Qurb PM

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Qurb PM





  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Innovative
  • Tastes good


  • Lack of ingredients
  • Long term results questionable

Weight problems are something many of us are having trouble with. Because of it most of the dietary supplements are aimed towards people trying to lose a few extra pounds. However, a big portion of those products and the companies building them are investing more money into the commercial side of the product rather than the ingredients itself. In this review, we are putting Qurb PM to a test, and checking out is it any good.

It is a weight management shot designed to regulate appetite and lose fat. Qurb PM also claims to have an effect on the mood, enabling you to relax after a stressful day.

It is time to jump right into it and see what can you expect in terms of results and possible side effects. Unluckily it is lacking a good amount of customer feedback, something we are always looking for while doing research.

Qurb PM Ingredients

Looking at the ingredient list we don’t see anything special and miraculous. It is a blend of few vitamins and nutrients which are good but won’t provide results some are hoping for.

Qurb PM Supplement Facts


It is a mixture of vitamins B6, B5, B3 and B12. Such a combination will provide a significant improvement in overall health and longevity, although it could feature a few other types of vitamins as well.


This chemical compound is often used as a nutritional supplement or for treating unwanted conditions. People use it to control blood sugar and lower cholesterol, however chromium picolinate has no clinical studies backing its benefits and efficiency.


Potassium is extremely beneficial and it is advised to eat food that is rich in it. Having low amounts of it in your system can even cause some troubles like severe headaches or heart palpitations. It can boost nervous system, maintain optimal muscle function, prevents cramps, improves brain function, and much more, but there is a problem. Qurb PM contains only 7 mg which is more than nothing, but incapable of making a real difference.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Beans are coffee seeds that haven’t been roasted, keeping more health benefits. Such an extract is becoming more and more popular in the world of dietary supplementation today. Many people claim it has helped them lose significant amounts of weight in a relatively short period of time.


Just like Green Coffee Bean extract, theanine is becoming more and more popular every single year. This amino acid is found in green tea and has found multiple uses. It is believed theanine promotes relaxation and positive thinking, reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

The idea of a product like Qurb PM may seem brilliant and creative at first, but when you dig deeper it suddenly becomes less spectacular and falls under the shadow of more traditional weight loss products. If you are trying to change your body on a long term basis best way for doing so is working out and taking control of your diet, instead of taking nighttime formulas and waiting for a change to come. From that point of view, there are definitely much better options while trying to find a high-quality weight loss supplement. One of those options is Bloodshr3d War by Olympus Labs, a fat burner that will appreciate your effort and make every single workout worth doing.

Qurb PM Side Effects

If you decide to try it out you shouldn’t worry too much about its side effects. Ingredients found in the formula are pretty safe and shouldn’t put you in any trouble. However, you are not completely safe as there is a small risk you could experience side effects like nausea or insomnia.

Qurb PM Reviews

Unfortunately not so many people shared their experience with Qurb PM. Ones that decided to do so had this to say:

“I could not sleep very well a couple of days after starting with Qurb PM. Luckily, now that I’ve stopped, my sleeping pattern is back to normal!”

“I tried it for the first time last night and it worked wonderfully. The Mixed Berry flavor was definitely palatable. It wasn’t like other shot that taste just awful. The Mixed Berry Flavor was lightly sweetened and tasted great. It definitely relaxed me and helped me fight my cravings.“

It kinda works and doesn’t work in the same time when I think about it! At first I was happy with it, but all it did was curbing my carvings before I went to sleep. After this one I decided to try something that will have an impact on my weight by doing the right things for my body, instead of simply curing my hunger, and I have to admit the difference in results is night and day. Now when I look back, only thing I miss about the Qurb PM is the relaxation effect which was pretty good.“

Qurb PM Review

Qurb PM Conclusion

Qurb Pm is something new and different, and that is something we appreciate it for. When it comes to actual results, there are much better options. Qurb PM treats your carvings before bedtime, which is nice, but not a permanent solution for losing weight.

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