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Anyone working on getting in shape – really great shape – and the gain in strength and energy that come with it, first you need to know and understand two words: “anabolic” and “catabolic.

So let’s start if we’re looking to grasp what’s so special about Anabolic Bridge, the latest product to hit the shelves from 1st Phorm Nutrition – which seems so accurately named for what it aims to be.

Anabolic and catabolic are two distinct and opposite processes in the human body, specifically about muscle and tissue growth.

When your body is in an anabolic state, tissue and muscle growth, build-up and maintenance occur. This process requires energy, naturally provided by food and occasionally by nutrition and energy supplements.

The opposite of anabolic is the catabolic state, which requires no energy. Instead, it releases or provides energy from the digestion and breakdown of food taken in. This energy is needed to put the anabolic state in motion for tissue and muscle build-up.

Simply put, during the catabolic state, food, and nutrition being taken in are broken up for the production of energy. And in the anabolic state, the body uses this energy for the dynamic process of muscle and tissue build-up, maintenance or repair.

Anabolic Bridge by 1st Phorm