MegaWatt HD’s formulation has a two-pronged goal and approach, increasing energy levels and enhancing mental focus on the training."> MegaWatt HD’s formulation has a two-pronged goal and approach, increasing energy levels and enhancing mental focus on the training.">

Megawatt V2 Review: Activate The Super Workout Mode!

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MegaWatt HD’s formulation has a two-pronged goal and approach, increasing energy levels and enhancing mental focus on the training.

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If you’re anything like most dedicated bodybuilders and fitness buffs, chances are you’d like to take your workouts to a whole new level each time you hit the gym. Now while having the sheer will to push yourself to the limit is a key essential to pull off just that, getting your hands on a pre-workout that’s designed to support the same goal is definitely a top priority.

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And speaking of supplements that are geared to give you next-level workouts, 1st Phorm recently unveiled its new and improved Megawatt V2. Why don’t we give this product a closer look in a bit to check out the new stuff that it has in store as well as find out if it still really holds up to its claims like its predecessor?

A Quick Rundown on Megawatt V2

At its simplest, Megawatt V2 is an upgraded version of a pre-workout from 1st Phorm with the same name, albeit the addition of the “V2” at the end to differentiate the newer product from its older counterpart.

Megawatt V2 is designed with the premise that since demanding fitness buffs and bodybuilders always strive to never stop improving, they will also need a pre-workout that can get them ideally fired up each time they have to take things to a whole new level.

Besides being based on a formula that’s already proven to work, 1st Phorm added in some additional awesome ingredients in the mix to really make Megawatt V2 stand out even more in terms of potency, efficiency and overall quality in the world of pre-workouts.

1st Phorm did away with some of the flavor options that Megawatt V2’s predecessor had, but the new product comes in Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry and Juicy Watermelon.

How Does Megawatt V2 Work?

Unlike other pre-workouts you can get your hands on these days that will only give you a false sense of endurance, focus and energy by making you hopped up on stimulants, Megawatt V2 is designed to simultaneously stimulate several positive physiological and neurological effects at once to get you ready for even the most punishing workout that you’ll ever take on…yet.

How about we go over the key effects that Megawatt V2 can set off in your body to give you an idea of how powerful it is?

First, it promotes a surge in the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP, which is the body’s natural way of storing and utilizing energy. This results to a significant boost in your muscle strength, endurance and overall energy levels almost immediately.

Second, it helps condition the body to extensively slow down the buildup of lactic acid that normally takes place when you’re going through intense physical activity. Besides being the primary factor that sets off muscle fatigue, having a surge of lactic acid levels in your body also makes you feel exhausted sooner than you should.

Third, it optimizes your overall circulation as well as the delivery of essential nutrients throughout your body to ideally prep you up for whatever workout you’re going to take on. This doesn’t just result to pumps that are out of this world, but also stimulate the powerful muscle contractions that you’re aiming for with each rep.

Fourth, it’s also geared to get your focus and concentration going to their ideal levels and keep them that way until you’ve finished with your workout. The mind plays a crucial role in making your training sessions as successful as can be. If it’s not up to par when the going gets tough, chances are you won’t be happy with the results.

What are the Ingredients of Megawatt V2?

Now let’s check out the key components that were used to put the new and improved Megawatt V2 together: 2016-03-02 07-01-42

Creatine Monohydrate is perhaps one of the most popular ingredients used in almost every bodybuilding and fitness supplement that you can find in the market these days. Apart from its proven benefits to take physical energy and endurance up a notch, this ergogenic is also seen to promote an increase in muscle mass as well as pick up the pace on fat loss with regular use. Megawatt V2 offers a whopping 2,500 mg of creatine monohydrate with every serving you load up on to really get you in the zone in no time.

Beta-Alanine, also known as 3-aminopropionic acid, is a non-essential beta-amino acid that plays a very big role in increasing the levels of carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine is a protein building block that basically dictates how much work the muscles can handle at a given time and for how long. The higher your muscle carnosine levels are, the longer you’ll endure even the most challenging workout routine that you’ve got in your training checklist.

Agmatine Sulfate is deemed as an all-around pre-workout ingredient due to its proven benefits in terms of staving off fatigue, boosting overall muscle endurance as well as triggering positive effects to the cognitive function like keeping the mood, concentration and focus levels at their peak even during the most punishing of training sessions. And given that you’re getting 1,000 mg of agmatine sulfate with every dose of Megawatt V2, you’re sure to be in top form each time you load up on it.

Ener-G Matrix (TM) is composed of Rauwolscine, Caffeine Citrate, DiCaffeine Malate and Caffeine Anhydrous, which have been seen in several clinical studies as having the natural ability to perk up the energy and endurance levels as well as help optimize the overall lipolytic function of the body that plays a key role in blasting away unwanted flab.

