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  • It can help dogs develop and grow exponentially faster
  • Plenty amount of whey protein per serving.
  • It develops dogs muscle tissue

Are you looking to make your pet buffed and muscular, but normal diet is just not doing the trick? Muscle Bully is the leading company when it comes to dietary supplements for dogs, and their Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies is certainly a product worth looking at.

That’s exactly what we decided to do and this review is the result of our extensive research on the product. Let’s go into a bit of detail and find out if Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies is the right product for your bully.

Protein Ingredients

Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies is 100% Whey Protein Concentrate at 80% protein level. Every 7.5 gram serving contains 80% crude protein along with some fats and a number of valuable BCAAs that any animal needs in order to develop strong and healthy muscles.

This amount of protein should be enough for any dog to develop lots of muscle size, provided they are generally eating a healthy and well balanced diet. The Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies contains no artificial flavors, salts or sugars and no carbs at all.

Whey protein in Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies is one of the most potent and highly absorbable types of protein out there, which makes this product a very valuable addition to any dog’s diet.

We all know how beneficial whey protein is for humans, being a part of pretty much every bodybuilder’s supplement regimen, and there is no reason it should not do the same for your pet.

Here is the full supplement label by the manufacturer with all the ingredients and doses:

Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies Supplement Facts
Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies Supplement Facts

Protein Benefits

Muscle Bully has been one of the finest dog supplement companies for some time now and their Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies seems to be quite a solid product. According to multiple extensive user reviews out there, the product helped their dogs develop and grow exponentially faster than without the product.

The amount of whey protein concentrate in each serving of the product is plenty for dogs and being a simple protein powder, there is little reason for it not to work. What’s more, the BCAAs in the blend will make sure your dog develops even faster as they act upon its body and help it develop new protein and muscle tissue.

Protein Dosage

The product comes in 7.5 gram servings. Use one serving per 50 lbs of body weight per day. You can use this protein powder along with any other supplements and simply add it to your dog’s food during any meal of the day.

Protein Reviews

Here is what some dog owners who used this protein had to say about it:

“I have been feeding my Scotty American Bulldog mix this supplement for a month now. He does look stronger and healthier than he did when I first rehomed him. His coat is brighter and softer, and it doesn’t shed a lot at all.”

“My dogs are loving this product I’ve been working them out and putting this on their food and my girls have gained 5 pounds each in the last week.”

“Product delivery was fast and my dog is loving it. It has been a week and I can’t wait to see the change in a month. I would share his growth stats once he is done with the whole packet.”

Protein Conclusion

After carefully examining Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies, we can find no good reason for every dog owner out there not to feed this to their dog. The product will help your dog remain healthy, active and muscular and will promote all types of bodily functions.

The product reviews and testimonials have all been positive and there are absolutely no side effects reported, which was to be expected considering the product is fairly natural and does not influence hormonal levels and other similar features.

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Your Dog Should Have It!

We can honestly recommend Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies to anyone out there and we hope that you will give it a shot !

Order Muscle Bully Protein for Bullies now for just $35.99!

Leave us with your written review of the product once you tried it as we want to hear how your dog reacted to it.

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Just received the mass gainer from muscle bully today mydog really love the taste of it lol im looking forward to the rssults

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