Sparta Nutrition, just as the name suggests is one of the best supplementation companies for hardcore athletes. Their creations are extremely powerful and designed only for those willing to put in some hard work. Every time we got our hands on one of their products we were not disappointed especially in terms of efficiency, and hopefully, this one does the same.

Kraken is one of the strongest and most potent preworkouts you can currently find on the market. It is formulated to provide a combination of focus, energy, endurance, and pump, which is ultimately everything you need for a successful workout session. Ingredients found within the mixture seem to be powerful enough to deliver all the above-mentioned benefits.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at some of its key features and seeing if it is worth picking up with so many available preworkouts.

Kraken Ingredients

First look at the label makes a real statement for those that know what to look for from a supplement like this one. It is packed with some of the highest graded compounds capable of doing a real change.


Boosts nitric oxide levels in the body, improving blood flow and allowing necessary nutrients to reach the muscles faster. It is not only good for athletic performance, but only for preventing various diseases.


A source of beta-alanine which supports maximum muscle retention, has a big role in building healthy muscles and providing strength, increases endurance, and doesn't contain any banned substances.



An amino sulfonic acid that is of big importance when it comes to water and minerals regulation in the blood. It also supports neurological development and serves as a building block of protein.

Agmatine Sulfate

Promotes lean muscle growth, enhances mental acuity, manages stress levels, increases pumps, and provides long lasting energy.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine


Caffeine Anhydrous

A source of dehydrated caffeine that is a great nervous system stimulant that provides energy boost and increase in focus. It also improves metabolism and can be helpful for anyone having trouble managing body weight.



Its most important mission is to produce good amount of nitric oxide throughout your workout in order of keeping you on top of your game during every exercise.


Vitamin B12

Kraken by Sparta Nutrition is everything and even more than what you should expect from a high-quality preworkout. It has clinically dosed ingredients capable of making a real difference for anyone willing to put in some effort. Manufacturer managed to create a product that can deliver results in almost every category it is designed for, being one of the most well-rounded preworkouts we have yet laid our hands on.

Kraken Side Effects

Just like any other supplement as powerful as this one, it carries its own risks. Luckily for you, we haven't found many side effect complaints talking to some of the customers and reading verified customers comments online. Although some ingredients inside are capable causing some problems such as dizziness or increased heart rate, most of the side effect related comments are about dry mouth and lethargy, but rarely about something else.

“Nothing bad, Though this preworkout did make me feel unusually thirsty. But you can never have too much water anyway.”

Kraken Reviews

Most of the customers had an overall positive experience and shares recommendations, which is something we don't see very often and definitely appreciate. It is not only a great statement by the product about its quality but also shows manufacturers care for the buyers and their needs.

“Definitely a top tier preworkout. The ingredients back up its claims and The Kraken doesn't disappoint. If the price is in your ballpark, give it a shot.”

“ I received the Sex on the Beach flavor. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it around a 6. I wish I had asked to try the Sour Gummy Bear. I did not like it the first time I tried it and still did not like it till the end. “

“Kraken did not disappoint – great pump, mood, and long lasting energy! It's my TOP3 pre, right next to Conqu3r Unleashed and Hypermax XT. I got both flavors: peach is good, will be trying gummy bear next.”

When it comes to pre-workouts definitely one of the most iconic ones is Jack3d, and not every other supplement manages to get some honest comparisons with it. One “brave” customer decided to do just that, and to be honest we might share a similar opinion. Here are his thoughts:

Kraken Conclusion

With millions of people having an easy access to dietary supplements market is getting saturated with low-quality products having a big “commercial” and terrible nutritional value. Sparta Nutrition is one of few supplementation companies that earned our trust when it comes to effective and powerful products.

Kraken is one of their latest creations that falls into the preworkout category with everything it has to offer. Highest graded and clinically dosed ingredients found within will make sure you get everything you need for a high intensity workout. It will enhance your strength, improve endurance, increase focus, and boost energy making sure you are at your best when you need to be. We recommend it to healthy individuals that are trying to accomplish extreme results and take their athletic performance to the limit.

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Kraken is one of those amazing products that will if it gets recognized, get to the very top of premium highest quality supplements available on the market. If you want to grab a bottle make sure to act fast, as the supplies are getting smaller every day. We recommend getting it on Amazon , due to the combination of fast delivery and a fair price.

