Phormula 1 works in the way it claims to. I've tasted and experienced the results – felt it so far, but I am looking forward to more visible results in a few more weeks."> Phormula 1 works in the way it claims to. I've tasted and experienced the results – felt it so far, but I am looking forward to more visible results in a few more weeks.">

Phormula 1 Review: Best Phormulated Whey Isolate?

Phormula 1
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Review Summary:

Overall, I'd say Phormula 1 works in the way it claims to. I've tasted and experienced the results – felt it so far, but I am looking forward to more visible results in a few more weeks.

Not all post-workout supplements are created as equal – and choosing the right one is just as important as the workout itself, and the maximum results one can get from it. I didn't realize this, and fortunately just in time, until a buddy introduced me to Phormula-1, a whey protein isolate powder from 1st Phorm Nutrition.

I must admit though, that not being the average worked-for-him-it-should-work-for-me type of guy. I didn't grab the first tub off the shelf or click for an online supplement store shipment straightaway. I believe that keeping healthy and fit and getting optimum results from exercise and performance training includes watching out for what goes into my body before, during and after any activity. Mostly, it's to make sure the supplement really works as a supplement in supporting and enhancing my workout efforts, and not setting me off-track or even suffering a setback.

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#1 Rated Protein Powder

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List Of Current Flavors

Phormula 1 comes with different flavors that will surely be perfect for different taste buds. Here is the list of flavors that you can choose from : 

  1. Cherry Lime
  2. Chocolate Milkshake
  3. Chocolate Mint Cookie
  4. CTC
  5. Fruit Punch
  6. Juicy Watermelon
  7. Key Lime Pie
  8. Lemon Meringue
  9. Loop D Fruit
  10. Magical Charms
  11. Root Beer Floats
  12. Vanilla Shake

Phormula-1 Ingredients

I did my research to make sure that this supplement really works, which for me simply means reading the nutrition label (usually in fine print, but not in the Phormula-1 packaging) and spending some time on my computer to understand what the entries mean in plain English.

Well, let's not let all that research go to waste. Here's my take on Phormula-1. This will be the “technical” part. I did do the actual taste-test trial, and I'll tell you about that too.

Phormula 1
Servings per container 32
Scoop of powder 0 fat
Carbohydrates 1 g
Protein 23 g
Sodium 230 mg
BCAAs 5g


And here's how the ingredients list reads:

Phormula-1 Matrix: An ultra bioavailable rapid assimilation protein formula containing a blend of [Low Temperature Processed Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate with 100% Hydrolyzed Isolated Whey Peptide Fractions (providing di-peptides, tri-peptides, oligo-peptides, alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulin, protease-peptone, and glycomacropeptides)]. 

And the rest of it reads citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, acesulfame potassium, neotame, sucralose, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1.

Here's what I found in an afternoon's internet search. In words better understood by a layman body-builder, the Phormula 1 Matrix is basically a whey protein isolate. Whey is a substance contained in milk, which contains protein and which can be extracted and processed into any of three forms: whey isolate, whey concentrate, or whey hydrolysate. What differentiates these three is their levels of protein, with whey isolate containing the highest level of almost pure protein, leaving out the rest of the milk substances such as lactose, carbohydrates, fats, and cholesterol.

Nutritionists have found that the protein in whey isolate is most bioavailable, or very rapidly absorbed by the body, and contains very high concentrations of the amino acids that are found in muscle tissue and which are utilized for tissue repair.

Phormula-1 Results and Benefits: What this means for me?

Taking a whey protein isolate supplement such as Phormula 1 after a workout is thus supposed to ensure that the body gets not just the nutrients necessary after the body has gone through physical activity but, and more vital to body-building, that the muscles put to work during any workout get the protein boost needed for muscle tissue repair, recovery, and growth.

The Phormula 1 keywords that leaped out at me are “rapid assimilation” and “amino acid retention”. This means, the body gets the protein it needs fast – when it needs it most, which is after a tough body-building workout – and that the amino acids necessary for the repair of muscle tissues (which are unavoidably strained or damaged during even regular exercise) are infused and kept in the muscles – at maximum rate and capacity.

