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Achieving the bodybuilding goals that you’ve got in your checklist is definitely not a walk in the park. Apart from keeping a close eye on the stuff that you load up on as well as making sure that your training program is always up to par, your choice of supplements can also easily make or break your chances of really getting the job done.

CGT-10 asserts that having it in your bodybuilding arsenal not only helps you endure even the most challenging workouts, but also get you on the right track when it comes to getting serious gains. We’ll give this product a closer look shortly to see if it is the real deal.

What is CGT-10?

CGT-10 is basically formulated to amp up the body’s overall athletic performance so you can easily achieve your bodybuilding goals.

Besides helping boost stamina, endurance and strength levels, it also takes muscle function and recovery up a notch to make sure that realizing the gains that you’ve always wanted won’t be derailed no matter how punishing your training program becomes as you go along.

The overall combination of these benefits speeds up your ability to achieve the bodybuilding goals that you’ve set in a shorter period of time while also ensuring that they’re as ideal as you want them to be in the process.

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CGT-10 Ingredients

Now let’s have a quick rundown of the key ingredients that were used to put CGT-10 together:

Creatine Monohydrate is a type of molecule that promotes the ideal production and release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body, which can influence its overall utilization of energy. Apart from being seen to help increase stamina and endurance levels in clinical studies, creatine monohydrate can also stimulate a boost in lean body mass when used consistently.

Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is proven to maintain the optimal function of muscles by preventing catabolism even during the most exhausting of workouts and ensuring that essential nutrients reach them properly. Appropriate glutamine supplementation also helps pick up the pace on muscle repair and rejuvenation.

Taurine promotes the ideal absorption of water by muscle cells, which tend to get dehydrated during prolonged bouts of vigorous exercise. When muscle cells are constantly being exposed to dehydration, it can significantly slow down their performance and recovery. You’ll also notice that your pumps are not as intense as they used to while at it.

CGT-10 Dosage

Take two (2) rounded teaspoons of CGT-10 and mix it with a glass of water. Drink this mixture before and after hitting the gym.

  • It is normal for some of CGT-10’s contents to sink to the bottom when preparing it since creatine monohydrate has a slightly gritty texture that can a longer time to dissolve in water.

CGT-10 Side Effects

Based on the information that I’ve gathered while researching for this review, I learned that CGT-10 causes very slight bouts of bloating in some people after the first few servings. Users who have already tried this supplement also point out that the absence of a measuring scoop makes preparing it quite tricky.

CGT-10 Benefits

  • Boosts overall muscle function
  • Optimizes muscle recovery and repair
  • Helps increase strength and endurance
  • Prevents dehydration of the cells
  • No added sugars

CGT-10 Reviews

“I have used unflavored CGT-10 for at least 10 years, maybe longer. I mix it per the directions into my post-workout protein shake and have been very satisfied with its consistent results. It mixes instantly and with the unflavored version I can mix it with any flavor protein. I am 67 years old and have been lifting over 55 years.”

“Best in class!”

“Definitely helps with my workouts and I don't feel as fatigued (micro muscle tears) the next day.”

“Just add it to a protein shake every day. Helps with recovery, endurance and strength – I was taking all three of these things separately for a long time before finding this product, and this just makes it easier.”

“CGT-10 is the best product you can find in the market. I was looking Creatine, Glutamine & Taurine and when i saw that Optimum have combined all three in one, it was a dream come true. I bought the unflavored in order not to ruin the taste of my shake when mixing with other products.”

“Great mix of everything it advertises in ingredients! Love all ON products!”

“Just started the unflavored in my protein shake. Felt a big difference in my 1st workout itself. More energy, stamina and weights. Less soreness as well. All in all a very good product.”

“Awesome taste, mixes easy. Everything you need for gains. Cheap for what you get. High quality.”

CGT-10 Conclusion

CGT-10 features a rather straightforward list of ingredients that have all been proven to get the job done in terms of taking muscle function, development and recovery up a notch. No added fillers that can affect the overall result as well. This one absolutely has the green light in my book.

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