Energy and Endurance


Primaforce has done it again, they have created yet another top notch product available for quite the bargain. It is a company that has been around for a while and most of you in the world of bodybuilding must have heard their name. It is a brand that creates a variety of different products that provide their customers with proven research  and high-quality ingredients. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, they have something to help you get those goals for the cheapest possible price. Teacrine is one of these products and if you haven't heard of it, now is the proper time.

Teacrine Benefits

Theacrine (the main compound) is very often found in a variety of different pre-workouts and it provides you multiple benefits such as improved energy, motivation and increased focus and concentration. No matter what are you trying to achieve, build muscle, get your physique to another level or perform at your peak, it will make it happen! It is even good for gamers. Yes, you heard me right! If you are passionate about playing video games you know how important it is to stay focused during those long gaming sessions, and Teacrine will provide you just what you need. Stay in the zone and be the best you can be! You can be sure it is safe because Primaforce always makes sure to put the best possible compounds into their supplements and make a detailed research to take good care of your body. They also promise no jitters and label this product as absolutely safe from habit forming. Teacrine comes packed in 120 convenient capsules that should last you 60-120 days depending on how you decide to use it. This Primaforce product will enhance your performance and you should feel its benefits straight away. If you always had troubles with motivating yourself for bigger goals or starting workout now is the time to turn things around and prove to yourself you can do it! For those of you not feeling fresh during your workout sessions now is the time to take something about it and start using your potential with this amazing energy booster.

Teacrine Ingredients

As its name suggests this product's main compound is Theacrine which can be found in coffee as well as in some exotic fruits. Theacrine's main goals are to improve your mood and motivation, while effectively delivering energy and improving mental focus.

Below you can find Teacrine's label:

Teacrine Reviews

If you want to know what do other people think of Teacrine's effects, take a look at these reviews we dug up:

“A friend of mine recommended Teacrine to me and I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but ever since the first time I tried I realized how good product it is. I had troubles with focusing on certain things, but now I feel so different and better I cant even describe!”

“Great supplement for a great price! Had some troubles with keeping my energy levels high and decided to purchase it, never regretted a single penny! It is just so good at what it does that I cannot stress it enough. With a ridiculous price, this thing is a bargain and I recommend it to everyone!”

“I am a semi-professional eSports player. Me and my team have been using Teacrine for around 6 months now, prior to every training session and tournament games. What it does is create an optimally focused environment for all of us, allowing us to perform better than our competition. At first, needless to say that we were sceptical. But now, after seeing this stuff actually works, we are loving it!”

Teacrine Conclusion

Stuff this product offers to its users is something we don't see very often and it is the main reason we appreciate it so much. Teacrine is designed for anyone raging from gamers to bodybuilders trying to increase their mental focus and energy levels. It is an amazing energy booster supplement that comes at such a low price which is exactly why we definitely believe everyone should try it out and feel the difference!

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Energy and Endurance

Peak 02

There are not a lot of high-quality endurance enhancers on the market. I mean, a couple of good ones are getting released every now and then, but they are not nearly as common as, let's say, pre-workout supplements. But still, the folks over at PrimaForce decided to give it a try and come up with a brilliant stamina enhancing solution. The name is Peak O2 and there is no doubt it features a unique mixture of ingredients that could be worth checking out…

And that's exactly what I am going to do. Together, we will go through some of the most important aspects (in terms of ingredients, dosage and efficiency) of this supplement, just to see what does it bring to the table. Let's jump straight to action!

Peak 02 Benefits

As some of you already might know, 02 uptake is among the crucial factors when it comes to your endurance. If your lungs cannot supply enough oxygen to your muscles during demanding workout routines, you will end up feeling a lot more fatigued and you will be highly unlikely to finish your routine without the shortage of breath. In the extreme cases of not getting enough oxygen during your workouts, you might even blackout if you're pushing your body too hard… And that's where Peak O2 comes in. Its mixture of ingredients is able to provide you with plenty additional oxygen uptake which will trigger receptors in your body and allow your muscles to gain more O2 during your workouts. This will result in an enhanced endurance especially if taken directly prior to your workouts. To avoid the shortage of breath afterward, the dosage instructions suggest you take another scoop post workout.

