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Resurgence is the best tasting, all day, every day, steady flow of amino acids and vitamins for reduced muscle soreness, improved energy in and out of the gym, and enhancement mood and sense of well-being.

Sculpting the physique that you’ve always wanted is very demanding on your body. You’re actually losing a lot of essential vitamins and minerals each time you give it all you’ve got pumping iron in the gym, which will just lead to a number of health issues sooner or later if they’re not brought back to their ideal levels soon enough.

One product that asserts it can help replenish these lost nutrients is Resurgence and we’re going to check if it’s really got the chops to do this by subjecting it to a meticulous review in a bit.

How Resurgence Works

Your body can be easily compared to a complex engine that needs the right amount of micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals each day in order to function properly. The harder your body works, the faster these micro-nutrients are used up.

And unless these essential micro-nutrients are refilled to their ideal levels, your body’s overall condition will be significantly affected. Besides becoming prone to sickness and injury, your energy levels will dip down and your ability to fully recover after a rigorous workout will also be disrupted.

Manufactured by Blackstone Labs, Resurgence is formulated to help your system properly restock on vitamins and minerals, so your journey to finally achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of won’t be waylaid by unforeseen health issues sooner or later. It comes in two (2) flavors, particularly Fruit Punch and Piña Colada.

Editor’s Tip: Check out Ignition for an even better option.

Resurgence Ingredients

Here’s a quick look at the key ingredients that you can find in Resurgence:

Resurgence ingredients

Vitamin A, or retinol as it’s called in the scientific community, isn’t just for keeping the eyes as sharp as they should unlike what a lot of people mistakenly believe. Apart from having the ability to stave off free radical damage, it also plays a key role in the optimal growth and development of soft tissues, mucous membranes as well as white blood cells.

Vitamin C is perhaps one of the most powerful antioxidants that you can load up on. It helps enhance the immune system to keep bones, joints, tissues and organs in tiptop shape. Moreover, vitamin C also acts as a barrier against pollutants and toxic chemicals that may have been absorbed by the body.

Vitamin D3 helps ensure that the heart, brain and lungs are working properly. Apart from helping the body absorb the right amount of phosphorous and calcium, it also regulates insulin levels in the system, which is seen by medical experts as one way to prevent the development of diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

Vitamin E is also known as tocopherol, which has been seen to have beneficial effects in terms of boosting immunity levels, neutralizing pollutants and toxins in the body, staving off neurological diseases as well as reducing bad cholesterol levels. Vitamin E also has the capability to prevent the clumping of blood platelets that can have an effect on your body’s overall circulation.

Riboflavin is one of the vitamins that are vital in the body’s production of energy. It also plays an important role in keeping the processing of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids efficient. Interestingly, riboflavin has also been seen to prevent the breakdown of tissues and inhibit tumors.

L-Leucine is a type of branched chain amino acid (BCAA) that is essential in the building of muscle as well as stimulating protein synthesis to keep the same as strong as can be. This BCAA also prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue when you’re trying to get rid of unwanted flab.

Resurgence Recommended Dosage

The maker of Resurgence points out that there are three (3) ways to take the product:

Amino Acid Boost: Consume one (1) serving first thing in the morning and/or between meals.

For Pre-Workout Energy: Take one (1) or two (2) servings 20 to 30 minutes before training.

For Post-Workout Recovery: Take one (1) or two (2) servings immediately after training.

The Side Effects of Resurgence

Based on the information that I’ve stumbled upon while researching for this review, I learned that Resurgence doesn’t cause any side effects at all.

Resurgence Benefits

  • Keeps your mental focus levels up
  • Supports muscle growth and development
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Picks up recovery
  • Improves endurance
  • Enhances the immune system

Resurgence User Feedback

Here’s what people are saying about Resurgence:

“So far I have absolutely loved using this product, and will continue to use it for a while.”

“Effing delicious! And it works, too!”

“Whenever I took Resurgence, I ended up being wired in.”

“I was shocked…good energy and focus all day…no jitters or crash after. Made my entire workout a breeze. I just killed it at the gym. I thought I wouldn’t have energy left, so I jogged 3 miles home and felt awesome.”

“Resurgence tastes better in my opinion plus it feels stronger.”

“It tastes great, mixes fantastic, and will have you writing your thesis paper for your Doctorate when you haven’t even gone to college.  All jokes aside, this is a great product.”

Final Review for Resurgence

If you’ve been checking out my product reviews for a while now, you probably already know that I am a stickler for three (3) key components when making my final review, particularly the ingredients, taste and user feedback. And Resurgence easily passed all three with flying colors, so make sure you give this one a try anytime soon.

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