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Have you been searching for the right pre-workout supplement partner for a while now? Guess you should drop all the efforts of going through all of them and consider Condense by Purus Labs as your pre-workout performance-enhancement buddy.

It is created to amplify performance volume, using a patent-pending nutrient technology and peer-reviewed, human-verified, and orally efficacious dosages, instead of temporarily increasing acute performance compared to others.

In this, review you may unlock all the necessary information that you need to know about Condense by Purus Labs.


Purus Labs is presenting us with a new product straight from their shelves. We are talking about their newest testosterone booster called D-Pool that claims it will make quite a stir with its presence on the market. It is marketed as a testosterone booster with a carefully selected blend of ingredients.

It supports increased natural testosterone synthesis and increased nitric oxide production via a secondary entero-salivary pathway which promotes muscle growth, enhanced recovery, oxygen sparing, increased exercise duration, and enhanced nutrient absorption in your body. Make sure you follow along to see if it’s really any good.


In today’s supplement market, more and more companies are promoting stimulant-free pre-workouts. One of the latest supplements to join the bandwagon is NOXygen from Purus Labs which is formulated to enhance muscle performance, endurance and blood flow minus the help of stimulants. It also supports an environment optimal for  boosting muscle mass and fat loss.

Quite a unique product right? Here’s a review to help you get yourself better acquainted with this product.

Supposedly, NOXygen is a stimulant-free NO (nitric oxide) booster. As you know, an increase in your NO production offers several benefits in terms of muscle growth. By increasing NO, your body flushes more oxygen rich blood and nutrients into your muscles, which not only improves recovery but boosts strength and decreases muscle damage as well.


Sculpting the physique that you’ve always wanted is not just about sticking to a strict diet regimen and subjecting yourself to a lot of punishment at the gym each time you can. It also involves making sure that your body is always in a top-notch shape so you won’t find your strength, concentration and endurance unexpectedly setting you back when you’re in the middle of an intense workout.

And you’ll need a reliable “nutrient repartitioner” to help you successfully pull this off. One of the products that you can go for these days is Slinshot and we will find out in a bit if this one is really worth trying by giving it a closer look.