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by EFX
Kre Alkalyn EFX Product Image

Engaging into intense lifting and rigorous training to achieve that athletic figure will all be for nothing if workouts’ post-recovery phase will not be done well. It is suggested by health experts to take creatine monohydrate to help aid muscle recovery. But not all creatine were made even, others may not reach its destination and be converted into waste called creatinine.

Thankfully, EFX formulated the remarkable Kre-Alkalyn–the only creatine monohydrate with a pH of 12 that is up to 10X more powerful than ordinary creatine and is guaranteed to stay 100% stable all the way to the muscle cells. Plus, it comes with much more benefits!

To know more about this product, we are going to cover all its components even possible side effects to prove if these claims are actually true or not.

Glycoload Product Image

Are you one of us who wants to be at “Carbs Heaven” where we could just eat all sorts of carbs? Do you just want to do that without the constant worry of gaining weight? Well, worry no more! Metabolic Nutrition is here to take us to a carefree Carbs Heaven with their revolutionary carbohydrate supplement!

Introducing, GLYCOLOAD, a top-notch product that specifically loads glycogen into the muscles providing you an effective “carb-load” to your muscles without being anxious about turning it into undesirable and stubborn fat. It has Glycogen which is a key form of energy storage in our bodies and is an integral part of fueling ATP for muscular contraction, blood vessel dilation, increased vascularity, and hydrating muscles. Thus, Glycoload is here to bestow you that toned body you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Now, let’s go take a closer look at this carbohydrate supplement and judge if its worth trying.

by Evogen
GlycoJect Product Image

Evogen Nutrition released remarkably GlycoJect —a Pre- and Post-Workout Elite Formula that is designed for bodybuilders, wrestlers, physique and endurance athletes to naturally boost T-levels, supercharge muscle fullness and pump, and fuel greater growth and recovery.

With GlycoJect’s natural power of customized carbs combined with nitric-oxide and insulinogenics, the expected result is quite promising. But does it actually work? Is it worth a five-star review?

For that, let’s get into its component ingredients, potential drawbacks, and might as well the customers’ opinion and feedback to see if there’s truth to all its claims.

Ferodrox Product Image

Lift. Push. Sweat. Repeat. I bet, these have been your constant routine —trying so hard, lifting and pushing just to increase strength and build that lean vigorous muscles. You’ve done EVERYTHING yet, there seems to be NO CHANGES AT ALL! Perhaps, you’re not following the right diet or there might be something wrong with your Testosterone levels. Do you actually know your T-levels? If so, are they even healthy? Now, you’re unsure. So, sit and read. We are getting to know this leading testosterone support matrix from Kaged Muscle that might be of big help to you.

Ferodrox is unlike any supplements available on the test booster market. It is formulated with patented, premium, and scientifically-tested ingredients that naturally supports increase in testosterone levels while reducing cortisol and enhancing libido. What else is there to ask for a supplement that doesn’t only keep your T-levels healthy but also aim to reduce stress and enhance your libido? With the benefits it claims to offer, many are hooked and are even testifying to its legit quality.

These things being said, let’s start scrutinizing the features of Ferodrox —from it’s composite ingredients and benefits, down to it’s potential drawbacks and users’ feedback.

Creacore Product Image

Staying active is essential for overall health. People are able to refine their muscle mass by carrying out the right exercises and following a particular diet. But, to truly achieve your optimum growth potential, supplements are a popular option. Muscle-building supplements can help improve physical performance during training and assist stimulate muscle growth.

CreaCore,  a product of MuscleTech, is a highly-concentrated creatine supplement that combines creatine HCL and Fenugreek seed to increase muscle size, strength, power, and muscle recovery especially on high-intensity sessions.  After each workout, this powder encourages muscle growth and improved strength with a strong dose of creatine and Fenugreek extract.

In this review, we will take a closer look at CreaCore’s components, benefits, side effects, and user feedback.

Niacin Max Product Image

Niacin Max by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED is a muscle-building supplement that offers numerous health benefits. It is primarily known for increasing blood flow, which significantly impacts performance and endurance.

The product claims to be the most potent niacin supplement on the market today because it uses a unique delivery technology that can’t be found in any other niacin supplement.

This review will go through its ingredients, benefits, and potential side effects, then revisit what customers say about Niacin Max.