Peak 02 Ingredients

Before we start analyzing the most important ingredients of this supplement, make sure you take a closer look at the full list:

This type of fungus is used to treat all sorts of health issues such as coughs, kidney disorders, dizziness and even opium addiction. Still, none of these issues are the reason for its addition in Peak 02. The reason why we can find it in this supplement is its athletic performance enhancing traits. Even though there are no research studies to back it up, Cordyceps is still widely used as a stimulant that can increase energy, reduce fatigue and greatly enhance one's stamina. [1]

Another type of fungus which also has a plethora of beneficial effects, ranging from treating viral infections, swine flu and even asthma and bronchitis. Still, just like Cordyceps, Reishi mushroom is also known for its stimulant effects as well, allowing its users to combat fatigue quicker while reducing stress.

This type of fungus is widely popular across the world. It is most commonly used as food but people often use it for lowering blood cholesterol levels and as an anti-aging compound.

Peak 02 Side Effects

While just a small fraction of Peak O2 users complained about side effects, we are still obliged to inform you about them. The first potentially dangerous one is nose bleed, followed up by low blood pressure.

Both of them are really not that frequent, but if you end up experiencing them, you should probably half your doses just in case.

Peak 02 Reviews

Yes, there are plenty of reviews for Peak 02. People are generally saying good things about it, but here, see for yourself:

“I stack my peak O2 with my Extend Go for incredible focus and energy. Since adding Peak O2 to my supplementation in the past month I have added 55 pounds to my combined bench, squat, and deadlift. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an increase in endurance and peak performance.”

“This product has treated me well! I have noticed a lot more power during my max days and even just on my high volume days.”

“Great product. Helps with endurance and peak strength. Great addition to a PWO that is lacking in endurance. Became a fan of this after using Xtend Perform. Another great product from a reputable company. Highly Recommended.”

As you can see, users are praising Peak 02 because of its endurance enhancing effects. This was expected as most (if not all) of its ingredients are known to prevent fatigue and increase athletic performance.

Peak 02 Conclusion

In the end, there isn't much else to say about Peak O2 by PrimaForce. From all I've had the chance to see, it is indeed a fairly good endurance enhancer and will surely make its place in the diets of thousands of people from all over the world. If you are one of them and you would like to purchase your own bottle of Peak 02, I've left a link down below with a serious discount.

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Everyone who is trying to build muscle and goes to the gym is aware of the importance of protein in muscle growth. But, protein alone does not actually allow you to gain weight and mass. The fat and carbohydrates are also crucial to your growth and while many people “avoid” carbs when trying to grow muscular, claiming they don’t want to get fat, this is actually completely wrong and quite silly.

Carbohydrates are crucial to any growth and in order to see gains you will need quite a bit of carbs in your diet. The real truth is that we often mix up carbs and sugars. While sugar is a carb, it is not the good kind of carb, and sugary food should certainly not be a part of any healthy diet.

A healthy diet for any athlete or bodybuilder needs to contain a lot of healthy carbs, and this is where Carb Slam by PrimaForce comes in. Carb Slam is a mix of complex super-high molecular weight sugar free carbs, coming from Waxy Maize Starch. These carbs are clean and will let you gain muscle instead of fat, which is why adding Carb Slam to your post workout shakes is likely the way to go. But let’s find out a bit more, before jumping into anything.

Carb Slam Ingredients

The CarbSlam supplement label is fairly short and simple. The product features 100% long chain carbohydrates from Waxy Maize Starch. Here is the full product label:

Carb Slam Supplement Facts

Carb Slam Benefits

Unlike many other carbs that you normally take in through your diet, Carb Slam is 100% long chain, complex carb, with extremely high molecular mass. The high molecular weight allows for it to pass through the stomach faster than any other carbohydrate out there and deliver nutrients at incredible speed.

