Is 5A-Laxogen Rx really an effective and safe prohormone? What new things does it bring to the table? Know the answer in this review!





Are you looking to make lean hard gains? Need a product that will give your muscles the building blocks and nutrients needed to take your workouts to the next level? Let us introduce you to the new formula from IronMagLabs: 5A-Laxogen Rx launched on June 2015 that will do just that.

5A-Laxogen Rx Ingredients

5a-laxogen-supplement fact

5A-Laxogen Rx is a natural anabolic supplement that consists of special ingredients that are powerful enough to radically change your body in a short amount of time.
Ingredients of 5A-Laxogen Rx are:
5-Alpha Hydroxy-Laxogenin: also known as 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, it helps to balance cortisol response, which is a major cornerstone to healthy recovery and prevention of catabolic muscle tissue. Also, it helps to control glucose and increases thyroid function to aid in the speeding of metabolism.
6, 7-dihydroxybergamottin: also known as DHB and is derived from grapefruit juice. It helps to increase the rapid absorption of the compounds found in 5A Laxogen.
Piperine: a molecule that can inhibit the activity of certain enzymes, it can also affect the body’s absorption and reduce muscle pain.

5A-Laxogen Rx Dosage

5A-Laxogen Rx is relatively safe but to avoid any side effects, follow the recommended dosage carefully.

  • Only 1 to 2 capsule per day with food.
  • Never exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Should only be used by adults at least 21 years old
  • Diabetes, liver problems or people suffering from high blood pressure should NOT use it.
  • Not for pregnant women.

5A-Laxogen Rx Benefits

5A-Laxogen Rx is an anabolic building block supplement. It can provide major benefits such as:

  • Potent muscle building and controlling of body fat.
  • Increases of strength and power.
  • Controls cortisol levels.
  • Controls glucose and increases thyroid function.
  • Safe for both males AND females.
  • Non-hormonal and anti-inflammatory.

5A-Laxogen Rx Side Effects

5A-Laxogen Rx is a dietary supplement that has pharmaceutical grade compounds. Also, it is derived from plants and as close as you can get to real steroids. 5A-Laxogen Rx is safe for both males and females, but without the side effects of liver toxicity or testing positive for steroids in the bloodstream.

5A-Laxogen Rx Reviews

5A-Laxogen Rx was introduced on June 2015 by IronMag Labs so there are very few reviews currently on this product. But due to a well-known company’s product, 5A-Laxogen Rx has its own guarantee. There’s no doubt that the special and anabolic ingredients of 5A-Laxogen Rx are relatively safe but potent and effective. My personal suggestion is that if you’re looking to have a reliable and safe prohormone to make your life easier, check this one out.

Buy 5A-Laxogen Rx Online

5A-Laxogen Rx is the newly launched IronMag Labs product. Very few dealers know about 5A-Laxogen Rx, but you can easily get your hands on it using this link here.

2 replies on “5A-LAXOGEN RX”

Running the recommended 3x25mg per day solo for a week and after a few episodes of night sweats and restlessness had major restlessness and increased heart rate last night. Similar experience to when I ran Havoc and dropped it. May drop completely or back off to 25mg per day. I know there are questions about oral bioavailability with this substance, but apparently it’s getting through.

Haven’t noticed strength increase in the short time on, but I do feel “edgy” and antsy to get to the gym. Lost approx 5lbs in a week, probably water from night sweats.

This might work for people with a high tolerance for this kind of sides, esp. for a cut. But I would only tolerate this type of experience for serious gains, not just the reduced cortisol and protein synthesis that this substance will supposedly provide.

My episode seems similar to the one described by NFL player Tim Couch–nfl.html

Had horrible muscle cramping from this product. I didn’t take it with food so the uptake might have slowed or been reduced. Read the directions if you start IML 5A Laxogen! It’s strong so the whole warning is advised. Be aware!!

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