Pro-Antium Review – Ronnie Coleman Is Back At It Again With Another Outstanding Protein Powder!

Pro-Antium Review
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Protein powders are the essentials of every great bodybuilding diet plan. They provide you with building blocks for your muscles and allow you to reach your goals fast and effective. Today, we will be taking a closer look at Pro-Antium, a brand new protein powder made by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. What's it all about? Find out by reading the review below!

Today it is time for something special. It has been a while since we last reviewed Ronnie Coleman's signature product, and if you have been reading our reviews for a while you should know we just love the man. When I hear there is another supplement from this guy we have to try, I get all excited knowing it is going to be some top level stuff. For those of you first time hearing about the man, let's just say he has eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles and shares his huge knowledge in supplementation for everyone wanting to reach his full potential. Without further adieu, let's see what he came up with, and how can it help you!

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What can this product do?

If you are asking me what can this product do for you, you are asking the wrong question. What it can't do, on the other hand, sounds just fine. Nah, I am just kidding, but you know how they say! “Every joke has a bit of truth”. Pro-Antium by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is a protein powder, designed for everyone trying to improve their physique, or just have a great addition to their diet and daily workout routine. Some people complain about it not fully resolving while mixing, and although I have to say I experienced the same thing, it didn't represent a big problem, since it delivered everything one high graded protein blend should deliver. Something that stands out the most is its ability to provide complete recovery extremely fast and great protein source for high-intensity workouts. Pro-Antium goes a step further, providing your body with creatine, essential amino acids, and BCAAs with each serving. This way it makes sure your physical performance reaches its full potential and you get some nice gains in almost no time. It is well dosed, having just enough of everything in a single dose for everyday improvements and growth of lean muscle mass. Although it is a bit pricey, for all of you wanting to invest your money into something that is proven and works, Pro-Antium is a great choice and I couldn't recommend it more. If someone knows what is protein for champions, it is one of, if not the best bodybuilder of all time, one and only Ronnie Coleman.

What is inside of this product?

Just like I already mentioned it is not just a usual protein, as you get few more helpful ingredients each time you make a shake. We are not talking about some questionable compounds, but instead, about well-known creatine monohydrate and a rising star called betaine. In this following part of the article, we will stay away from the protein itself, but instead, take a look at other ingredients and their effects on the body.

Pro-Antium Label


Creatine is one of the most popular additions to dietary supplementation and in most cases, it is sold as on its own as a supplement due to its amazing benefits. Thousands and maybe millions of people all around the globe use it to improve their physical performance and fitness level. Monohydrate will enhance your strength and increase lean body mass.


When we ordered few packages of Pro-Antium I didn't spend so much time and focus on this one. I noticed it on few other products, but for whatever reason just didn't give it the attention it deserves. After experiencing awesome results, I thoroughly went through all the ingredients this supplement contains hoping to find the key to its success. Truth to be told it lays in the quality of overall mixture and precise dosage and combination of every compound. While doing so I found out more about Betaine, and I am so glad I did. This amino acid promotes protein synthesis and muscle gains, while at the same time having the potential to have a positive impact on overall health and longevity.


Although you can find it very often in products of this type, sometimes I feel I need to stand it out since it gets overlooked by many people. It takes good care of your bones and also improves performance while doing any physical activity. Calcium also has potential to improve sleep quality and fight stress, resulting in better relaxation and recovery of muscle and the whole body.

Side effects

You should be safe from any major side effects, and there isn't almost anything you should worry about. Pro-Antium is very well designed and even if you experience any negative effects they shouldn't be long-lasting ones (stomach pain, cramps…).

What do other people think about this product?

“The highlights of Pro-Antium for me were how filling it was and that it didn't create any stomach issues. When I took this in the morning, I was full for a seriously long time. It honestly felt like I ate an entire meal. It actually surprised me. Also, I never had any stomach issues or gas caused by this product. Recovery time didn't seem any different for me, but I am always using protein and creatine, so that comes as no surprise. I have no doubt that Pro-Antium helped me add muscle mass, especially with the addition of creatine and betaine.“

“Great product overall. I would definitely buy this product again but in a different flavor. I would love to see a creatine free version of this product in addition to the creatine version. Thank you again Ronnie! ”

“Ronnie has done it yet again with another really brilliant product, it's a perfect blend between taste and effectiveness, which is hard to do… the supplement industry has tons of proteins… but P.A stands out! I dare to say… My favorite protein ever!”

Final thoughts on this product

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Pro-Antium by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is one of the best proteins we laid our hands on. It isn't perfect, as many people including me and my colleagues think it doesn't taste like a premium protein, mostly because it doesn't mix all the way, at least for us. Some say it tastes amazing so I guess it is a matter of preference. Besides that, there really isn't anything else I can point out as its weakness. It is an awesome and extremely effective supplement specially designed by the Mr. Olympia himself and his team. If you are having few more bucks to spend on a protein blend and you want something reliable, this is the way to go! I recommend it to anyone wanting to work on their body and experience great results.

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Most of you here already heard for this beast of a compound making millions of people look and feel better every single day.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It is a great addition to the formula, making it even more effective and powerful. It will enhance your strength and promote lean muscle mass. Creatine will also improve your performance resulting in better quality of training.

Clinical Research

Since it is one of the most popular supplements it is also one of the most researched ones currently on the market. [1]


It is relatively unknown amino-acid which is yet to reach its glory days.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Unlike creatine, this amazing compound isn't so popular, but still has an amazing list of benefits. IT is a great addition to protein supplement as it promotes its synthesis, and also has a big impact on muscle gains and your overall health.

Clinical Research

There have been some studies regarding its positive effects on the body. [2]


Often overlooked mineral bringing a lot of benefits to the table.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Although often overlooked by manufacturers and athletes, it is one of the most important compounds you can find in a supplement. It has a positive impact on your performance and muscles, but its key benefits lay in stronger bones and lower amounts of stress.

Clinical Research.

Calcium is well known and there are plenty researches regarding its impact on the body. [3]

[/dzstaa_tab_content][/dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab_title]Side Effects[/dzstaa_tab_title][dzstaa_tab_content]

Stomach pain

It is a feeling of pain and discomfort in the belly (abdominal) area.

What causes stomach pain?

We didn't hear anyone complaining about it, but it is a possible side effect from creatine.


It is a painful and uncontrolled contraction of muscles.

What causes cramps?

It is a possible side effect from both protein and creatine, but not something you should worry too much about.


How much does Pro-Antium cost?

Even though the standard price of Pro-Antium goes somewhere around the $90 mark, you can get it for just $60 HERE!

Does it really work?

Short answer – yes!

Long answer – Judging by everything we mentioned above, including the effects, testimonials and the science behind this product, it is pretty clear that it works like it should.

Is Ronnie Coleman Signature Series a trusted brand?

Considering the fact Ronnie Coleman is one of the most known bodybuilders of all time and the sheer quality of the supplements lineup his company has, there is no doubt it's a well-trusted brand!

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“By using high-quality protein powders like this one and maintaining demanding workouts on a daily basis, you are on the right way!” – Tim

“Protein powders are a must have for all serious bodybuilders out there…” – Jeffry


  1. Taste is not good after some time after opening of the bar the smell was coming very bad from the powders.

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