Many bodybuilders out there use dextrose as their post workout carb for this exact reason, but Carb Slam actually does a better and faster job than even dextrose, making it slightly superior.

As I already mentioned, Carb Slam is 100% Waxy Maize Starch and a serving containing 30 g of Carb Slam will give you 30 g of pure complex carbohydrate.

A serving of Carb Slam contains 30 grams and since it is purely carbs, with no special chemical compounds, there isn’t really a limit to how much you can take or any downsides to taking it. You should take the amount that makes sense for your current dietary plan and of course, should make sure you don’t overdo carbs as that too will not do the trick.

Carb Slam Side Effects

When it comes to the carbs to take after a workout, Waxy Maize Starch has been one of the most talked about products in recent years. Despite this fact, many still dispute its actual power and claim dextrose or other carbs to be better overall. You will have to find out for yourself which carb makes more sense for you, but the fact is that Waxy Maize in Carb Slam has proven to work just fine time and time again.

No matter what source you look into, most testimonials on Carb Slam and Waxy Starch in general have been positive and there isn’t a single real reason not to purchase Carb Slam and give it a shot.

Carb Slam Reviews

Here are a few of the testimonials we were able to gather from various sources concerning this carb:

“Simple and good, mixes good no flavor so you can add it to your protein mix. A little chalky but that’s to be expected.”

“I take 1.5 scoops during workout 1 scoop post workout. Awesome product. I'm 6'2” 235lbs 8% training for about 3 years. Intra workout gives you very nice “pump recovery” I can literally see and feel a difference if I don't use intra. Great post workout allows you more time to get that post w/o meal in you. Solid product.”

Here is what PrimaForce have to say about it:

Carb Slam Conclusion

While the debate on which carb is better and what the best carb is will probably go on for as long as people lift weights, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that Waxy Maize Starch found in Carb Slam is a good, fast, complex carb which will give you all the nutrient delivery of any other carb and will allow you to recover fast after intense workouts, as well as grow rapidly. We recommend giving Carb Slam a shot and seeing how you do in it.

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Primaforce is presenting us with another great product called Alcalean. It is basically a pill form Acetyl L-Carnitine which has been around on the fat burning market for some time now. It plays a vital role in the transport of fatty acids inside of your bod and improves your metabolism. There are many benefits of this product and I will take you through all of them in this review.

With that in mind, let us start!

Alcalean Ingredients

If you want to know what exactly is inside of this product, take a look at its label:

Other ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that is naturally produced in the body. It helps the body produce energy.

L-Carnitine plays a vital role in energy metabolism, specifically the transport of fatty acids into mitochondria where they are burned for energy. Acetyl L-Carnitine supports better performance while dieting and may support your overall recovery times after training while also functioning as a potent neuro-supporting agent. Alcalean can also help with your memory, learning capacity, cardiovascular functions, hearing and visual function and it can even reduce stress. Not only that, it also functions via several mechanisms to protect cells from the effects of aging.

Alcalean Benefits

If you are having troubles with your weight and you desperately want to lose some fat just before the summer, then Alcalean is the magic pill for you! Not only will it help you burn fat, it will also increase your performance down at the gym, effectively reduce your stress and even improve your learning capacity as well as memory. It's an all in one scientifically proven pill that has many satisfied customers praising it for its fast results.

Alcalean Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one gram 1 to 3 times during the day. One serving should be taken pre- or post-workout.

Alcalean Reviews

If you want to know what are other people saying about AlcaLean, you might want to take a look at this video.

If you need more, take a look at these:

“This product is absolutely amazing. I usually take 1-1.5 grams per day, depending on how much food I consume. I went on vacation for two weeks and pigged out on cheeseburgers, steak, bread and lots of food I don't normally eat, and did not gain a single pound. Try it out for yourself and I promise you, you'll see the difference.”

