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The most common aging symptom almost every ordinary individual has is strength deprivation and the feeling of ever rising weakness. A male individual is considered the strongest from his late 20s to his early 30s, and for females the case is almost the same. After the age of 40 our strength goes down almost double in comparison with our 20s, and in our 50s it is touching the line in which we steadily become old individuals.

It is of course recommended for every individual to exercise as much as s/he can, but an even more important thing is that the persons food and supplement intake meets the required exercising schedule. These facts considered, we will take a look at a product that is specifically made for individuals close to their 50s, that supposedly replenishes the feeling of aging and strength deprivation.

Patriot Power Greens was a product originally  in a secret militray experiment in which scientists were figuring out how older (ages 50 and above) veterans can cope with the same environment in which their younger bodies made due without any problems whatsoever.

Patriot Power Greens is made from a wide array of plant and fruit extracts, along with a powerful combination of natural probiotics and digestive enzymes that reportedly act as the prime energy, strenght and stamina booster available to date. It is also said it helps in weight loss and more a functional and increased digestive tract and more frequent and eased bowel movements.

With careful examination we will hopefully come to a conclusion on how functional this powder actually is and if it actually helped in eliminating some aging symptoms in both civilian and solider elders/veterans.