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PRIZM Review: Is This Multivitamin Supplement Any Good?

If you want to know more about PRIZM ingredients, side effects, reviews, and results, make sure you check out the full review on this website!

Multivitamins are often overlooked and not even considered to be an addition to diet, mainly because people underestimate their effects. However, in reality, multivitamins and minerals are one of the best choices you can make regardless of your goals and dreams, and in this review, we are going to show why.

Since we are doing a lot of BELDT Labs products lately, we decided to check out their full spectrum and see what they have prepared in this category. It is a relatively new brand on the worldwide market but manages to amaze with almost everything they put out. The feedback they get is pretty amazing too, with most of the customers having only compliments to share.

We will talk about their so-called Super Spectrum Multi-Vitamin Complex PRIZM. It is packed with a countless list of ingredients, so without wasting more time lets see is it any good.

PRIZM Ingredients – Too many of them?

First look at the list says enough! PRIZM comes with incredible 42 fruits and vegetables carefully chosen to take great care of your body.

PRIZM Supplement Facts


The mixture of vitamins is just awesome, improving your health and longevity. You get the best out of every vitamin on the list and the benefits just from this section are huge. It should keep you away from catching diseases, decrease cholesterol levels, and improve overall lifestyle quality.


Although the list of vitamins is impressive, minerals list stands equally alongside with nothing to be ashamed of. Calcium will maintain strong bones, magnesium will increase energy, fight anxiety, relieve muscle spasm and do much more. These are the positive effects you get from only two on the list, we shouldn’t mention what impact on your health has the whole blend.

42 Fruits and Vegetable Blend

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. Folks from BELDT Labs created a mixture of vegetables and superfoods to keep you fresh during the day and let you perform at your peak, without any distractions.

It is nice to see something innovative and refreshing on the market once in a while. PRIZM  Super Spectrum Multi-Vitamin Complex definitely managed to do so, and even more. This non-GMO formula is one of the best multi-vitamins we have seen in a while. It also provides antioxidant and cognitive support, fulfilling your everyday needs in one little capsule.

Are there any side effects related to PRIZM?

Although many vitamins and especially minerals in large dosages can cause a lot of side effects. You should be safe and not expect much (if any) problems with this one, as the ingredients look properly dosed. You could experience allergic reactions and in that case, make sure to contact your doctor. Most often side effects related to this sort of products are minor ones such as a headache or upset stomach, but in this one, we haven’t found any complaints.

How did other users feel about it?

All the comments we found were extremely positive. Here are some of other users experiences:

“Been great so far. I’ve only been using for a couple weeks so it’s hard to give a full, proper review. But at this point I’ve been happy with this product. Many multivitamins upset my stomach when taken early in the morning. Not so with this product. “

“Great product. Gives a nice energy boost without feeling jittery. Really good at releasing excess water from the body. Take in the morning or early afternoon. “

“My husband and I use this, it is much better than our multivitamin we use to take. It has a lot more nutrients. “

BELDT Labs is one of the rare companies in the dietary supplementation business that manages to keep so high percentage of their customers happy with the products, and if they continue in this trend there is a bright future ahead of them.PRIZM Review

The final verdict?

PRIZM  Super Spectrum Multi-Vitamin Complex is just great. It is one of the better and most complete multivitamin supplements we have seen in quite awhile. A number of nutrients you get from a single product is just insane. It is non-GMO and has found its way towards successful professional athletes such as Stephan Bonnar and Joe Vedepo.

If you decide to purchase it you are getting a serious dosage of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and super-foods for improved performance during the whole day and any activity.

BELDT Labs are becoming one of our favorites because a huge amount of effort and care can be seen in every single one of their products. Check out their supplement lineup here!

Order a bottle of PRIZM here for $39.99!

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PRIZM comes with 10+ vitamins.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Every vitamin carries few benefits on its own. With so many vitamins in the blend, you will experience massive positive changes and start feeling better from the day one.

Clinical Research

Various studies show the importance of vitamins in the everyday diet. [1]


Minerals are having a big impact on overall health of human being.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

They have many functions, mainly being important constituents of different parts of the body (bones, teeth, muscles, nerve cells…)

Clinical Research

Minerals are one of the most researched topics in the nutrition industry. [2]

Fruits and Vegetable Blend

Such a blend is refreshing to see and despite the small dosage amount, it still manages to be beneficial.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

The decision to put this blend into already well-rounded formula shouldn’t be too unexpected since this is not the first time BELDT Labs is trying to improve their product in a creative and thoughtful way. This way nutritive value is even better and you should experience extra few benefits.

Clinical Research

Such a formula hasn’t been backed up with scientific research studies available online.

[/dzstaa_tab_content][/dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab_title]Side Effects[/dzstaa_tab_title][dzstaa_tab_content]


Can be described as a feeling of pain or discomfort in head or neck area.

What Causes Headache?

Such a side effect is most likely caused by vitamins found in the mixture.

Upset stomach

It is discomfort in stomach area followed by a disorder of digestive function.

What Causes Upset stomach?

Minerals are the most probable cause of this side effect.


How much does PPRIZM cost?

PRIZM will set you back for around $40. Keep in mind that similar multivitamin supplements tend to cost less, but PRIZM beats all of them with a single strike!

Is it any good?

Judging by the sheer number of satisfied users and an excellent mixture of vitamins, minerals, and all that good stuff, I really don’t see why it shouldn’t be good.

Is it BELDT Labs a trustworthy company?

BELDT Labs is a relatively new name on the market but they are already establishing themselves as a great supplement manufacturer. So far, all of their products stand head to head with some of the more popular choices which is a great thing for the future of their business.

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“If you would like to thoroughly clean your body from all the junk food you’ve been eating recently, then there’s no better way of doing it with a proper multivitamin supplement…” – Timothy


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