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Review Summary:

Are you having a hard time falling asleep at night after your workout and feeling exhausted in the morning no matter how many hours of sleep you get? Keep on reading and find out about a product that will help you sleep better at night and feel rested in the morning.

Over centuries, people have been trying to determinate how to maintain physical health and well-being. Proper diet, physical activity and sleep are all essential when it comes to our health. If you are lacking one of these, you may notice how your body sends alarm signals to you in order to change something. Good quality of sleep is related not only to physical, but also your mental recovery.

No matter how much sleep you are getting, it needs to be productive in order to get your body function properly the next day. If you are in search of optimizing your sleep and feeling more rested in the morning, we have the right thing for you.

Fade Out is a sleep formula, created by RedCon1, that improves your quality of sleep by increasing R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) and by making you fall asleep quickly. This product will not only do that, but at the same time it will balance your HGH (human growth hormone) and reduce the level of stress. Once you try it, you will never want to go to sleep without it!

What Does it Do?

Fade out is very beneficial for you and its highlights include:

  • Boosts natural growth hormone production
  • Gives you more energy
  • Lowers the level of stress
  • Improves productivity
  • Maintains your healthy brain function

What’s in It?

If you take a look at Fade Out and its label, it is evident that everything is very transparent and that there is no time for fear or imagination. All Redcon1’s products do not contain artificial colors. Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients:

Phenibut (1g)  is a somewhat controversial ingredient since it is believed to be quite addictive. It has a tranquilizing effect on the brain. For some people, phenibut has certain withdrawal symptoms so it is of extreme importance to have a good dosing strategy and to be smart. Usually, phenibut doses start around 250 mg and move up to 1g. Everything beyond that is risky, and Fade Out gives you 1 g of this ingredient. The problem of addiction is not that big when it comes to sleep supplements. The only thing you should be careful about is to follow the label and start with half a scoop. This product should, of course, not be mixed with any prescription drugs or alcohol.

Mucuna Pruriens, also known as a velvet bean, has been shown to reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone). This ingredient will provide you with growth hormone boosting properties.

GABA (1g) increases alpha waves, which are known as deep relaxation waves in the brain, and decreases beta waves, which are linked to consciousness and reasoning.

L-Arginine HCl (1g)  is  said to be one of the best “anti-aging” amino acids whose benefits show promises greater than other  pharmaceutical  and nutraceutical agents previously discovered.

Fade  Out also includes the list of following ingredients: Phenylalanine (750mg), Valerian Root (600mg), L-Theanine (500mg) and Melatonin (5mg). The rest includes a collection of vitamins and minerals that will supply your body with necessary nutrients to carry out the process of recovery while you are sleeping. Those are: 150mg Magnesium Citrate, 100mg Vitamin C, 10mg Zinc Sulfate, 6mg Vitamin B6 and  10IU Vitamin E.

As you can see from all of these ingredients, Fade Out is an all-inclusive sleep formula that will help you recharge your body in those critical hours of sleep.

The complete list of the ingredients can be found in the supplement label below:

Redcon1 Fade Out Supplement Facts

Redcon1 Fade Out Supplement Facts

Does it Work?

You will be feeling  the effect of Fade Out in just one use. After feeling refreshed  and well rested in the morning, you will be able to train more at a higher intensity. The full physique altering effects should be visible in  four weeks period.. Of course, you have to bear in mind that sensible dieting and training regime are really important in order to take full advantage of this product.  From the looks of things and reviews, this formula will give you some major sleep nights and it is a suitable replacement for Ronnie Coleman’s Resurrect PM Formula., just stronger.


I must say Fade Out is by far the best and most straightforward sleep aid/recovery I have ever used. And I've used a lot, all the way up to Ronnie Coleman’s sleep aid to prime nutrition's sleep aid. This one tops the ranks on sleep aids. I get maybe 5-6.5 hours of sleep a night.

Whewwww… #FADEOUT totally knocked me out last night! Best night of sleep ever!

A personal favorite of mine….Fade Out is legit the best sleep formula I've tried. No matter how long you sleep, you will always wake up feeling refreshed, I guarantee it.

Final Verdict

Redcon1 is not messing around here. Fade Out is not a beginner sleep aid. It is deigned for those who train hard and who pay attention to proper diet and training regime. You should really pay attention to Phenibut, a very powerful ingredient, which needs to be taken carefully, by starting with small doses and not using it every night. This product sounds promising especially for those who go through hell after training.

Many of them claim that physical exhaustion is not the biggest obstacle, but the lack of sleep is what drives them crazy. Your brain and body need to be rested, and what Fade Out does for you is that it allows you to go to sleep, sleep harder and release your growth hormone linked to general body recovery. It’s worth a shot. Time to finally have a quality night of sleep. Good night, sleep tight.

Did you experience the benefits of  Redcon1’s  Fade Out? We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave us your comments on this product. How does it work for you?

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  1. Doesnt make me sleepy. Keeps me up if anything and ive tried it about 6 – 8 times now

  2. 3 times i’ve tried knocking my self out.
    I basically work all day 8 hrs, go home and go to the gym for 2hrs.
    Then grocery and cook and eat, shower.

    Then i take fadeout at around 11 and i still don’t knock out until close to 1.

    However i’ve noticed that i sleep longer and wake up more tired.
    Sleeping longer is a good thing i guess.

  3. I’ve been taking Fade Out for about 5 months now. This product is fantastic. Not sure what’s going on with the other people that tried it, but for me it puts me to sleep in roughly 30 min or less. I have sleep apnea so without fade out I’ll wake up 4-6 times per night to use the bathroom and toss and turn. With Fade Out I’ll wake up 1 time to use the bathroom and usually it’s after 4-5 hours of deep sleep. I used to wake up extremely tired before taking this product and after using fade out I feel well rested and have a much easier time shaking off the grogginess in the morning. Energy levels have definitely increased throughout the day as well. I love this stuff and I hope it sticks around. Never gotten this level of sleep in my life.

  4. My own personal experience may not reflect your own.

    This product does not make me sleepy, however it seems to remove the effects of grogginess on wakeup which makes it invaluable especially on 5 hour sleep days.
    Waking up at around 10pm for graveyard shifts I feel a heavy mixture of calm and light until about 2:30- 3am.

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