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Alpha Gx7 is a Pre-Workout manufactured by The Original Alpha. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

If you’re comparing this to any other pre – workouts you might find this one is fairly basic, but basically, means it has only a limited amount of ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any bad stuff going into your body. Most of the ingredients are quite clean and good for the body.

Normally though the more well – known or popular pre – workouts all differ from each other slightly by adding something special or different, like a lot have some form of creatine as a blend to give a better pump, faster recovery and to increase strength and power, or they might have some kind of explosive energy formula, cutting formula, something with a bigger bite than just its bark.

What is Alpha GX7?

GX7 is brought to you by the good folks of The Original Alpha. They claim it to be the “Most Powerful Pre – Workout Powder” like every other pre-workout we’ve reviewed. Unfortunately, plenty of them fail. We think Alpha GX7 has potential, though. Formula notes:

Clean label: Not much fluff or fairy dusting. There’s also transparency which always improves a good rep.

Research Backed: The site claims to have done its homework and the supplement facts seem to agree with them.

Consumption warning: They say not to exceed two scoops per day. Sounds dangerous and danger makes us feel like excited.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s really going on this product based on the customer feedbacks, what is the breakdown of ingredients and also if there are any side effects.