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Androsterone is a phormone that first came to the shelves back in the 90s. Being non-methylated, Androsterone is a mild and safe phormone offering impressive gains while keeping your liver and other organs protected and unharmed.

Andromax by Sparta Nutrition and the manufacturer claims it to be the strongest Androsterone you can find in the stores nowadays. Being a new formula, we were of course intrigued so we decided to check it out and learn more about its composition, find out pure and well dosed it may be, hear more about the experience of people who already used it and simply create a more complete picture of this supplement.

Andromax Ingredients

The main problem with most phormones is the fact they consist extracts which are banned from legal use. Andromax does not have similar issues, as the list of ingredients is completely legal, as you can see below:

  • Androsterone (3α-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-on): Steroid phormone which converts to Stanolone without the possibility of converting to Estrogen. Androsterone activates the central nervous system and causes huge gains in strength and muscle mass which come along with increased aggression and male sexual drive. Androsterone has been one of the more popular prohormones on the market for quite a few years now in numerous other products.
  • Tetrasorb Advanced Delivery Matrix: Capsule technology which uses an intensified layer to increase the capsule’s strength. It is made up of two absorption enhancers and two metabolic modulators to keep the maximum potency of ingredients displaying slow-released kinetics at the same time. Tetrasorb is one of the finest supplement delivery technologies currently available.

Here is the complete supplement label with all the ingredients of the Tetrasorb and the Androsterone dosage:

Andromax Supplement Facts

Andromax Benefits

Having a powerful androgenic effect and activating the central nervous system, Andromax guarantees inevitable strength and lean muscle gains. The increase in weight will be minimal, but you will start seeing your mass convert from fat to muscle quite exponentially. Additionally, you will experience great increases in libido, aggression and strength all of which will ultimately make you perform better at the gym but also in life in general.

Being so new to the market, it is hard to find too many user testimonials on the product but based on the fact the product uses Androsterone with a special delivery matrix, there is no reason to doubt that Andromax will live up to Sparta Nutrition's claims. What's even more, Andromax is a solid stacking prohormone, which means you can add even more power to your cycle by stacking it with other prohormones.

Andromax Dosage

It is recommended to take five capsules evenly spread throughout the day during your Andromax cycle.  It is recommended to run a cycle of 4 to 6 weeks at a time followed up by Post Cycle Therapy. Exceeding the dosage or cycle length is not recommended and you will be doing so at your own risk. It is also not recommended to use Andromax if you are pregnant or nursing or under any type of medical treatment.

Andromax Side Effects

Andromax is based on Androsterone and this means it is not methylated and cannot convert to Estrogen. These are both great things when it comes to a prohormone as they mean your internal organs will not experience damage from using nor will you experience Estrogen related side effects such as gyno or loss of libido. While loss of hair and acne outbreaks are both possible, Andromax does not seem to cause these too often so you should not worry too much about the side effects. If they do occur, make sure you discontinue use immediately unless you don't mind the acne.

Andromax Conclusion

Andromax is a very new formula and because of this you will hardly find too many testimonials from other users out there. That said, we are talking Androsterone here and the compound is well known in the industry and has been tested time and time again and showed great results.

Androsterone in Andromax is accompanied by the revolutionary Tetrasorb Delivery Matrix which makes sure every last mg of Androsterone in it is actually made available to your muscles, which means even more strength, aggression and muscle gains than you saw with other Androsterone products in the past.

One thing we know for sure is that Androsterone is a great prohormone that has helped thousands of people gain significant muscle in the past and we can expect that Andromax will do the same for thousands more. We have learned to trust Sparta Nutrition when they say a product works, so there is no reason to really doubt them now.

If you do end up ordering Andromax, please let us know how you did in the comments section below as we greatly appriciate your feedback and our community needs to hear what you have to say.

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If you are on a quest to build up that perfect physique but you want to avoid the horrible side effects that anabolic steroids bring, than natural prohormone formulas such as Epicurus are the kind of thing you are looking for.

Epicurus is a Sparta Nutrition supplement combining Epicatechin with an ultimate Delivery Technology – Tetrasorb, which radically improves the bioavailability of the product ingredients.

Sparta Nutrition promise a 100% natural and side effect free product with extreme potential. Let’s see if Epicurus delivers!