That's important to me, because when else do you need rapid protein absorption or a protein rush, and the amino acids to repair muscle tissue, then after a strenuous workout. Some experts call this the “window of opportunity” to get the most benefit from a post-workout supplement. I call it simply getting the right substances my body needs, at the right time – and quickly.

So sure a well-rounded post-workout meal that will give the body the nutrients it needs helps, but think how much benefit one can get from a Phormula 1 protein supplement right after muscle workout. I'm thinking that the “ultra bioavailable” feature means the body gets it faster than the meal digestion process. And because it's a whey protein isolate, it's practically carbohydrate-free and works totally well with and not upset a low-carb diet, which is what most bodybuilders are on.


There were no reported side-effects on this product yet. But, those with allergies should be cautious with this warning: 

Allergen warnings: Processed & produced on equipment that processes Milk, Egg, Soy, & Wheat. Contains Milk & Soy.

If you have taken this product and had experienced any side-effects, please leave a comment below.

Customer's Reviews

It was very overwhelming to see the number of reviews Phormula 1 received. Currently, it has 6,184 total reviews and still has an average of 5 stars.

You can check the list of reviews here.

Most of them really love the taste and flavors. They also say that this was really a great product and it was the nest protein they had.  Though the customers have different favorite flavors, they all say that t really tastes great. Some say that they feel full after drinking a cup of it. They also claim that it can be mix with water easily and it does not crumple. Als, there are also reviews that they do not feel bloated after taking it. 

Check some of the reviews to give you an overview of how satisfied they are with Phormula 1. 

Phormula 1 Customer Video Reviews

Final Review of Phormula 1

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#1 Rated Protein Powder

Click here to learn more about the #1 rated product on Suppreviewers with all 5 out of 5 star reviews

Ok, I admit I was really convinced to try Phormula 1 not just by my workout buddy but a review I came across, which got me curious. “I am on my third tub of it and I like it. It is a nice change from the typical chocolate or vanilla flavored protein.” A new flavor is enough reason to dare a switch in my book.

So, try it I did, and overall I'd say Phormula 1 works in the way it claims to. I've tasted and experienced the results – felt it so far, but I am looking forward to more visible results in a few more weeks. On the post-workout nutrition product shelf, I'd still reach for a tub of Phormula 1 when I'm done with this pack. I'd also recommend stacking it with a carb powder like Ignition.

Where To Buy Phormula 1 Online

I managed to find a link to get you free shipping on this product as well, in case you wanted to try it out for yourself. Unsatisfied? Get a 110% money-back guarantee on all 1st Phorm products.

Have you already tried Phormula 1? If so, be sure to leave your review on it below.


  • A variety of flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the newest Chocolate Mint Cookie available so you're not stuck with a classic but boring supplement. I've tried and stayed with the fruit flavors, alternating the watermelon and fruit punch.
  • Easy to dissolve, in a blender or by very brisk stirring. Opt for the blender though for a smoother drink.
  • Phormula 1 can be stacked with other products, also by 1st Phorm Nutrition, so it's not a stand-alone supplement and can be supported by other more specialized partner products.


  • Phormula 1 is not a fat-burner so if you're looking for workout support in terms of fat loss or weight loss, this may not be the preparation for you.
  • The supplement cannot be used as a meal replacement preparation as it does not have all the nutrients needed..
  • The product could cause allergies to those sensitive to milk, eggs and soy products.

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  1. Had great recovery when using this protein. Mixed and tasted better than any other protein powder I’ve ever tried. A bit pricey but you definitely know the quality is there and you get what you pay for.

  2. I use Phormula 1 loop D fruit and couldn’t ask for a better tasting protein. I don’t just make shakes with it, but I also make pancakes, oatmeal and waffles with it. I would recommend this supplement to anyone. Good in, good out. Grab yourself a tub and try it for yourself.

  3. I can honestly say that 1st Phorm Products are the very best supplements on the market!! Not only do they taste PHENOMENAL but the results are far beyond comparison to any other brand out there today! I use Phormula 1 every day pre and post workout and I absolutely LOVE it! NEVER SETTLE!!

