research. Enjoy:

“Sup3R DHEA is an absolute beast. I was reading a lot of articles about it before it even came out, and I cannot even describe how thrilled I was. It has everything it needs to make a powerful impact, and that's exactly what it's doing to me. 2 weeks in and I feel like a GOD! And I'm not even exaggerating!!”

“WOW! This bugger got me rolling in a way I've never felt before. It's unbelievable what this thing can do! It's packed with so much goodies that I could not believe my eyes the first time I laid them on the label…”

Sup3r DHEA Conclusion

I believe there's nothing much left to be said about Sup3r DHEA, other than – IT'S A DAMN FINE SUPPLEMENT! With plentiful effects and non-methylated ingredients (read – your liver will thank you), this supplement undoubtedly has a very bright future ahead of it. With this being said, if you are looking for a top quality test booster that will give you the treatment you deserve, then look no further because Olympus Labs has you covered! Sup3r DHEA is the right supp for you!

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