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There are 1000s of them out there. Preworkouts are coming out left and right, each guaranteed to be the strongest and effective when getting results in the gym.

KRE-EX by Titan Nutrition is a preworkout created in February 2017 with a new formula they says makes it BEST preworkout of the year.

KRE-EX a mix of Creatine, BCAAs, and over 7 grams of Nitrix Oxide. There’s also a series of nootropics and stimulants contained in the KRE-EX ingredients, which will help give you a combination of increased focus and energy.

Brian King say it’s the best thing you’ll ever try. Naturally, when it comes to hype around a product, Suppreviewers gets interested in figuring out the truth.

Let’s see what’s really going on with KRE-EX. We’ve looked at customer reviews, side effects, testimonials, and got nerdy with some of the science behind it.