Is your dog simply not as buffed as you would like it to be? Do you want to help your skinny and underweight dog gain some weight without causing side effects for it? Folks over at Muscle Bully understand your concern and have created just the product to help you do what’s best for your dog.

Introducing Muscle Bully Gains, a weight gaining product designed specifically for your dog. Muscle Bully Gains is designed to help your bully breeds gain substantial amounts of muscle mass through a highly digestible blend of protein and fats.

So does this product really work as intended? We decided to find out and put the formula under some scrutiny to help you decide if this is what your dog actually needs.

Gains Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, the Muscle Bully Gains does not contain too any fancy ingredients. The product is a mix of 50% fat, 26% protein and 0.5% fibers, with 348 grams of BCAAs such as Alanine, Arginine, Leucine and Valine added to every 6 g scoop.

The product works in a similar way a weight gainer for humans would, with amino acids enhancing the protein production and other relevant growth elements, while protein and fats simply enhance your dog’s growth in every sense.

The formula is well dosed and easily fed to your dog and since there isn’t too much chemistry going into this one, we can safely say that it is sufficient for any scrawny dog to go all muscular within a matter of several weeks or months.

Here is the full supplement label by Muscle Bully:

Muscle Bully Gains Supplement Facts
Muscle Bully Gains Supplement Facts

Gains Benefits

As we said, the product contains a solid mix of fats, protein and BCAAs and there is little doubt that it will help any dog that is currently underweight gain some significant size, in both fat and muscle. While you could just overfeed your dog, some dogs are simply picky eaters, and much of the food they might want to eat will just make them look fat.

Muscle Bully Gains on the other hand will make your dog look mean and muscular and make it strong and healthy. Whether you want your dog to protect the household from intruders or simply have a desire to keep it as healthy as you are, feed it some Muscle Bully Gains along with its regular food and there is no doubt that the results will come.

Gains Dosage

Application of Muscle Bully Gains is very simple, as it is basically just food. Simply sprinkle the product over dog’s regular meals and it will eat it without much thought. For canines under 50 lbs use 1 scoop per day. For canines over 50 lbs use 1 scoop per 50 lbs or half a scoop per 25 lbs. If you want even faster gains, you can simply double the dose and your dog will grow fast and steady.

Gains Side Effects

The product really doesn’t contain any harmful substances or any serious chemicals at all. It is based mostly on protein and fats, with some BCAAs added for good measure. There have been no known side effects reported and we believe this product should be completely safe and healthy for your pets.

Gains Reviews

Here is what some of the people who fed it to their dogs had to say about it:

“My 4 & 6 month old Bulldogs loved it, we have been feeding them for one week now and are looking forward to the results.
My dogs are on a full Raw diet so it’s easy to mix the powder in to the food.”

“We’ve only been using this a short time and I can already see results. This is a great product and will definitely be purchasing it again!!”

“My husband and I purchased this for our two month old American bully. We have been using it for two weeks now. So far, we noticed that it defined his muscles more, esp his legs. We will see if there’s a difference after another few weeks.”

Gains Conclusion

Muscle Bully is a company that continues to make solid dog supplements and Muscle Bully Gains is definitely one of the finest dog weight gainers out there. With a well dosed mix of fats, protein and BCAAs, the product has helped many scrawny dogs increase in size and definition and there is no reason your dog shouldn’t be next.

We recommend Muscle Bully Gains for anyone who wants a safe and healthy way for their pet to gain some size and weight and we base this on the dozens of positive testimonials that were made on the product to date, with barely anything negative ever said about it.

If you give Muscle Bully Gains a shot, let us know how your dog reacted in the comments box, as we appreciate user feedback above everything.

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