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Review Summary:

Panaxcea is a brand new nootropic with an interesting mixture of ingredients, some of which I have never even heard about up until now. But, how do these new ingredients rank up to the old masters in this niche? Well, let's find out!

It is time to take a look at yet another product designed to stimulate and improve brain performance. If you are having a day fulfilled with obligations and just can't do everything as efficient as you wish, a product like this is definitely worth considering. Nootropics have been on the market for a while, but in the last year to two people are starting to realize its power more and more. Since we got many requests for reviewing one, called Panaxcea, we decided to do a little research and put it to a test to see what can it actually do for you. Continue reading, if you are interested to find out our thoughts on it and see is it actually worth buying.

What can this product do?

Nootropics are designed to help almost anyone, people like professional athletes or busy students at first don't have much in common, but taking a look from another perspective you can actually see a lot of similarities. The main connection with these two and almost anyone else with high expectations from their life is the need for focus and concentration. Panaxcea claims to have the power to enhance both, while in the same time providing even few other benefits as well. It is no wonder nootropic supplement sets such an expectations, but in reality, many of those fail to deliver. Is Panaxcea one of those, or manages to live up to the wonders set by the commercial marketing. The sad truth is that we haven't experienced much in terms of improved focus or better mood. We believe the main reason for that is under dosage of certain ingredients it contains. If you take a look at the list of compounds, you will be surprised how many there is, but actually, only few can be considered as nootropics, most of them being vitamins and minerals found in regular multivitamins. This formula claims to have the ability to do things such as: improve ability to process information, make you more rejuvenated and younger, regenerate cells and decrease joint pain. We didn't experience any of that, and if you are looking for an efficient supplement that will make you experience all the benefits it promises, you should look for something else. Not so long ago we did a review of a similar product called Accelerin, also failing to live up to our expectations. In that case, we recommended our readers Adderex SR, a nootropic by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. This time we have to do the same, as it is a much better alternative between the two and belongs in the extremely close price range.

What is inside of this product?

Panaxcea Label

The list is huge, and it is something we like to see. What we don't like however is the under-dosage and the absence of potent and efficient nootropics, considering Panaxcea is called one. Let's jump right into it, and you will see what we're talking about.


Inositol is growing in popularity in the last few years as more and more people around the world are starting to realize its amazing effect on the body. It is used to treat many medical conditions and as a dietary supplement to contribute overall health and longevity. It is a perfect fit for a nootropic as it improves cognition and enhances mental clarity. The problem with Panaxcea is that it contains Inositol on the list of its ingredients, but it is massively underdosed, even to the point we think it has almost no impact on the human body.


Another great ingredient, another under-dosage. Due to the big list of benefits it can provide, Resveratrol is a great addition to any dietary supplement. It contains a lot of anti-aging powers, but sadly we don't think it can do too much for you, considering the amount contained in Panaxcea.


This one is pretty special as well, and contains a remarkable list of benefits. If well-dosed it can support brain development, nerve function, optimize energy levels, and much more. It is a macro-nutrient and as the word says, should be taken in larger doses compared to micro-nutrients, but take guess, this nootropic contains only 10 mcg's of it, while we believe you can experience all its benefits ranging from 200-600 mg daily. Do the calculation and it gets pretty clear why so many people are not seeing any benefits at all.

Side effects

You shouldn't experience any major side effects while using this supplement.

EDITORS TIP : Check Out Adderex SR instead for a better result.

What do other people think about this product?

“To put it bluntly, I would not recommend this supplement to anyone seriously interested in enhancing their cognitive performance, supporting long-term brain health, or even to someone just looking for a good value vitamin stack to take on a daily basis…”

“You can get some really comprehensive vitamin supplements, providing >100% of your RDI of every vitamin and mineral, for a fraction of the cost of Panaxcea.”

“My husband and I both took this supplement for 45 days. Neither of us noticed any difference in our ailments.It is a multi vit ok. But I can buy those anywhere. Not at all what they claim. Have sent empty bottles back for refund as per 90 day guarantee. Will see but, not holding my breath for the refund.”

“I have had some things I have been trying to get in control.In searching for the magic bullet I ran across Panaxcea.It helped me more thanother things I have tried. In the process of finding there site to order more I ran across this. I’m disappointed to find others didn’t have the same outcome as I have.”

Final thoughts on this product

People's opinions vary from one end to another, mostly heading towards the negative end. Such a situation is often enough for most to become skeptical and start looking somewhere else. We would do the same, and just by looking at its label wouldn't consider it worth the money it sells for. However, we received a lot of requests regarding Panaxcea, and decided to give it a try despite not expecting much. It is not always the case, but this time our thoughts turned out to be true as it failed to bring any noticeable difference in terms of focus, mental strength, cognitive function or energy. Good nootropic is hard to find and if you want to feel the benefits one can offer we suggest taking a look at  Adderex SR by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. We don't recommend Panaxcea as it didn't bring much to the table and failed to deliver key benefits one nootropic should give.

Why don't you give Adderex SR a go instead?

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Although all three ingredients we mention here and consider as one of the best in the blend are well under-dosed, we decided to do this section anyway, in educational purposes.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It can be considered as a miraculous compound as it has a positive impact on many key areas, necessary for maintaining good overall health and wellness. It is pretty valuable as a nootropic and is also used for treating a variety of medical conditions.

Clinical Research

We haven't found enough scientific research studies regarding its nootropic value.


Resveratrol belongs to the polyphenol family and as such does similar acts to your body as an antioxidant. Can be found in red wine or red grape and also in peanuts and berries.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It improves the immune system, keeping you safe from diseases and unwanted damage. Although there aren't so many scientific evidence it is believed it has anti-aging effects to the mind and body.

Clinical Research

Resveratrol has been scientifically shown to have a big positive impact on the mind and body. [1]


This macro-nutrient can be found in meat, vegetables and fruit, and is very close to B vitamins.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It is hard to pick a favorite between the three, but since it makes a great impact on the nerve function and brain itself, Choline would be our number one pick. It can also improve energy levels, protect the liver and fight various diseases.

Clinical Research.

There have been many clinical research studies regarding Choline and its impact on the brain. [2]

[/dzstaa_tab_content][/dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab_title]Side Effects[/dzstaa_tab_title][dzstaa_tab_content]


It is an act of secreting fluid through the pores in the skin. Comes with high body temperature or while performing physical activity. 

What Causes sweating?

Choline is the most likely perpetrator.


It can be described as a feeling of unbalance which can result in a tendency to fall.

What Causes dizziness?

Although you should be safe and we haven't seen anyone complaining about such a side effect it is most likely caused by Inositol.


How much does Panaxcea cost?

It has numerous price tags all around the world but most of them usually hover around the $40 mark. 

Does it really work?

It might give you a small boost in focus, determination and stuff like that, but from all I've seen, it's all mostly placebo effects. The ingredients found inside are nowhere near as powerful as those in some other similar (read nootropic) supplements on the market.

Are there any good alternatives to this supplement?

If you are looking for a great alternative, you should definitely check out Adderex SR which is an outstanding nootropic made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

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“I don't like nootropics because they feel unnatural. I don't have anything personal against them, I just don't like the unnatural effects it brings. Stick to healthier foods if you're like me!…” – Gus

“If you're a pro gamer and you'd like to increase your stats even more, then taking this thing can seriously boost that KDA of yours…” – Jackel


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