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Oneiromancer Review: For A Deep, Relaxing And Restful Sleep!

“Dreaming” to take your bedtime sessions to a whole new level? Oneiromancer is here to make your dreams come true. Click here to find out more.

Oneiromancer claims that it can help you take your sleep cycles to a whole new level. So does it really get the job done? There’s only one way to find out…

Most of dream aid nootropics will only be effective when combined with special techniques. Comparing the actual nature of ingredients and user testimonials with the actual results is going to help you pick the best product that will help you pull it off.

Oneiromancer by Antaeus Labs stands out from the rest because it guarantees results by itself.

Let’s have a quick rundown on Oneironmancer to see if this one takes the cake.

What Does Oneironmancer Do?

These are the benefits that you can expect when you use this supplement:

  • Your dreams will be more pleasant
  • You will have deeper, more restful sleep
  • Your muscles will recover and grow faster

What’s In It?

This product uses a mix of herbal ingredients, which have all been used to achieve the benefits listed above since ancient times. They’re described in detail below:

Silene Capensis: A plant considered as sacred by the Xhosa people of South Africa. It can grow in both extreme heat and moderate cold and has been used as a dream enhancer since the ancient times. Interestingly, the plant served as an aid which provided solutions for troubles or delivered the messages from antecedents among South African tribes.

Synaptolepis Kirki Extract: A green hedge with striking roots also used by the Xhosa people in South Africa to make their sleep deeper. The roots of the plant contain a potent neurotrophic called kirkinine.

Melatonin: It’s a hormone present in animals, plants, bacteria and fungi. One of its main functions is increasing the sleep time that automatically allows you to dream more.

Here is the complete supplement label from the manufacturer:

Oneiromancer Supplement Facts
Oneiromancer Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

Going through all the testimonials one can find online on this particular product helps us discover the full potential Oneiromancer offers. The ingredients are completely natural, which minimizes the possibility of side effects and have been used throughout history without any issues.

We also had the chance to do some in-house testing that just confirmed what other people are saying about Oneiromancer. Besides helping us remember our dreams vividly in less than a week, the quality of sleep we had also improved.

How Do I Take It?

As suggested by Antaeus Labs, taking two (2) pills 30 to 45 minutes before going to bed will do the job. Consuming more than the recommended dose will not bring further improvements.


I’ve had multiple lucid dreams a night. And I never remember my dreams. This stuff is awesome. And fun, lots of fun. Best dosing protocol I’ve had is take 45 minutes before sleep, spend 30 minutes before bed reading. Lie down and enjoy the crazy vivid dreams.

This is excellent. I have vivid dreams that I remember perfectly. I dream frequently, but often forget my dreams. This keeps me clear and aware of my dreams.

I can depend on a different journey through my dreams every time I use this product. I take the maximum of 3 capsules prior to bed and have never been disappointed.

Final Verdict

Oneiromancer is indeed one of a kind. It does not only serve as a sleep supplement nor it has to be combined with any other product or technique. It is designed to help you achieve visionary dreams having deep sleep by itself.

You will wake up well-rested, full of energy and will even help you recall everything you dreamed about. On top of all, your muscles will recover and grow faster while at it.

Purchase Oneiromancer here!

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