Military Whey Review: Another Protein Of A Questionable Quality?

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Review Summary:

Protein powders are certainly one of the most widespread bodybuilding products out there. They're everywhere and it's not surprising at all since there's just so many different types of them... some of which are rather bad. Even Military Whey might seem like a solid one at first, but in reality, the story is much different. Read the full review to find out more!

Most people nowadays are very familiar with protein powders, and the main reason for that is their efficiency and great nutritional value. Most of the athletes use it and it is capable of pushing your body to its limits without too much risk. We got our hands on one specific product called Military Whey, so we checked it out and want to give you all the necessary information to decide is this one for you.

Protein is a great fuel for anyone working out and it should help you lose fat, increase size, enhance strength and preserve muscle. It is quite a list, and that is why whey is so popular and getting all that positive feedback.

When doing a protein review there are few things we always keep an eye on since that are categories every protein user should research a bit before purchase. Our mission is to put all that in one spot so you can easily see what passes your criterion and what doesn't. Categories I am talking about are: additional ingredients, the ability to mix well, taste, and the effect certain type of protein can leave on your body.

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What are you getting with Military Whey?

Let's take a look at the protein type you get if you decide to purchase Military Whey.

military whey supplement facts

Protein Isolate

A purer type of whey containing a higher percentage of the protein itself and has very little or almost no lactose. As it is so pure it also contains low or almost no percentage of carbohydrates, cholesterol, and fat.

Protein Concentrate

A type of whey containing a lower percentage of protein, but comes with few additional compounds and because of it has slightly bigger health value. For me there isn't a winner between the two, it really depends on your personal goals and tastes. Military Whey is the mixture of these two types of whey and brings a bit out of each category.

Overall, Military Whey is something that will do the job, but if you want something with few additional ingredients and protein sources resulting in better efficiency there are definitely some other alternatives, Complete Protein RX, for example, is something I would recommend anyone, it also tastes and mixes well which is always a great thing considering it is something you will use on a daily basis. If you want to get something with 10 protein sources and few additional amino acids such as L-Valine and L-Leucine for better results make sure to check that one out.

Is Military Whey safe to use?

Protein powders are generally safe and you shouldn't worry too much about the negative side effects. You could get some allergic reactions if your body doesn't tolerate it well, but that is about it.

“I got a small rash on my back after using plenty of Military Whey, but nothing too drastic. I'm not even 100% sure it was caused by Military Whey at all…”

If you exceed recommended dosages you could experience some minor ones such as nausea or bloating.


  • Well rounded
  • Provides solid quality protein


  • Mixes hard
  • Tastes bad
  • There are better and cheaper alternatives

What do other users think of it?

Thoughts on this one are very mixed, some say its great, and some hate it:

“Can't say I am impressed. The taste wasn't good for me and it mixes below any expectations. However I like whats inside and I experienced some serious gains. Despite the fact I wouldn't recommend it, because it isn't to find something as effective and with much better taste. ”

“New Zealand whey I am sorry but I will have to find something else. Tried few other proteins in the past before this and still haven't found something that suits me. Tasted bad for me and no matter what can it do I just can't go over it. My wife tried it and she thinks it is the best thing she tried in years. It looks like it really depends from person to person and what you like.“

Many customers complain about the taste and just can't get over it, this one, however, gave it a nice rating despite the bad taste and few other problems:

Military Whey Review

The final verdict on Military Whey?

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Military Whey is a mixture of whey isolate and whey concentrate. Is it worth buying? Yes! Are there better options? Yes! Like I already mentioned you can't go too wrong while choosing a protein. If you don't like it you can easily switch to something else and see what works the best for you. This one was a bit of disappointment simply because it was hard to mix and doesn't taste like something premium.

For me personally and for many other athletes and casual sportsmen out t, ere these are two very crucial factors when purchasing a dietary supplement for a daily basis. Because of this Military Whey is not something I would recommend. Complete Protein RX is a product we consider great value for the price. It is also a great source of some other nutrients making sure you get the most out of it and experience awesome results.

Check out Complete Protein RX as an even better alternative!

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Whey Isolate

Although Military Whey is the mixture of the two, we are going to say a few words on each one separately to have a clearer picture and better understanding for each type.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Whey Concentrate needs to go through a further processing in order to create Whey Isolate. This means you get a purer version of whey containing a higher percentage of protein. It is great for someone having lactose troubles as you get almost none with this one. Cholesterol, fats, and carbohydrates are also very low or almost none. This way you are left with almost nothing but protein for faster absorption in the body.

Clinical Research

There have been few scientific studies on this particular type of protein and its effect on the body. [1]

Whey Concentrate

Whey Concentrate is the cheaper version of the two, but it doesn't actually have to mean it is worse.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Although it contains a lower percentage of the protein itself, concentrate has more of additional nutrients which doesn't have to be bad at all. This way you are getting few extra health benefits from the compounds that are left in the powder. At first look, isolate may seem like a more premium product, but in the end, the true value of each one comes to your needs and goals.

Clinical Research

Some clinical research studies show the benefits may differ due to the composition of the protein. [2]

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It can be described as a sickness of the stomach and can lead to vomiting.

What Causes Nausea?

Most probable cause of this side effect is over-dosage.


It is a swelling caused by injury or in this case from possible inflammation.

What Causes Bloating?

Just like nausea, bloating is most likely caused by overdosage.


How much does Military Whey cost?

You can get it for around $45 to $50, depending on the marketplace.

Is it any good?

It is OK at best. While it does contain a solid quality protein mixture, it fails to mix properly and tastes outright awful. Combine that with a pretty hefty price tag and you'll come to a conclusion there are many better options available on the market.

What's a good alternative to Military Whey?

I believe I have already mentioned Complete Protein RX. I've used it for quite awhile and can tell you for a fact that it's a lot better than Military Whey… not just in terms of value for money but in terms of taste and mixing as well.

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“Protein is the cornerstone behind every great bodybuilder…” – Keith

“There are many questionable whey protein products on the market, and it seems as though Military Whey is one of them…” – Josh


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