Excessive cortisol levels can prevent ideal muscle growth and development. 11 Oxoderm claims to block cortisol so you can easily get on your way to achieving the serious gains you're aiming for.

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The product comes in a tube, in a cream form. The product is rubbed into the skin and uses the transdermal method of delivery to get into your system.

11-OxoDerm Ingredients

Also known as 11 Oxi or 11 Oxoderm, the main stuff in this product is Andrensterone. Other ingredients in 11 Oxoderm include D-Limonene, Thaizone, Nerolidol, Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Alcohol and Lsopropyl Alcohol, but these are all just support ingredients.

11-OxoDerm Benefits

11 Oxoderm from Platinum Nutraceuticals is basically a prohormone whose main purpose is to suppress Cortisol levels. In doing so, 11 Oxoderm helps you shed unwanted fat, while helping you build nice lean muscles.

This prohormone comes in both oral and transdermal form, but the transdermal delivery is a lot more efficient and we highly recommend getting the cream over pills.

The product promises:

  • Reduced Cortisol Levels
  • Bigger Muscles
  • No Estrogen Aromatization
  • Lean and Dry Muscles

11-OxoDerm Dosage

The use of this prohormone is very simple. Simply rub 4 pumps of the product in your skin 1-2 times a day. Chest, shoulders and arms are the best places to rub the product. Do not use more than the recommended dosage.

11-OxoDerm Reviews

It's not 11-kt, however, 11-oxo is effective, you just need to dose higher.  TD 11-oxo is supposed to act better by needing to use a lower dose.  Oral 11-oxo is effective from 300-1000mg. But of course all of this is only possible if the product itself is actually legit to begin with.

Something about Platinum always rubbed me a little wrong, nothing specific. Never tried any of their products personally though. Then they just up and disappeared.

Most of the logs on their stuff have 2 negatives: sponsored only. And on AM. Either of these solo is not a deal breaker, but the combo and a lack of other logs/feedback makes be wary… That 11oxoderm does look promising though. A solid log like from our man Arcerola could very well change my mind on PN.

I had heard about other products these guys made being under dosed or fake. I think a lot of it stems back to this company, platinum arising from the ashes of a company whose rep was tarnished. Maybe the hatred is valid, maybe it isnt. Most people seem uninterested in testing these out given the controversy.

11-OxoDerm Conclusion

While this product promises to help keep your cortisol levels, all the while burning fat and building muscle, we couldn't find any evidence that it can actually pull it off. If you are looking to control cortisol the right way, I would recommend trying Opti-Core from 1st Phorm at nearly half the price and proven results.

11-OxoDerm Alternative

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