Epicurus Ingredients

Epicurus’ main ingredient is Epicatechin. It’s a flavanol that can be naturally found in extracts of green tea, cocoa seed and even grape. It is well-known for its myostatin inhibition property as well as anti bacterial properties which can be useful in medicine.

The Myostatin inhibition property of Epicatechin helps strength and output as well as recovery times and muscle growth.  Epicurus radically improves the Epicatechin bioavailability using the Tetrasorb Delivery System, which utilizes 2 absorption enhancers and 2 metabolic modulators to provide the best possible availability of the active ingredients. Finally, the product uses Green Tea Extract to provide even more bioavailability for the active prohormone.

Epicurus also contains 6′,7′-Dihydroxy-5-Geranoxypsoralen and 1-[5-(1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-1-oxo-2,4-pentadienyl]piperidine, which increase the blood levels of specific hormones and allow the substrates to reach the maximum levels respectively.

Here is the complete supplement label by Sparta Nutrition listing all the ingredients and dosing:

Epicurus Supplement Facts

Epicurus Benefits

Epicurus seems to be a very efficient Myostatin inhibitor which makes it a potent muscle builder. It helps users gain strength and stamina and provides a much more efficient post-workout recovery. With Tetrasorb Delivery System which increases the bioavailability of the product, Epicurus is likely one of the more potent Epicatechin formulas out there.

Epicurus is a truly diverse product that can also help with fat burning, vascularity, power and stamina. Studies on its main ingredientEpicatechin have also shown that it actually decreases cardiovascular failure risks, increases work-out and oxidative capacity, as well as angiogenesis.

With the green tea extract, Epicurus helps fat burning and overall energy levels too, which fits perfectly into this clean bulking product.

Epicurus Dosage

Sparta Nutrition suggest taking one pill of Epicurus twice a day, never exceeding the dosage.   Epicurus comes in a 60-servings container which is enough for a 30-day cycle.

It’s important to consult a doctor or a nutritionist with any medical conditions especially if related to heart, blood pressure and kidneys. Individuals under the legal age should not take this product.

Epicurus Reviews

“I’ve seen some big hits in my time and Epicurus is certainly one of them. I loved this cycle and just want give a shoutout to Sparta Nutrition – you guys rock.”

“Although I didn’t feel the kick I’ve continued taking Epicurus for over a week and was surprised the energy and muscle gains after a week. I will probably stack this with a pre-workout to get what I want.”

“The best steroid sub I’ve tried. I really liked it and I’ll definitely re-buy as soon as I’m done with my PCT.”

Epicurus Conclusion

Epicurus provides a great all-natural substitution to anabolic steroids, working as an Myostatin inhibitor and thus helping build and develop muscle mass.

With a great delivery system in Tetrasorb, Sparta Nutrition have maximized its bioavailability, protecting its active ingredient from being destroyed by the internal organs before absorption.  This means the capsule goes through the stomach practically intact and is fully utilized.

The numerous positive testimonials as to the potency of Epicurus are probably the best proof of its actual effectiveness and are just another reason for us to absolutely recommend trying an Epicurus cycle the first chance you get.

When you run an Epicurus cycle, let us know how you did and how well the product worked for you in the comments section.

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Have you been searching for just the perfect clean bulking prohormone to help you get the most out of your workout regimen through fat burning, mass and strength building and anti-inflammatory effects?We may have just the right product for you!

Sparta Nutrition bring us their brand new formula, EpiMax – a powerful prohormone with an advanced delivery system designed to give you the maximum from the compounds in the formula. If you’re looking to build that Spartan soldier body, let’s find out if EpiMax is theEpiandrosterone formula to get you there!

Epimax Ingredients

EpiMax is based on the natural prohormone Epiandrosterone and uses the Sparta Nutrition's patented bioavailability technology, Tetrasorb. Epiandrosterone is actually an androgenic steroid hormone that converts into a chemical derivative of Testosterone – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – when introduced to human body. Turning into DHT, Epiandrosterone will influence the neurological processes that help in muscle building, but will not convert to Estrogen, making side effects such as gynecomastia and loss of libido a long lost memory for you.

Sparta Nutrition’s Tetrasorb Delivery System takes the Epiandrosterone past the organs that would otherwise destroy much of it, helping it hide and reach your bloodstream in a more significant amount. This way, you get the absolute maximum efficiency from Epiandrosterone and the other ingredients in EpiMax and lose the minimum in the digestion process.

