Are you attempting to lose some weight but haven’t been having a fun time and it’s not going as well as you’d want? This is nothing unusual and it happens to people. Some of the time, it’s down to the exercises not being done properly, whilst other times it’s just down to the people themselves. Fortunately for everyone, there are products and methods that can help you go that extra mile to achieve greatness.

These products have been in use for a long time and have been improving each year. As technology gets better and better, so too do these products. Supplements, protein sources, and various other products fit into this category. Supplements especially have been brought to incredible heights and advancements in quality.

But are these products really worth your money? Do they do the job they were designed for, and are there any companies that produce better products than others? We’ll answer all of these questions in this article, so pay attention! Every bit of information is important and will help you make certain decisions on your own (whilst considering everything you’ve learned).

For example, a popular product that bodybuilders use is ‘Charged-AF’. Charged-AF is a preworkout formula that focuses on building muscle mass, enhancing focus and energy, and giving the user a better stamina level. Endurance is also an important factor which went into the making of this product.

But most of the products out there are similar to this one? Preworkout formulas are often made with all of the before-mentioned facts in mind. Let’s completely dissect this product and find out if there’s anything unique about it.

CHARGED-AF Ingredients

As with all supplements and formulas, it’s crucial that you are completely aware of everything that this product is made of. Here’s the official CHARGED-AF ingredients list:

Whilst the list itself is pretty useful, it’s still necessary to explain a couple of these ingredients in greater detail. So, let’s start!


Noopept is the ingredient that boosts your mental clarity and focus. Without it, this product simply wouldn’t be complete. You need your mind at a 100% when you’re working out, as well as your body. So the creators of Charged-AF decided to add it to the final mix. A great decision, I say!

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is used in weight loss products, formulas, and supplements as a way to speed up weight loss. It can burn fat fairly quickly which makes it an effective addition to the end product. Finally, caffeine is also used as a way to give you some extra mental power!


This ingredient might sound like the one responsible for giving the drink a lemony taste, but it’s actually vital to your health! L-Citrulline is responsible for keeping your blood vessels healthy and your immune system in constant check.

CHARGED-AF Side Effects

As far as side effects are concerned, CHARGED-AF doesn't seem to be that bad. As a matter of fact, the dosages of active ingredients in its mixture are on point, meaning there shouldn't really be any issues if the dosage instructions are followed appropriately.

Still, as always, side effects differ from person to person, so some of you might experience headaches or rapid heartbeat, usually caused by Caffeine Anhydrous.


You’ve learned a lot about what Charged-AF is made of, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover. In this section, we’ll mainly be talking about the effectiveness of this product and its competitors.

Enough chit-chat, let’s go straight to the point. Charged-AF is a high-quality product that has everything you’d need. It works wonders for your muscle gains and weight loss, and you feel much better about everything. You could say that it’s sort of a shortcut to your goals.

Another great fact about Charged-AF is that there’s no crash. You won’t be experiencing anything like that while using this product. In fact, it’s so well-made that there haven’t been almost any negative comments or reviews.

“I've tried quite a few pre-workouts & this is hands down the best. No side effects whatsoever and just the right amount of energy boost to smash your workouts.”

“Charged isn't like any other pre workout, I don't get the scratchy feeling like I used to with other pre workouts. Great energy and last through part of my shift at work.”

As you can see, people are very happy with the product. This also means that Charged-AF must be better than the rest since the reviews are almost completely positive, right? Well, not necessarily so. Of course, Charged-AF is an absolute beast of a product, but there are some alternatives that must be mentioned.

Charged-AF is definitely a product worth purchasing, but there are some better options available. For starters, take a look at 1st Phorm's Megawatt V2. This formula is just as powerful as Charged-AF, if not more. Of course, the effects and benefits are the same – sped up lean muscle mass gains, weight loss, mental enhancement, and better performance.

However, the main difference between these two competitor formulas isn’t in how they work or what they’re made of. No, the main difference is the price. See, Charged-AF costs $49.95 which is almost $10 more expensive than Megawatt V2 (for very similar benefits).

Now, we’re by no means saying that Charged-AF is a bad product. The downside of it is its price. Some people are looking for affordable alternatives, and that’s exactly what Megawatt V2 is – a cheaper product that brings the same benefits to the table.

Check out a review about Megawatt V2 and reach your own conclusion:

“The product is great. It doesn't make you feel crazy and super hyped up, instead it focuses you and allows you to concentrate fully on the mind muscle connection. It also helps with performance over longer sets and supersets. Great product. Even better was the service. You could damn near buy this product just to get the hand written letter and feel like the company cares. Pretty awesome. Thanks 1st Phorm!“


Although it is a bit on the expensive side, this product is exactly as advertised. Whatever they say you get – you actually get. There’s no lying here, only respect and the motivation to push out an amazing product. Unfortunately, the price aspect of it will deter some people away from it, but it doesn’t mean that others won’t pick this over something else.

