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by Evogen

Maintaining a good shape and overall healthy physique, especially for bodybuilders and athletes, means long hours at the gym. However, what is oftentimes overlooked is our body’s need to recover from the exhaustion of working out —which is an important component of maximum anabolic growth.

Featuring Evogen Nutrition’s Elite Mass & Recovery Catalyst, CELL K.E.M is a phenomenal nutrition supplement formulated to be your best muscle growth and regeneration pal. This contains ingredients of the highest caliber, purity, and solubility to achieve its utmost effectiveness.

If you’re an athletic individual who has been misleadingly going down the catabolic path to self-destruction following an intense workout or an extremely physical activity, this is perfect for you. Cell K.E.M will lead you right back to the anabolic pathway of maximum muscle recovery and growth, while ensuring an overall healthy physique.

In this review, we’ll scrutinize what Cell KEM can do for you in taking the benefits into consideration whether there are side effects, etc.


Professional athletes, like weightlifters and long-distance runners, are prone to experience glycogen depletion, a phenomenon popularly known as “hitting the wall” where the body’s stored glycogen is depleted after long periods of intense physical exertion.

Glycogen depletion causes extreme exhaustion and fatigue, where athletes find it difficult to even just move their bodies. This is certainly not an uncommon occurrence in many gyms across the country, especially among athletes adhering to a “no pain, no gain” philosophy.


We’ve all been to the gym at least once or have overworked ourselves physically. Most of us also know the feeling in the muscles the day after (hint: lifting a glass of water is like lifting a dumbbell). When you do a more physical activity than usual, your muscles work overtime. And, then recovery time begins. During this time (which starts about 2 hours after you’ve completed your workout and lasts for 2 days), your body starts repairing damaged muscle fibers. Mind you, this damage is microscopic, but it still needs to be fixed… and that’s what aim to cover in this Kill Cliff review!

This is where the well-known feeling of muscle soreness begins (otherwise called DOMS). So, if you work out for a long time without pausing, the soreness will be worse. The issue arises when you want to continue training but can’t due to this feeling (and the reparation of fibers). Regular gym-goers and professional bodybuilders always use something to aid recovery time.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about here – the Kill Cliff Recovery Drink; a recovery method that has recently become quite popular. It’s a relatively new drink, which might seem insane considering it’s a drink, but the creators of Kill Cliff managed to achieve success. The main purpose of this product is to improve the recovery time so you can continue your training faster.


Users who are looking for a recovery supplement that is non–habit forming and made of natural ingredients should read below for more information on the new supplement Recovery PM.

Recovery PM is a new supplement manufactured by the well-known fitness company Maximum Human Performance. Recovery PM is specially formulated for users to help them sleep well as well as boost their body’s ability to properly recover from an intense workout. Packed full of melatonin, tart cherry, and GABA, Recovery PM contains exactly what the body needs to be stronger and sleep well. Let us altogether figure out the bottom line of this Recovery PM review and see what it is made of, what the ingredients are and how it works.

What is Recovery PM?

Recovery PM is a blend of natural, non-habit forming clinically researched vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help users sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. Users will appreciate that Recovery PM will not leave them groggy or tired when they wake up. Recovery PM’s formula helps speed up recovery, reduce muscle breakdown and suppress the hormone cortisol.

Consumers who are looking to help their body get better results from workouts should consider adding recovery PM to their fitness supplement routine. So many people work so hard but are not seeing the results they deserve or expect. Recovery PM from Maximum Human Performance can help. All in a simple capsule form, users will benefit from the power packed combo of melatonin, GABA, tart cherry, and Ashwagandha to help their body develop and support muscle growth.

Recovery PM is a very new supplement on the market so there is very little information available. Give the company a few weeks and the internet will be exploding with reviews and product details. Coming from Maximum Human Performance, many consumers will already be familiar with the company’s other products and know they will give them results they are looking for.


Combining a good diet with a good exercising schedule is the best possible scenario, right? Of course! Is it possible to achieve in a timely manner? Of course not! That is why people have come to a wonderful decision on inventing sports supplements! It combines the diet with the exercise and makes a much better connection with the organism, the muscles and the state of mind.

That is why we are taking an in-debt look at an amazing product brought to you by Ronnie Coleman and is specifically placed in his signature series collection!

Let us see if this product has what it takes to make you both mean and lean ?


A high intensity training requires us to add needed carbohydrates after and during our workouts. You may think that carbs make you fat, but you must know that it’s an irrational fear. If you truly want to maximize your performance, muscle growth and reduce your recovery time, you need carbs. A devastating workout can really damage your muscles and it is of high importance to reduce your muscle recovery time.  The product that we are looking at today, represents the perfect mix of science and nature. It features a combination of four carb sources, it has a great taste and it’s easy to mix.

Alpha Carb is manufacted by the brand ImSoAlpha, which has already released unique carbohydrate supplements that combine fast and slow absorbing carbs. This product blends whole food sources such as sweet potato and Cluster Dextrin.