“So far, I am really satisfied with Alcalean. I've been using it for almost a month now and I have to say it is doing wonders for me. During this time I was taking 1.5g/day along with 300mg rasberry ketones. This is one of the best supplements I have ever taken. I warmly recommend it to anyone who is looking to burn fat.”

“This has to be one of the best fat burners that I have tried, and trust me, I tried a lot! What I love about Alcalean is that it's really fast when it comes to results. I've been using it for over a month and the results are awesome. I love it! If you are looking for a great fat shredder you should seriously look into this. It does wonders!”

Alcalean Conclusion

Now that I showed you everything that you should know about this product, it is time to make a final verdict and to see is it worth the price!

Let's start off by saying that Primaforce did a really great job with Alcalean. They made the perfect Acetyl L-carnitine pill that is both effective and easy on the stomach. It shows fast results and has a bunch of satisfied customers wanting more.

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Fat Burners


Derived from a traditional Chinese fruit called Citrus aurantium, Synephrine HCI, the main ingredient of PrimaForce’s Syneburn is a type of natural stimulant that is known to decrease the appetite, enhance the body's ability to burn fat  as well as increase overall energy levels.

Under optimal conditions, Syneburn promises to:

  • Control excessive appetite
  • Improve energy
  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve mood and overall health

Syneburn Ingredients

Syneburn is basically 100% Synephrine HCI, which is derived from Citrus Aurantium or Advantra-Z Bitter Orange, a citrus plant. Synephrine has been known to promote a more intense metabolic function, where the body burns higher amounts of fat when it kicks in.  Clinical studies also show that it has the ability to enhance energy levels and suppress the appetite to curb unnecessary food cravings.

Syneburn is far from a miracle supplement, but it definitely flaunts an ingredient that has been seen to set off a reasonable decrease in appetite, help with fat loss and increase energy levels.

Now while there are some consumers who have complained about the product not having enough potency, but this may have been due to not taking it within the recommended time for the product to fully enter the system and dosage.

Syneburn comes in the form of 10mg capsules.  A single capsule is the starting dose, but some people have reported taking up to 6 a day. I would personally recommend starting with one, preferably with food, and picking it up from there. Be very careful when increasing dosages, though.

Syneburn Reviews

 Don't be fooled. THIS MUST BE CYCLED INTO YOUR SYSTEM FIRST!!!! If by giving this a chance you meant you tried it your first day and quit, then you didn't give it a chance at all. I tried this and was VERY disappointed like the rest of the guys here and shelved it for awhile. BUT by pure “luck” I found the actual potential of this product. I ran out of my ERGOBURN pills and was out of stock for about 3-4 weeks. I had no choice but to turn to Syneburn even tho it did NOTHING for me. I upped the dosage by 6 a day and felt NOTHING! Then after day 3 I woke up and I felt like I wanted to run across town to work. This new energy beemed outta me for literally MY ENTIRE DAY no matter what I did for the next month on only 4 pills a day!!!! Case in point, YOU NEED TO CYCLE THIS INTO YOUR SYSTEM!!! It takes a while it seems but the energy is real and it lasts ALL DAY! My only problem with this product is that the energy is not more or less. Just constant… basically I need BOOSTS! I wouldn't ever feel tired but, I could never get that adrenaline to push out that little extra (I'm addicted to that feeling). Also once you put this off, it really does take 2-3 days to get it going again. At least for me anyway. Kinda annoying but sooo worth it! Try this again and really give it a try! You have 180 pills to go through. It's a real steal once you discover its potential!

Definitely a great addition to the EC stack. I was doing ECS for 3 weeks prior to ordering Yohimbine HCL, and within 3 weeks I dropped 9~10lbs. If you're on EC, add this cheap and effective supp to your stack!

Syneburn Conclusion

In conclusion, Syneburn contains an all-natural ingredient that has been proven to boost the body's ability to torch unwanted flab during metabolism, take your energy levels up a notch as well as stave off cravings. I'd say this one should be on your shortlist of products to try anytime soon if you're still finding it tricky to pick a fat burner that gets the job done.

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