V2 Matrix (TM) is the blend that’s specially formulated for the upgraded Megawatt V2. It’s composed of Huperzine A 1%, Hordenine, Sulbutiamine, N-Methyl Tyramine HCL, L-Glutamine and N-Acetyl Tyrosine. Compared to its predecessor, this new product not only helps your body prep up to take on a punishing workout, but also significantly improve its ability to respond to stress and activate the right brain neurotransmitters to give you the rest and sleep you need afterward.

The Megawatt V2 Recommended Dosage

According to its product label, a scoop of Megawatt V2 should be blended well with 8 ounces of water and consumed at least 30 minutes before hitting the gym. No more than 2 scoops of this product should be taken within a 24-hour period. It is also highly recommended to drink a minimum of 120 fluid ounces of water when using Megawatt V2.

  • Megawatt V2 should not be used by individuals below 21 years old and no more than 55 years of age.
  • Megawatt V2 isn’t recommended to be used with or combined with other products containing caffeine.

Megawatt V2 Final Review

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So should you give Megawatt V2 a go? Given the meticulous research and development that 1st Phorm always has for its products as well as the loyal following that they’ve already built for the quality and potency of the same, you’re definitely missing out on a lot if you don’t include Megawatt V2 in your arsenal of supplements. We highly recommend this pre-workout if you’re looking to take your training to a whole new level.

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Getting the most out of gym workout begins with getting the right mind and muscle action combination.  And I think I’ve finally keyed into this combination with MegaWatt HD, the pre-workout supplement recently launched by 1st Phorm Nutrition.

Mind and muscle in the gym means putting not just your body to work – that’s the easy part – but putting your mind in the right frame and focus so your body will deliver top perform at optimum levels.

Sure that can happen some days, even when I don’t take any pre workout meal or shake or anything.  And when I was just starting out the gym routine.  But try keeping the same eager to exercise level when hitting the gym has become part of a regular day, and with the prospect of muscle pain to boot.

The thing I like about MegaWatt HD is that it seems to have been designed precisely to answer that need – prepping not just my body but the mind, keeping it focused on my goal in the gym. I call it keeping mind and body in synch for the ultimate workout performance!

A great tasting nootropic

MegaWatt HD is pre workout supplement in powder form to be taken as a shake or drink before heading for the gym or the training machines. And great tasting, I was assured by the initial reviews I found when MegaWatt HD first hit the online market and the shelves.

But that’s not what eventually got me to try it – and, honestly, stay with it for good.  Or at least while I’m on gym time!

When I found out MegaWatt HD is classed as a nootropic, that’s when I reached out for my first container.   Nootropics are substances (drugs, neutraceuticals, supplements) designed to improve brain function.  They’re out in the pharmacy and supermarket shelves marketed as concentration and memory enhancers, intelligence boosters, mood changers, etc.  Ok, you know that – and I did too, but didn’t know they were called nootropics (so just sharing).

Anyway, so finding out MegaWatt HD is a nootropic already got my mind focused on trying the product. In fact, it's almost as good as Addium.

How MegaWatt HD works on your body

I’m an avid researcher (so mind builder) as much as a body builder so reading up on workout supplements pre- and post- is second nature to me.  So in case anyone’s interested, I thought I’d share this with you (that’s what research is for really).

Plus, if I’m going to do a REAL review on Megawatt HD, I want to cover everything I can. I can write a bunch of testimonials about Megawatt if I wanted to, but the only logical way you can know it works is by seeing what is actually in it. Below is a summary of each ingredient, what it does, and a link to learn more about each one:

MegaWatt HD’s formulation has a two-pronged goal and approach, increasing energy levels and enhancing mental focus on the training.

  • Micronized Creatine Monohydrate: If you’ve been in bodybuilding for even a little, then you’ve most certainly heard of creatine. It’s probably the closest thing to steroids. Creatine is known to improve ATP production which increases strength, endurance, and even boosts brain power according to studies. When using creatine be prepared for more intense workouts and better results in weeks. (What are the Benefits of Creatine – Medical News Today)
  • Beta-alanine: This is pretty much in every pre-workout. Why? Because Beta-alanine is backed by university and peer reviewed studies which was shown to improve energy and endurance, strength, power, and even increase muscle size as well as reduce muscle fatigue during a workout. (Science Meets Real World Results –

These two ingredients along are the godfathers of pre-workout and performance enhancement. Now let’s get into what makes Megawatt HD more amazing than any other pre-workout of it’s kind.

Intracellular VoluMax Blend (gives good blood flow, thus enhancing the delivery of oxygen and necessary nutrients to the muscle cells as the muscles are flexed during a workout)

Agmatine Sulfate: Wait until you experience the “dream like” state you’re going to feel when you take Agmatine Sulfate. It’s both a “smart powder” and an ingredient that’ll give you INSANE PUMPS. I’ve read that it basically puts N.O and arginine to shame. It’s literally a breakthrough in this category. Agmatine simultaneously improves both brain function, stimulates HGH and improves cardiovascular health.

