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Check this out to get the lowdown on 1st Phorm’s 1-Db Goddess PRIME and learn why it should be on your shortlist of top fat burners to consider.

1-DB Goddess Prime




Seeing good results on my body from a fat burner that simply delivers on its promise used to be good enough for me. Until I tried the New 1-Db Goddess Prime, the next generation fat burner from 1st Phorm Nutrition which makes it possible to not only look good, but feel good – great actually – while actually losing weight.

If you’ve ever been on a fat-burning, appetite-suppressing supplement, you surely know what I mean. Through the years that I’ve been fending off fat (which started somewhere between the thickening thirties and the fat-fighting forties) a good enough outcome from a fat burning supplement has usually meant just the welcome reflection in the mirror that showed less bulges and unwanted curves in places they’re not supposed to be. Never mind if the price to pay was various degrees of physical discomfort like headaches, stomach cramps or churns, constant thirst and mad dashes to the toilet.

With the New 1-Db Goddess Prime that I was introduced to recently, there’s hardly any down side in terms of physical side effects. But what makes for a better deal is that I’ve found the feel-good result of this new formulation is an add-on advantage to the looking good fat-burning result.

The experience is a result of effective fat-burning and the consequent weight loss, which leads to a spike in my energy level and enhances confidence from an overall feeling of wellness.

What is 1-DB Goddess Prime?

New 1-Db Goddess Prime is from 1st Phorm Nutrition, the same company that produces the 1-Db Goddess Fast pack, a product which I had already been using and which I’d been quite happy with.

So when I found out that the company’s researchers and nutritionists had spent a year on laboratory studies to come up with a better product, I was more than just curious to try the reformulation.

I like the idea of a product specifically designed to address my body’s needs and issues. It’s why I seek out vitamin and nutrient supplements that are created especially for women and specialized in the female physiology.

The New 1-Db Goddess Prime has been prepared specifically for women, to help them achieve the goal of losing weight by without the usual discomfort. This means, aside from being just an efficient fat burner and appetite suppressant, the New 1-Db Goddess Prime speeds up metabolism and helps to eliminate the cravings that can make life hell for any woman who’s on a strict diet.

The New 1-Db Goddess Prime works to restore balance in hormone levels in women, inherently affected by the female menstrual cycle. This overall trim and sleek wellness feeling leads to a spiked up energy level and a more active lifestyle.

1-DB Goddess Prime Benefits

The reason New 1-Db Goddess Prime works so well as a specialized fat burner is because it understands the female body and how it works.

Take hormones, for instance. Though hormones are present in the bodies of both men and women, the impact and action of female hormones are quite different from those in the male. The type and level of the hormone dictates where fats are stored in the female form – and that’s mostly on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

In a woman’s younger years, fats in the right places are what give her the curves. They shape her up so attractively and are relatively easy to trim and shed if she wants a leaner form. As a woman ages, however, the fats continue to accumulate, sometimes even in unwanted places like the belly, but they’re not as easy to shed off. That’s when they become stubborn fat deposits.

In addition to the distinct action of hormones in their body, controlling storage of fats, women also have to live with the realities of menstrual cycles, which include water retention and the bloated feeling around certain times of the month. All these factors come into play, affecting any woman’s ability to lose weight.

Understanding that this is part of the picture in a woman’s weight-loss effort, 1 Db Goddess PRIME trains its sights on these issues and applies its thermogenic components. The Lipolix Complex in 1 Db Goddess PRIME is a potent balanced blend of fat burning ingredients designed for the female body, with special consideration for tolerance levels and dieting needs.

To address the carb cravings, mood swings and the depressed energy levels that used to be the norm for dieters, 1Db Goddess PRIME incorporates the Neurocept Complex that helps reduce stress and energize the body. This helps elevate metabolism and focus without the accompanying jitters.

The Goddess Matrix aims to naturally bring hormone levels back in line and restore energy you thought was possible only for the young.

For faster, longer-lasting and better-feeling fat-burning results, you can stack 1 DbGoddess PRIME with ThyroDrive, supported by a sensible meal plan, plenty of water and exercise regimen.

1-DB Goddess Prime Dosage

1-Db Goddess PRIME is best for healthy women between ages 21-50. As with other thermogenics, I was advised, and found it truly helpful, to work through a “tolerance assessment phase”. I started with one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, about 40 minutes before a regular breakfast, followed by a second capsule 30 minutes before the actual meal or a diet supplement shake.

After doing this routine for three days with no negative results, I went on two capsules twice daily, about 30 minutes before a meal, making sure intake is at least five hours apart.

Here’s an important health tip from me: 1-Db Goddess PRIME should always be taken with at least 8 ounces of water, with a total 100 ounces of water throughout the day.

And a health precaution from the manufacturers:

Never exceed two (2) capsules per five (5) hour window or four (4) capsules in any 24 hour period. And no capsules after 3 p.m. to avoid insomnia.

The product contains synephrine and caffeine, so it is not advisable to use with other products containing synephrine or phenylephrine. There are certain medical conditions that make it unadvisable to administer 1-Db Goddess PRIME, so it is always best to consult your physician before starting out a thermogenic regimen like 1-Db Goddess PRIME.

Buy 1-DB Goddess Prime Online / Discount

If you want to try 1-DB Goddess Prime for yourself, you can get it at this link here for free shipping to your house. All 1st Phorm products have a 110% money back guarantee.

If you have already tried it and would like to leave your review on it below, feel free to do so.

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I’ve tried the 1-DB Goddess Prime! I really liked it! These supplements truly do what they are designed to do. After taking Goddess Prime, my energy level just sky rockets. I felt great! Amped, and my mind is just set to go to the gym. It really does help when you workout for 2 hours at the gym. The energy remains constant. And also, it helped keep my energy levels constant while I was in classes at school. Getting through the gym and class and working is really important. So it really helps all around! HIGHLY recommend!

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