Here is the complete supplement label by Sparta Nutrition listing all the ingredients and dosing:

Epimax Supplement Facts

Epimax Benefits

Epiandrosterone is a well known prohormone that impacts strength and muscle development and makes a person more aggressive at the gym, making every workout more intense and improving your results significantly. The prohormone converts to DHT which also works to improve your muscle hardness and vascularity and makes your muscles dryer and leaner.

The Tetrasorb Delivery System seems to truly unleash the active ingredients in EpiMax to their full potential. Its delayed activity and high dosage is very well felt during and after a workout. It brings an overall boost to focus, confidence and libido making your workouts just what you want them to be!

Epimax Dosage

EpiMax container holds 150 capsules which is enough for a 30-days cycle, with  five capsules evenly spread through the day being your optimal dosage. It’s of course essential to check in with a doctor or a nutritionist before taking the supplement if you have any medical conditions. Taking EpiMax if you are under the legal age is not advisable.

Epimax Reviews

“EpiMax was a great experience and although I will not repeat my cycle I would totally recommend it. I haven’t stacked it although I saw it could be done with all andro prohormones – so there’s a possibility too. I also use a short PCT, just to make sure.”

This cycle felt rather good – I was motivated to workout and had the strength to do so. Overall I was happy although there were some sideeffects  such as slight hair loss – but fought it with prescribed medication and still looking sharp.

Epimax Conclusion

EpiMax works great both as a standalone prohormone and stacked with other products – perfectly stacking with other andro prohormones and bringing aggression, strength and an increase in muscle mass.

EpiMax boosts the bioavailability and the absorption rate with Tetrasorb delivery system. With four absorption enhancers and metabolic modulators, it ensures the product is used to the maximum by your muscles and tissues.

Although there is still a chance for side effects such as potential hair loss and joint discomfort, these are rare and not really something to expect when running the product. EpiMax does not affect the Estrogen levels and as such will not cause side effects such as gynecomastia.

If you do decide to run a cycle, let us know how you did with EpiMax in the comments section.

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Sparta Nutrition brings us another natural substitution with steroid-like effects, promising strength and huge muscle mass improvements. The product is often compared to anabolic steroids and the one thing we know for sure is that natural compounds always come with fewer side effects than steroids.

Hercules is a Laxogenin-based non-toxic formula designed to help you gain significant lean muscle mass and strength during a medium length cycle. We've all probably heard of Laxogenin already, but let us examine if Hercules specifically delivers on its promises.

Hercules Ingredients

Hercules’ main ingredient is a high dose of 5A-hydroxy-laxogenin. It’s well-known to have high positive impact on muscle mass building, strength, workout endurance and recovery. Laxogenin itself is often compared to Anavar – one of the most powerful anabolic steroids.

Laxogenin is a naturally created compound, and it will not cause you to test positive for steroids nor does it affect HPTA or estrogen levels. It is a rather dynamic clean bulking product and can be stacked with many other products.

Sparta Nutrition’s innovative coating Tetrasorb Delivery System increases the bioavailability and ensures prolonged activity of 5A-hydroxy-laxogenin. It ensures a safe passing of the compound through the stomach and into the bloodstream.

Here is the complete supplement label by Sparta Nutrition where you can see all the ingredients and dosing:

Hercules Supplement Facts

Hercules Benefits

Hercules is a much safer way of improving your physique than anabolic steroids. Taken correctly and with a regular exercise regimen it shows absolutely great results. Although scientific data on Laxogenin is still relatively incomplete, it has shown absolutely zero side effects in our use or in other user reports.

Hercules directly boosts the protein synthesis and reduces muscle waste, also helping recovery through anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, it’s a great bulking and cutting supplement cycle support and PCT somewhat less important. However, we always recommend taking a PCT to fully recover after a cycle and make sure your organs don't suffer any damage and your hormone levels are in check.

With improved bioavailability through the Tertrasorb delivery system, Sparta Nutrition have worked their way to the top of the supplements manufacturing industry. Their fantastic products along with their powerful marketing campaign have certainly gone a long way in making them a favorite in the eyes of hundreds of bodybuilders out there.

Hercules Dosage

As 100mg of Laxogenin is a near-perfect dosing, Sparta Nutrition suggest taking 5 pills of Hercules throughout the day – usually with meals.  Hercules comes in a 200 capsule container, which is enough for a 40-days cycle. Generally, Hercules can be used for up to eight to twelve weeks, with four weeks in between cycles.