Glutamine: Has dozens of benefits, one of the most striking is an “anti catabolic” property, which to me is very important because I’m a hard gainer. You can be rest assured your muscle mass is safe w a high enough dosage of glutamine. It has also shown research to improve growth hormone levels by over 400% so you stay anabolic 24/7.

Dynamic Energy Complex

Caffeine: We all know what that is. It’s the king of energy supplements. It gives you not only more energy, but more alertness, faster reflexes, and better focus…all things you need to get a killer workout. This is why truck drivers rely on caffeine to stay awake and alert during 15-20 hour shifts.

AMP Citrate: Also known as 1,3-Dimethylbutylamine or DMBA, it’s closely related to DMAA and make you feel like you’re on steroids. You’ll lift harder, rest less, and some people report feeling almost ‘invincible’ while on it. This is considered the “next big thing” when it comes to stimulants, but I got a feeling it might not be legal for too long.

Yohimbe HCL: Yohimbe as we all know is a fat burning supplement, and according to Webmd has first started as a sexual stimulant for both men and women, until it started proving effective for athletic performance and weight loss as well. After you take Megawatt HD, please try to avoid temptation and have sex while in the gym. Wait until you get home, but remember not to be too rough.

Hordenine: Hordenine is really interesting. It is a CNS (or central nervous system) stimulant and triggers the release of fat from the cells for energy use. It also “realigns” your set point, which means that any weight lost will likely become permanent. This I found really interesting. You can read more at or look up set point theory for an interesting read.

Neurostatic Matrix

N-Acetyl Tyrosine: This is amino acid known for improving neural communication, relieving stress and supporting peak performance. It’s become incredibly popular because of the instant effect people get from taking L-Tyrosine. A heightened mental focus, increased energy and more concentration have commonly been reported when supplement with N-Acetyl Tyrosine.

Picamilon: Also known as nicotinoyl-GABA, was developed by the Soviet Union and studied extensively in Japan, is a nootropic drug with endless benefits. It literally blocks anxiety by stimulating the GABA receptors in the brain. It’s known to improve motivation and drive, cognitive abilities, intelligence, planning skills as well as produce feelings of mental calmness. Picamilon simultaneously enhances all parts of the brain.

When it’s taken with the rest of the ingredients in Megawatt however, you’ll find you get a duality of calm focused, super alert mental energy along with intense feelings of strength, physical energy, and stamina. It provides a synergistic feeling that you can’t quite put into words. (The Wonder That is Picamilon)

N-Methyltyramine (or NMT): This encourages your brain to produce adrenaline so you life more weight. It’s not only a mood stimulant, but a fat burner and energy supplement all in one. It provides a smooth, non jittery kind of energy that you’re going to love.

Dendrobium: Part of the orchid family, it is been more recently showing up in preworkout supplements used to increase physical capabilities in the gym. Even says that some experts “are claiming that dendrobium will be the next hot stimulant supplement. Some are touting it as a replacement for the stimulant dimethylamylamine (DMAA).

Sulbutiamine: Last but not least, Sulbutiamine is a molecule that crosses the blood/brain barrier and provides benefits such as increased memory, better sexual performance, and even has shown positive effects on people who display shy and/or depressed personalities. Although Sulbutiamine doesn’t have much research behind all of it’s positive benefits, it seems to improve psycho-behavioral qualities in good ways, so that’s not a bad thing.

Then 1st Phorm boosted its MegaWatt HD with the Intracellular VoluMax Blend that gives good blood flow, thus enhancing the delivery of oxygen and necessary nutrients to the muscle cells as the muscles are flexed during a workout.

This entire blend – in workout supplements I call this the “mix for muscles” – gives power to muscle contractions and raises the bar for your pumps.

How MegaWatt HD works for the mind

It’s been said before that the mind is the secret muscle you need to get into action in intensity training and in actual performance.

The brain blend that 1st Phorm has dubbed its Neurostatic Matrix is a powerful but safe combination of nootropics aims to keep the mind focused on the training – and not on the pain that normally is part of the training. Keying the mind on the positive naturally gets positive results for the body.  The theory is simple: never giving up gets the prize.

That’s the best way I’d describe what MegaWatt does – getting the mind hitched on the training and the prize, stepping up the energy levels as you go, and finally getting the goal you’ve set for your body.  Nothing ups the overall intensity training to higher levels than that!

The MegaWatt HD taste test

I’ve saved this for last because taste is usually the first consideration of kids, but not body-builders.  I know I’d take that “bitter pill” anytime, figuratively and literally, if it meant getting better or best results at the gym.

