What are NNMT Inhibitors? New Scientific Weight Loss Breakthrough of 2018

NNMI Inhibitors are a new type of scientific breakthrough that tackles all the weight loss issues but without suppressing appetite, and provides the freedom to diet as freely as you'd like. Sound like something you might be interested in?

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The problem of being overweight and obese is certainly assuming serious proportions. In a world where millions go hungry, there are thousands in this country who are shamefully obese and overweight. While for many the problem could be genetic of because of some disorder, vast majority of them suffer from it because of improper food habits, stressed lifestyles, lack of exercise and other such things. While exercising and change in food habits are considered the two pillar stones for fighting the problem of obesity and being overweight. However, it is not always possible to curtail food habits beyond a point. Hence, the whole edifice of a combination of exercise and curtailed food habits comes crashing down.

We now have something known as NNMT inhibitors which could be the right answer to those who would like to cut excess flab and cholesterol without compromising on their food habits. If the initial responses are to be believed then this could be ground breaking in more ways than one.

What Are NNMT Inhibitors?

NNMT stands for nicotinamide-N-methyltransferase. It is an enzyme which could play a big role in efficient and faster metabolism of fat in the body. However, the test so far has been restricted to mice which were fed on a high fat diet and then put on NNMT. The results are quite stunning because it is known to reduce fat cells by more than 30% for mice under test conditions. It also has resulted in the reduction of weight by more than 7% under these controlled conditions. Hence there are reasons to believe that it could be a game changer when it comes to efficient weight management without compromising on food habits.

It Also Reduces Cholesterol

The blood cholesterol levels of mice also got reduced and were in normal levels in the mice which were put on the NNMT trial. Within a short period of time, the cholesterol levels were that of normal mice. On the other hand mice which were treated with placebo saw an increase in the white cells which in turn led to increased weight. Al l this happened when the mice were given the same food which they consumed before they were put on NNMT trial.

These Are Still Early Days

While the results on mice in a test environment are quite interesting and encouraging, these are still very early days. The reason why it could be path breaking and revolutionary is because NNMT might be able to block the action of fat cells and also release a fat specific mechanism which could play a big role in increasing fat metabolism. It also could help a lot in reducing the size of white fat deposits. Therefore there are reasons to believe that it could be hitting at the root of obesity rather than providing symptomatic results. It could also be a big harbinger for change as far as treating of metabolic diseases and disorders are concerned. However, these are all now on mice and it will be quite a while before it is tried on human beings after evaluating the safety parameters and possible side effects.

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How do I get the supplement.

I eat 1000 to 1200 if healthy calories a day and I continue to gain weight.

I have tried the medical weight loss diets, plus many more.

Exercise, calories counting, not eating, nothing works.

I was finally diagnosed with hasimoto’s disease since nothing seamed to correct my hypo thyroid issue and that is under control and I have taught my self about trigger foods and stay for the most part gluten free.

I still gain weight. I want to lose weight.

If there’s a supplement I would like to know how to gain access to it.

Lisa Roach

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