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Myosynergy Review: Fast Muscle Gains and Less Muscle Breakdown

There is a wide variety of supplements these days, all claiming  to be a huge help when it comes to muscle mass, strength, weight loss and more energy. Every now and then we hear about a new supplement industry product that is supposed to give us all the benefits in the world. The truth is, not many supplements are carefully dosed, with a unique mixture of ingredients, clinically tested and, after all, SAFE for your health.

Fortunately, there are a couple of leaders in the supplement industry that really know how to do the business and how to give you the maximum from their products.

One of those leaders is certainly Evomuse. We don’t often wait eagerly for a new product release, but this brand has it all. They have not only created amazing products with carefully chosen ingredients, but actually they have the new categories with Cardiotryx and Nerve Restore. Today we’ll focus on the muscle building category and Evomuse’s product Myosynegry that enables faster gains, prevents muscle breakdown and it can also be stacked with any other ergogenic out there.

What Does it Do?

Myosynergy promises to:

  • Trigger multiple pathways to muscle building; all the way to cellular level
  • Increase strength levels
  • Enable better protein synthesis
  • Block muscle breakdown
  • Support Myostatin inhibition

What’s in It?

Whenever there is a new product on the market, it is quite important for you to take a look at its ingredients and see, for yourself,  if it’s efficient or not.  In order to understand the purpose of certain ingredients in the product, it is also important to understand how our body actually upregulates muscle growth. Your body needs to recognize certain signals in order to grow or shrink. The main objective of Myosynergy is the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway. After this a lot of things happen: protein synthesis, anti-catabolism, myostatin inhibition and MuRF1 reduction. Now let’s take a look at Myosynergy’s ingredients.

Astragalus Membranaceus 20:1 brings a lot of advantages but the most important ones are: IGF1 boosting, Myostatin inhibition, increased performance and glusose and insulin signaling. The research has shown that AM, in fact, increases IGF1 which is during the childhood responsible for bone growth, but in adulthood responsible for muscle growth.  The activation of IGF1 lowers Myostatin levels. Astragalus Membranaceus also influences the way our body handles glucose and insulin, since it improves insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake. At the same time AM reduces metabolic waste products’ accumulation which leads to enhanced exercise performance.

Epicatechin is an ingredient that has a potential to stimulate muscle growth. Many studies have shown that epicatechin increases muscle capillarity and also regulates the function of certain proteins in muscular contraction control.

HICA which stands for Hydroxyicocaproic Acid, and also known as Leucic Acid, is actually a metabolite of L-Leucine. HICA can lead to increased lean body mass and faster recovery.

ATP also known as Adenosine Triphosphate, is best to be ingested 30 minutes before the workout. ATP can increase total body strength, reduce muscle breakdown and make them stronger.

Broccoli Sprout interacts with Myostatin. It is the source of sulforaphane which suppresses Myostatin.

Other ingredients in MyoSynergy include: Forskolin (55 mg), Cholecalciferol (1,000 IU), Rice Flour and Gelatin.

The complete list of Myosynergy’s ingredients is provided below:

Myosynergy Supplement Facts
Myosynergy Supplement Facts

Does it Work?

Myosynergy triggers different pathways of muscle building at the cellular level. It can also support mitochondrial biogenesis and increase strength and prevent muscle breakdown. This product is designed to help you upregulate body’s anabolic signals, improve your performance, build more muscle strength and inhibit catabolic pathways. From customers’ reviews we found on the Internet, it is pretty evident that this product really brings you a lot of benefits. The combination of carefully chosen ingredients definitely takes you to a previously unattainable level of muscle strength and growth.


I used this with a calorie deficit. Muscles are harder and more defined than 30 days ago, I have less fat and it definitely helped me maintain my strength during my cut. All my lifts stayed the same and I felt less hungry than usual, a good product!

I’m so far very impressed with this product, especially for a non-hormonal. I’ve never been big into non-hormonal products in general, because I don’t find the effects to be that pronounced. Not so with Myosynergy. Zero side effects to report.

VASCULARITY- whoa. I see a ton more vascularity in my forearms and biceps. This has probably been the most pronounced difference.

Final Verdict

Based on everything we have mentioned in this review, it is evident that Myosynergy is a great product that we would recommend to all of you who are trying to build more muscles and prevent them from breakdown. This product is versatile and not only that it will enable faster muscle gains for you, but it will also give you better results when it comes to dieting and you also can stack it with other ergogenic aids. You just couldn’t ask for more!

Have you ever tried Myosynergy? Do you agree with others that it’s the product worth a shot? Please let us know in the comment section.

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