CHARGED-AF Alternative

Check out Megawatt V2 by 1st Phorm instead!

Fat Burners


Having a tough time burning through those fat deposits but you’re giving it all you’ve got? There are products that serve the purpose of helping people like you! These products help you lose weight faster by giving you extra energy, more mental clarity, and the chance to burn that excess fat.

Most of these products are amazing and were created with only one goal in sight: To help athletes, bodybuilders, and the average joe to reach a point that didn’t seem possible before! One of these products is called ‘SHREDDED-AF’.

This product is a multistage thermogenic. This means that, alongside the benefits we already mentioned, it also boosts your metabolism and suppresses cravings.

However, is this product worth your money and, if not, are there any viable alternatives that do the job better? Let’s check it out!

SHREDDED-AF Ingredients

Here’s the list of ingredients present in this product:


Folate is essential for helping red blood cell creation and formation. It’s also responsible for cell growth and their function. Without proper levels of Folate, you won’t be able to heal as quickly as you should.


Remember when we said that ‘SHREDDED-AF’ also improves mental clarity and helps you focus better? Well, it’s all due to the presence of Noopept. Noopept is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) Nootropic on the market. This is due to the fact that it starts working immediately after intake.


This ingredient is usually used in weight loss products (which ‘SHREDDED-AF’ is) as it triggers thermogenesis which, in turn, decreases body fat. A crucial ingredient in this product.


Hordenine is the ingredient responsible for the boost of energy people feel after taking this product. It also boosts mood and can sharpen your focus as well.


An ingredient that goes together with Paradoxine. It also stimulates thermogenesis but it differs from Paradoxine since it also helps your body burn through more calories.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is responsible for protecting your brain and neurons from mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Huperzine also provides a good amount of nootropic properties which are, as mentioned before, good for your mind (improved focus, mental clarity, memory, etc.).

Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12

Caffeine Anhydrous



N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine

N methyl Tyramine




Alpha Yohimbine

3.5 diiodo-l-thyronine

SHREDDED-AF Side Effects

Similarly to other products that fall into the same category, SHREDDED-AF doesn’t have any serious side effects. This, of course, is true as long as you stick to the dosage instructions accordingly. This is a good sign since users won’t have any issues with using this product. But how does it compare to others on the market? Is it as good as some people claim?

In short, yes. It’s a powerful product with a lot of positives behind it. It seems that the company that designed ‘SHREDDED-AF’ have done so with respect. There are no bad or dangerous ingredients in this product, and that might be the most important aspect of it. After all, safety should be the number #1 concern for many users.


Okay, so this product is pretty much great all around. If it’s what you’re looking for, you could easily buy it from a couple of websites for a good price. But, before you make the choice of buying it, hear us out.

Why stop there? You could get an even better product for a much better price (especially since you get not one, not two, but three different products for a discount) that can provide you with an even bigger boost in performance?

If you’re not new to this, you know what we’re talking about. If you are, then listen up!

Stacks usually consist of multiple supplements, all of which work together in harmony. The reason they’re so popular is that you can get them for relatively cheap (when you take a look at how much product you get for what price). Check out 21 King System by 1st Phorm and see for yourself.

Here are a couple of reviews from people that have decided to choose this stack over other products on the market:

“I managed to lose 5% body fat in just 3 weeks with this stack. For all of you looking to do the exact same thing, I warmly recommend these 3 supplements since they are pretty much everything you need to make your goals come true! Kudos to 1st Phorm, another monstrosity of a stack!”

You can easily find positive reviews about this product, some of which provide great insight into how well this product has proven itself. Here are a couple of them:

“This stuff really puts your hunger at bay and helps you from eating those unnecessary calories. After just one bottle, I lost 7 lbs and feel great. I'll definitely be going for another round.”

“I started taking Shredded-AF about three weeks ago, and Ive already dropped 3% body fat and have energy all day. The appetite supressent is real deal. I am not hungry. This product works and is my favorite supplement of all time.”

“These are just some of the hundreds of positive reviews about this product. It’s clear as night and day that it’s good and gives people exactly what they want. But the main question here is, how does it stack against its direct competitors?”

“SHREDDED-AF is a great product by all standards. People have tried it out themselves and are very happy with it. It seems that it’s slowly becoming a common occurrence in the lives of bodybuilders and athletes alike, yet it’s just missing that extra kick to become the placeholder for the best bodybuilding products.”

SHREDDED-AF Conclusion

Fortunately, there are products that do manage to accomplish this task with flying colors. See, it doesn’t have to be a specific product; but it does have to make perfect sense, have the best ingredients, and provide people with everything they need and want from a stack or a supplement (with a little extra on top).

SHREDDED-AF Alternative

Royal 21 King System is that product. Well, it’s not exactly one product, but you get the point. 3 amazing supplements that are perfect together. What more could you want!

Check out Royal 21 King System here!