  4. I have been using the 1st Phorm whey and ignition for 4 months. Love love the Cherry Lime. I’m carb cycling, so I look forward to my after workout drink. It’s delicious! ! There have been times I didn’t feel like training but I did just so I got to drink my Cherry Lime. It helps tremendously with recovery too!!

  5. Great product, mixes well my only draw back was that the flavor left me with an odd after taste but after the first few times I stopped noticing it at all.

  6. I have been using Phormula 1 for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it! It tastes amazing and the flavor choices are 10x better than other supplement brands. This protein tastes amazing and I use it all the time for my on the go snacks and after my workouts. My results from using 1st phorm products have been awesome and I will continue using them!

  7. This product is fantastic. I actually have it right when I wake up in the morning before I head to the gym. I can see a VAST difference in my body shape from when I first started in Novemberish to now. Not only do I look strong, but I can happily say I’ve achieved some pretty epic goals since I’ve began my journey with 1st Phorm. I was using MuscleTech protein before I discovered this incredible company, and I’ve never felt so energized and great during my workouts. I highly recommend this product! It tastes great, it blends well, and it tastes great with added ingredients as well! You can even make protein pancakes with it! What’s not to love?!

  8. Phormula1 and ignition fruit d loop is literally the BEST fitness product I’ve ever used. The taste is incredible it no lie tastes exactly like fruit loops, if I could I’d literally drink it all day. Oh and the results are beyond amazing!!! If you wanna look incredible and fit buy this now! Work your butt off, drink this and become even more sexy! 😉 Seriously ENJOY!

  9. When it comes down to recovery after your workouts, Phormula 1 is your ticket. It’s even better when combined with Ignition. I’m a CrossFit athlete and after that long chipper or heavy grinder WOD, Phormula 1 has you covered. I have also used Phormula 1 (with Ignition) as kind of a pre-workout in between events at competitions to help get that quick reboot. It’s not heavy on the stomach, the taste is beyond great, it mixes smoothly, and man have I seen the gains from it. Don’t waste your money anymore, buy from these guys.

  10. Couldn’t be happier with this brand of protein. It’s easily the best tasting protein I’ve had. I drink more of it, and as a result I’ve gotten better results from it, too.

  11. I am super happy with Phormula 1. I have tried a lot of protein and this is by far the best. Mixed with ignition it really is awesome! It is not not too heavy, tastes awesome, mixes well, and is perfect enough for a meal replacement if needed. I’ve gotten great results and I don’t plan on using anything else from now on! It really is the best!!!

  12. I am working through my first tub of CTC, and it has been awesome so far in terms of the consistency (best I have had in any protein) and flavor (again the best I have had). It does have a slight aftertaste that doesn’t seem completely natural and seems a little sweet, but this could be the BCAAs and Ignition, but it doesn’t really bother me. Too early to tell for me in terms of muscle growth, but overall I am happy with it at this point. Also, just an aside, they recommend not blending the products. I blended it the first go, and then read that statement (you know not really reading directions) then after that I shake it in a mason jar and let it sit in the fridge before I take it. Both methods provide the same smooth consistency, imo. Definitely worth a try.

  13. Phoenix’s-1 is simple the Best Isolate out there. Best flavor, + Highest Quality Ingredients should be enough. But The service with the company is too notch. I’ve gotten direct contact with real people about products info and recommendations. Totally agreed with the top pick here.

  14. It tastes good(tried Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie) but it does leave a funky after taste like Splenda does. Not saying it has Splenda,but I definitely had to brush my teeth after every drink, which was three shakes a day. It is a little expensive too @50 bucks a tub. I can’t say it’s the best,but it’s not the worst. I just didn’t like the after taste.Tried 2 tubs and i’m moving on to something else. Sorry.

    • what brand do you plan on trying??? i just started using first phorm loop d fruit phormula 1 and its the best tasting i have found by far so im just wondering what brand you have taken interest in now???? im always up to try new things and products

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  16. Hi,

    Could you let me know which are the top 10 proteins for women to build muscles and tone? Still looking feminine?
    Can you also do the same for men? The top 10 proteins. Could you also email me the information?

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