That said, let me just add that for the nutrients and nootropics packed into it, it’s nothing short of amazing that it still manages to taste good.  Ok, don’t expect a tongue blaster, of course – for that go for a soda or a tub of ice cream.

I’ve tried other pre workout supplements and I’d say MegaWatt HD is right up there with the best tasting among them.  I use ¾ of the scoop that comes with the packaging, so you might want to try it out in that preparation too, then if you think you’d like to or are ready for more, then just work yourself to a heftier batch.

My flavor suggestion: Knuckle Sandwich.  Nice catchy name, and not too sweet and fruity.  (But if you like it sweet and fruity, go for Berry Mix)

The Pros & Cons of Megawatt HD

Taste: strong

I can’t speak for all of the flavors, but the Watermelon and Knuckle Sandwich for the two I’ve tried and I love them both equally. The Knuckle Sandwich is hard to describe but is really sweet, and the watermelon taste just as the name describes. Having tried literally hundreds of pre-workouts in the last couple of years, one of my biggest complaints had been the taste. I actually look forward to taking my Megawatt HD because it’s actually good. Definitely five out of five on this one.


Yet another feature that most pre-workout slack, but megawatt does not. Megawatt HD mixes perfectly. The other one I use regularly called Ravage by GNC takes me almost 5 minutes to mix with the spoon. If foams at the top and I hate that! Megawatt HD mixes quickly and stays mixed. Another five out of five stars for me.

Price: $42.99

The price of Megawatt HD is $42.99. It also comes with 60 servings, since even though small, you only need three fourths of a scoop to feel the effect of Megawatt. It’s that potent. The price is fairly can affordable when compared to products like N.O Xplode for $46.99… Especially when Megawatt HD is far more powerful and effective.

It’s not the cheapest pre-workout out there, but remember: you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to supplements. I get price a 4.5 out of five.

Effectiveness: 5 stars

I have been a fan of nootropics for awhile now (brain pills). I also love pre workouts. So…when I discovered the Megawatt HD is a nootropic pre workout you can only imagine my excitement.

I finally discovered a preworkout that not only gets you physically ready for the gym, but preps your mind and brain with the focus and concentration you need to push yourself to the limit. I have never felt more energized, focused, strong, and invincible that I have on any other pre-workout.

I can literally feel my brain working at a high capacity. I’d say it’s a high similar to adderall, but much safer and without the side effects.

Megawatt HD Testimonials & Reviews

“…It was more a steady flow that I experienced and helped with mental focus and recovery between sets. Also, the muscle pump got better as i went deeper into my workout…”

My Conclusion on Megawatt HD

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Megawatt HD and will be putting up my Megawatt HD review video as well by tomorrow.

For the price, taste and effectiveness, I give this product 4.9 out of 5 stars. It’s far better than any other pre workout I’ve tried in a long time, even superior to 1st Phorm’s other product Alphacre HD.

If you want to try Megawatt HD for yourself, use this link to get free shipping on your next order!

PS: Add it alongside Alphasruge DRV or Adrenal Restore for jedi-like brain powers.

Note: All 1st Phorm products have a 110% money back guarantee.

If you have already tried Megawatt HD or are going to try it, be sure to leave your review below![/tab] [/tabs]

  1. I have tried a plethora of pre workouts in my time. This is not only the best tasting, but the most effective. This puts razor8, no xplode and all other pre workouts to shame.

  2. I have tried 2 other workouts in the past & neither were as effective as the Megawatt HD. Also there was no crash or “Buzz” afterwards. Also love that a serving isn’t a ginormous scoop of powder!

  3. Over the years, I have tried multiple different types of pre workouts. Most of them worked for the first couple of times, but after awhile I never felt the same pump I got in the beginning. That is not the story with megawatt HD. This product is by far one of the best pre workouts I have ever had. From taste and quality, all the way to quantity and price. I keep the same great pump with this product as I have sensed the day that I started using it. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for pre workout.

  4. Are you looking for an amazing pre workout that gives you energy and focus that’ll get you through your toughest workouts? Well, look no further then! Go for 1stphorm’s megawatt HD! This stuff is amazing!! You won’t be disappointed!!

  5. Megawatt HD mixed berry. This pre workout is the best one out there… I guarantee it! All the pre workout drinks I’ve had seriously make me feel like my skin is gonna crawl off. Not this one! It gives you the perfect energy you need for your workout and even for the day. I love it and will be ordering more!!!

  6. I feel amazing on this stuff!!!! Love the juicy watermelon!!

  7. Awesome Preworkout, both of the berry based flavors i have tried tasted great! Been Taking it for a few months now since my trainer introduced me to it and it has really given me a boost! Just watch taking it less than 5 hours before bed because this stuff gets me up and keeps me there

  8. Great pre workout, but be warned, do not take more then the recommended dosage, it’s absolutely no joke.

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