Hercules Reviews

“Hercules is a top product by Sparta Nutrition I tried! My workouts are easier and I generally last longer and push harder, with less post-workout pains. Did the job for me.”

“9/10! I hardly made myself try something new but I was happy with the product overall. I had to use my usual pre-workout for the pumps and the mood swings but that’s probably for my PCT.”

Hercules Conclusion

Hercules seems to be a really potent natural substitution for anabolic steroids with great potential and results. It helps with muscle growth and cutting, as well as inflammation and overall recovery. With such effects, Hercules really stands out for its name and effects, and most importantly it is not synthetic and will not show on steroid testing or cause any significant side effects.

Although we always recommend taking cycle support, it is not absolutely necessary. The plant-based compound can be taken in longer cycles and comes in huge containers of 200 capsules – which is certainly another bonus point. We definitely recommend you try this product and see how you do on your quest to becoming Hercules.

If you have actually gone and ordered it, let us know how you did in the comments section

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Cycle Support and PCT

Trojan PCT

So does Trojan PCT get the job done? Make sure you follow along to find out in this review.

Prohormone cycles can be really hard on the body in many ways. With the hormones running wild, libido screwed up by the excess estrogen and the liver exposed to serious issues or failures, it is very important to get the right proper post cycle therapy going after every cycle to ensure maximum protection.

Sparta Nutrition swears they have the answer to all your post cycle therpahy needs in their latest product, Trojan PCT. They claim that it is an all-in-one formula designed to help with all your PCT needs, eliminating the need to purchase multiple products while you're at it.

How good is Trojan PCT? Is it really the only PCT product you will ever need? This is what we decided to find out. Why don't we start the ball rolling right now?

Trojan PCT Ingredients

The product features several matrices that are formulated to focus on specific PCT areas to protect your body from the various side effects a prohormone cycle may end up causing, while also working together at the same time to deliver a solid overall punch. Check them out below:

HMB is an ingredient never before used in a PCT supplement. It is basically a metabolite of Leucine, which helps reduce protein breakdown and stave off muscle loss after a cycle. While this compound does not promote muscle growth at all, it is anti-catabolic in nature.

Testosterone Boosting Matrix features testosterone booster staples such as Tribulus and Fadogia Agrestis. It is generally designed to elevate your testosterone levels, which may drop after a cycle of powerful prohormones. This blend of ingredients increases all your male attributes, including your sexual desire and libido.

Aromatase Inhibitor Matrix is based on Arimistane and Trans-Resveratrol and designed to help prevent the excessive buildup of estrogen after a cycle. This matrix inhibits the production of estrogen and cortisol, the two hormones you absolutely want to avoid having surplus amounts of in the body.

Liver Support is simply NAC, which is one of the most common liver support agents used in PCT products. It helps retain the ideal function of the liver that can be seriously prone to damage when you're having a cycle with potent prohormones.

Tetrasorb Advanced Delivery Matrix helps the other compounds in the product get delivered to their proper locations in a faster and more optimal way. It makes the product more powerful as a whole this way.

Here is the complete product label by Sparta Nutrition showing off all the ingredients and doses:

Trojan PCT Supplement Facts

Trojan PCT Benefits

Most of us are used to purchasing multiple products during the PCT phase to ensure we are well protected in every aspect. Sparta Nutrition promises to change all that by providing a single product that will protect your body from all the nasty side effects of prohormone use.

Consume five (5) capsules of Trojan PCT per day during your PCT period. Dose the capsules evenly throughout the day and consume them with meals. Do not take more than 5 capsules per day. Do not use if you are under the age of 18 or suffering from any medical issues. Consult your physician before using if you are being treated for anything.

Trojan PCT Conclusion

This product may actually very well revolutionize the way we look at post cycle therapy. Gone are the days of having to use 3 to 5 products simultaneously to protect your body from the side effects that can be set off by a prohormone cycle. With Trojan PCT, you can use a single formula and keep your liver safe, stop muscles from deteriorating and get your hormonal balance back to their ideal levels.

If this is the kind of product you've always wanted, don’t hesitate and order Trojan PCT in time for your next break between cycles. Remember to come back and share your experience with us when you give this one a shot, too.

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