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Do you feel like the carbohydrates you take in just turn to tons of fat tissue you don’t want and can’t seem to handle this issue? Don’t worry, many people do, which is why nutrient partitioners were invented.

Nutrient partitioners are dietary supplements that help increase the carbohydrate uptake by your muscle cells. What this does in turn is make sure that more of the calories you burn come from your fat and more of the carbs you eat go towards fueling your muscle building and recovery, which is what we would all like to see more of.

Partition-MD by Prime Nutrition is exactly one such supplement. With a number of ingredients designed to help your muscle cells use up the carbs you ingest as fuel, Partition-MD is a product that most bodybuilders could use from in order to optimize their overall muscle gains and fat losses at the gym.

Partition-MD Ingredients

Partition-MD contains 9 ingredients all of which are in one way or another designed to improve your carbohydrate uptake. Some of them are:

Cinnulin PF: You may have heard of people using cinnamon to try and regulate their blood glucose levels. However, while it does contain this property, regular cinnamon is not concentrated enough to give you the benefits. Cinnulin PF on the other hand is the very concentrated form which helps you regulate the glucose levels and reduce your overall body fat through time.

Aurora Blue: A product made of wild Alaskan berries, whose manufacturers promise to help regulate glucose and insulin levels which promotes healthy heart, brain and memory.

Grains Of Paradise: A plant from the ginger family which helps your body burn calories rather than store them as fat cells through stimulation of brown adipose tissue.

Bioperine: Black pepper extract which contains 95% Piperine that promotes slower breakdown of nutrients in the system, leading to more absorption and utilization of the nutrients.

Biotin: Supplementing this compound increases the levels of Glucokinase in your system which leads to glucose being used for energy in a greater percentage which means more of the sugars you eat will be turned into energy and less into fat.

Bitter Melon: A vegetable grown across Asia and Africa, Bitter Melon can help your body utilize glucose for energy better, reduce the glycogenesis in the liver and increase serum protein levels.

Here is the full product label with all the ingredients and dosages:

Partition-MD Benefits

This product does one thing supremely and that is increase the percentage of the glucose used by your body for energy. The big problem people often experience is that much of the carbs they ingest turns into fat which can be hard to shed later. When taking Partition-MD more of the glucose will be turned into energy, due to the properties of many of its natural ingredients.

What is more Partition-MD will generally reduce the glucose levels in your body and generally help your reduce your body fat, while coming with absolutely no side effects and completely stackable with any other supplements you may be using.

Partition-MD Reviews

Here is what some of the guys who used it had to say about Partition-MD:

“I've gone through bottles of Partition-MD. Always taking 2 pills twice a day prior to my biggest carb meals of the day. I feel like it really helps my body absorb the goods I'm eating. Don't bloat and I've seen a minor difference from when I take it vs when I don't.”

“This is an amazing product! One of its own category, I think the research from this is great and I am excited to see how well this stuff works over a period of time. :D”

“Excellent product in the prime category if your looking for a better uptake agent this is it. I love this product.”

Partition-MD Conclusion

If you are a kind of person to experience issues with carb uptake and you believe this is what may be stopping your progress into a lean and shapely figure, than taking Partition-MD is what you will want to start doing. Using Partition-MD is guaranteed to help you reduce your glucose levels in general and help your body utilize much more of the glucose you ingest which in turn will see you gaining less fat and having more energy in general.

We highly recommend this product to anyone having issues with glucose and insulin levels but also anyone who lifts as there is no such thing as too much energy or too little fat.

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Weight Loss


When it comes to burning fat, the thermo genesis processes promoted by some chemical compounds are often the most effective. Prime Nutrition’s Backdraft XP is another thermo genesis based fat burning product to hit the market, which has a great deal of potential.

The product is based on several well-known compounds which have shown their potential in a number of other compounds. What is more Backdraft XP comes with a fully transparent ingredient label which many other products do not, showing off the exact amounts of every compound hidden inside the product.

Backdraft XP Ingredients

As I said, Backdraft XP comes with a completely transparent label. The main kick of a serving of Backdraft XP comes from:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (1g): This version of the famous carnitine amino acid is a fantastic focus enhancer. As for the fat burning properties, this compound does not offer much, but has been shown to have some impact in some individuals. The main thing with this one will be the razor sharp focus it puts on the table.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (250 mg): Caffeine is probably the most famous stimulant in the world. The dose of 250 mg per serving will be sufficient to keep most people alert for a good part of the day.
  • Theobromine (150 mg): The purpose of this Caffeine like compound is to prolong the effects of the Caffeine and potentially help you avoid any crashes that may follow after the Caffeine wears off. The science on this one is far from conclusive though.
  • Capsicum (200 mg): The compound proven to help fat oxidation, and found in chili peppers is one of the main ingredients in Backdraft XP and it will be the source of thermogenesis. This product is one of the hotter possible edible forms of plants with SHU rating of 35.000. In pill form however, you won’t have to feel the incredibly hot flavor equal to a tabasco pepper.
  • Devil’s Horsewhip (225 mg): This compound was included into Backdraft XP following success in two rat studies, but has not been proven to work in humans, which means it is still to prove itself. Still, this new compound has the potential and trying something new in your fat burner is never a bad thing, especially when it is a natural ingredient.
  • Paradoxine (50 mg): Another new fat burner, with some human research done on it, the Grains of Paradise extract has shown some results in fat burning and energizing its users in two studies, but as there were other factors in the studies as well, it is hard to say to a certainty it was responsible. Nevertheless, this compound also shows great promise, and in combination with the proven ingredients it can only be of help.

Here is the full product label for Backdraft XP:

Backdraft XP Supplement Facts

Backdraft XP Dosage

The product makers suggest taking three pills (1 serving) in the morning before eating your breakfast for best results.

Backdraft XP Reviews

After doing an extensive research, I can simply say yes, Backdraft XP works really well. Both bodybuilding competitors and general population seem to love this product as it gave them exactly what they wanted, the fat burning enhancement in combination with increased energy levels and focus which aid workouts. Here is what some users had to say:

“I am a natural bodybuilding competitor in the NPC. I used Backdraft at 8 weeks out during my last prep. I took it in the morning before my fasted cardio. The energy was on point, really clean, and the focus was amazing, which there were days i really need the boost. By far the best fat burner i have ever used.”

“I tried this product and fell in love with it! I gives me great energy and lasts a long time! I'm new to using prime nutrition products but this is a good start.”

Backdraft XP Conclusion

If you are looking to burn fat in a safe and natural way, and boost your workouts with additional energy, focus and willpower, this is the product for you. Backdraft XP will give you all the benefits of a pre-workout with the added thermogenic effects of its ingredients for the ultimate fat burning experience.

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