Dry lean muscle gains are the dream of every bodybuilder and we know very well how hard they can be to achieve without the use of some potent supplements. Prohormones are one of the safest ways to achieve such gains and this is why their popularity in recent decade or so has grown so much.

The prohormone we are presenting today comes from Redcon1, a brand new supplement manufacturer, started by the former Blackstone Labs CEO, Aaron Singerman. SOMAL-1 is their latest 1-DHEA prohormone formula that uses the powerful liposomal technology for optimal delivery and improved results.

Let’s take a look at what’s in this supplement and whether it really delivers on all its claims.

SOMAL-1 Ingredients

Former CEO of Blackstone Labs, one of the most prominent brands in the industry, decided he would start a project of his own. Aaron Singerman announced in July 2016 that he has started a brand new line of products with a brand new team of smart and dedicated people with the goal of creating some top notch supplements.

SOMAL-1 is not the only product in the line of course as many other products by this new manufacture are already hitting the shelves. The company has already created at least one product in most common supplement categories, such as protein powders, fat burners and estrogen blockers as well as several other prohormones that include SOMAL-1, SOMAL-4 and RedCon1.

SOMAL-1 is based on the SOMAL-1 Blend which combines 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one, 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one Undecanoate and 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one Caprylate to form the ultimate 1-DHEA blend.

The blend uses a two-step process to convert into Androstenedione and then into 1-DHEA, which is the final active prohormone that yields the results. SOMAL-1 uses the powerful liposomal technology to make sure that 100% of the prohormone is converted into 1-DHEA for maximum results.

Here is the full supplement label with all the ingredients:

SOMAL-1 Supplement Facts
SOMAL-1 Supplement Facts

SOMAL-1 Benefits

1-DHEA is one of the most well-known bodybuilding hormones, as hundreds of prohormone formulas are designed to convert into this powerful hormone. Once converted into 1-DHEA, SOMAL-1 provides extreme dry muscle gains without any danger of Estrogen aromatization and with no toxicity.

SOMAL-1 is fairly new to the market and it is yet early to say what kind of an impression it will leave on the bodybuilding community, but considering all the factors, it is likely that this formula will be well worth the fairly cheap price tag it comes with.

SOMAL-1 uses the advanced liposomal technology to deliver the prohormones and get them to convert in full into 1-DHEA, which means it will definitely give you much better results than other similar products that don’t use such advanced delivery technologies.

SOMAL-1 Dosage

A container of SOMAL-1 contains 60 capsules and we recommend starting with 2 capsules per day, 1 in the morning and one in the evening. Assess your tolerance and increase the dose if needed, but use responsibly as even though the supplement is not toxic and cannot convert to Estrogen, other side effects may be possible at extreme doses.

Keep the product out of reach of children and only use it if you are over the age of 21. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or under any type of therapy or medication that may react with the product before consulting your doctors.

SOMAL-1 Conclusion

SOMAL-1 is a product manufactured by the new company Redcon1. The company was started by a prominent figure in the industry and a guy who definitely knows what he’s doing and if we take into consideration the fact they came right out of the gate with over 10 supplements for bodybuilders, it is clear that they mean business.

Looking at the label and company background, there is little doubt that we are looking at a solid, working formula here and we can easily expect this to be one of the finest 1-DHEA products out there, and probably one of the finest prohormone formulas of the year.

Considering the very acceptable price tag the product comes with, we highly recommend giving it one shot and seeing how you will do on a cycle of it. While the product is not toxic and does not aromatize, we do always recommend running cycle support and post cycle therapy with any prohormone cycle just to keep safe.

User feedback is crucial with new products, so we invite you all to come back after using SOMAL-1 and leave us a review of your experience with the product.

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10 replies on “SOMAL-1”

I did a 2 month cycle on SOMAL-1, the PUMP you get is ridiculous, I would be so swollen after the gym and the strength gain was enormous. It started working with 2 days of taking the pills, i already felt stronger. I was lifting 10% heavier within the first week and just kept gaining from there. Recovery was excellent, lifting heavier weights but not really being sore the next day was a good feeling for smashing the gym everyday. Gained Lean muscle without putting on any water weight. In the 1 month I gained roughly 6kg’s in muscle mass. The first month was great, then my supp guy told me to go for another month. The 2nd month i found that I was becoming tired, irritated easily, started getting pains randomly after about 6 weeks. I’d certainly recommend 1 month cycle, it’s amazing stuff, but don’t go for the 2 months.
Blackstone labs PCT V is what i’ve taken after my cycle and that is a perfect pct product after somal-1.

I’ve just recently purchased this product and anxious to try it. I’ve been looking for a replacement for the prohormones that have been banned. It’s very depressing to get something that works only to find later, it’s not available. So, I’m looking for good things from this product. Thanks for the encouragement and tips on this post

“In the 1 month I gained roughly 6kg’s in muscle mass.” Ok you had me up until here… You did not gain 6kg of muscle in one month. 6kg of pure Lean muscle is huge, maybe 2 or 3 at the most

@Peter – I’m surprised he didn’t recommend adding somal-4 for the second month. It would have definitely helped with the lethargic feeling and irritation.

Ive got a show in November and the team in Florida “redcon1” call center told me to not do that Somal 1 and just start with the Somal 4 then i could add it if I wanted to. Ive now been on it a little over 2 weeks and the irritation is definitely there but sleep alot better at night. Strength is up too. There a reason behind why he said dont do Somal 1 along with it or should I start adding it into the cycle now ?

I’ve been trying it for 2 weeks and I do see changes and muscle ,don’t know if it’s a pill or just my workout consistency

I’ve been trying it for 2 weeks and I do see changes and muscle ,don’t know if it’s a pill or just my workout consistency

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