Meta Force 5.0 is touted as one of the best value protein shakes on the market. It provides optimum nourishment and improvements in both fat loss and lean mass gains. How about we give it a closer look?





While most protein products designed for bodybuilders contain the fast absorbing proteins needed for post workout recovery, there is something to be said for slow absorbing proteins as well. In fact, such proteins are necessary for our organism to keep well-nourished for hours to come after a workout and at night time when we are sleeping.

In reality it would be kind of tiring to constantly take in various proteins separately, which is why SAN formulated Meta Force 5.0 a potent mix of both fast and slow absorbing protein. This powerful blend allows you to be well nourished with protein throughout the day, while also giving the excellent post workout absorption of protein necessary for bodybuilding.

Meta Force 5.0 Ingredients

In essence Meta Force 5.0 is a protein blend, bringing a total of 26 grams of protein per serving. Additionally, Meta Force 5.0 also provides a number of other micronutrients and amino acids which combine to give a more complete product. The product comes completely sugar free and with low carbohydrate amount as well as barely any fat at all.

When it comes to the protein present in this blend, they can be split into fast and slow release protein. The fast release protein in Meta Force 5.0 are SPI-90, Whey Protein isolate and micro-filtered whey protein concentrate. The slow release protein in the blend are casein, caseinate and milk protein isolate. All of the protein are mixed into the 6-Stage Fast & Controlled Multi-Dispersed Protein Matrix, patented by SAN.

On top of the various protein, Meta Force 5.0 also features a plethora of essential fatty acids, vitamins and other micronutrients including Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A Riboflavin and others. Here is the full product label with all the micronutrients:

Meta Force 5.0 Supplement Facts
Meta Force 5.0 Supplement Facts

Meta Force 5.0 Benefits

Meta Force 5.0 is a multi functional protein blend which seems to work quite well for both its purposes. When it comes to fast post workout muscle recovery, the product does very well in comparison to other similar product. What is even more, Meta Force 5.0 provides substential fat loss and body fat % decrease as it is very low in carbs and since you will be using your protein shake as meal replacement, this will translate into fewer calories.

The fast absorbing protein of the mix will enter your bloodstream within minutes and will serve to shuttle key nutrients through your body with great speed. On the other hand, the slower protein in the blend will work for hours after injestion making sure your muscles are well nourished at all times.

The addition of various amino acids and micronutrients also serves to improve the overall product effectiveness. These ingredients serve a number of purposes and will help keep your body healthy and your muscle mass lean as you take the product.

Meta Force 5.0 Taste and Dosage

The product comes in two possible tastes, chocolate and vanilla almond. According to various testimonials, the chocolate flavor is far superior so we would recommend that one. The product comes in a tub containing 67 servings of 26 grams of protein each. A single scoop is mixed into 8oz of water and the product is best used two times per day. Best times to have it is after a workout for its post workout recovery properties and before bed as it will keep you well fed through the night without taking in much carbs or fats.

Meta Force 5.0 Reviews

Meta Force 5.0 is a product that comes highly recommended by most of its former and current users. Here is what some of them had to say about it:

“Really good quality, mixes well and the taste is awesome! For someone who doesn’t want to buy overpriced protein, this if for you.”

“One of the most cost efficient, no filler proteins available from a great company full of honest individuals. Taste reminds me of Silk almond milk.”

Meta Force 5.0 Conclusion

SAN really came through with Meta Force 5.0. Coming at $39.95 for 67 servings of powerful protein blend that actually works really well, this product is probably the best value on the dollar you can find. The product comes highly recommended by experts and users alike and has shown to provide some excellent fat loss and lean muscle building support. We highly recommend this protein mix and give it 5/5 stars.

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