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It seems as though the folks over at 1st Phorm are really stepping up their game. They are releasing product after product and, truth be told, all of them look like they will make quite the stir in the supplements market.

The reason behind this is their sheer quality of course. With exceptional ingredient mixtures, great dosage amounts and good marketing, 1st Phorm's new line of products could become a big hit. Their new pre-workout supplement aims to go in the same direction.

AlphaSurge DRV is the name and, believe it or not, it's packing quite the punch. In the following couple of paragraphs, I will do my best to do an objective review of this product. I will discuss its ingredients, main benefits and show you a few user testimonials found on the internet.

I hope you'll find this review informative and easy to understand. If that's the case, I would be happy if would leave your personal opinions in the comments section down below!

AlphaSurge DRV Benefits

AlphaSurge DRV consists of high-quality ingredients such as Arginine Malate and Glycerol Monostearate which work together in order to provide your body with additional blood volume in your muscles while at the same time feeding it with oxygen. Moreover, even though AlphaSurge DRV does not contain caffeine or similar compounds, it is still able to enhance your focus and concentration due to Alpha GPC. That is basically a choline form which occurs inside our brains. They are considered as nootropics and we all know about their beneficial effects on cognitive functions.

To make long story short – AlphaSurge DRV aims to increase oxygen levels in your blood and feed it to your muscles which will result in anabolism promotion. Not only that, but it will also increase your focus and determination, leaving you with pure strength and energy while working out.

AlphaSurge DRV Ingredients

In this part of my review, I am going to show you an in-depth overview of the ingredients that have been included in this product. Before doing that, first let's take a look at the label so we know what we have in store for us!


Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that has less side effects than Niacinamin. It is  can improvie your digestion and serves as protection against toxins and pollutants. It can also reduce the effects of aging and lower blood pressure.

Vitamin B12

It keeps our blood cells and nerves healthy. It can also reduce the risk of mascular degeneration and prevent loss

Arginine Malate

Arginine is an amino acid that our body produces naturally. In addition to a wide variety of medicinal uses such as for treating migraines, heart issues, kidney inflammations and more, it is also used in bodybuilding supplements due to its nitric oxide producing ability.

It scavenges free radicals in one's body and releases growth hormone. Not only that, Arginine is also known for removing bad cholesterol and regulating salt levels in one's body.

Glycerol Monostearate

Many people mistake this for a carbohydrate while it's actually a solid form of glycerin. It is known to reduce blood pressure, regulate body temperature and much more, but these are not the reasons why it made its way into AlphaSurge DRV. The reasons behind that are its abilities to induce vasodilation and reduce fatigue which will lead to enhanced workout performance.

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine is actually derived from arginine and is considered both a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator. What it does once it gets in the body is it enhances nitric oxide production in a similar way like Arginine Malate. This will result in a great number of positive effects such as increased energy availability, enhanced endurance and reduced fatigue levels.

AlphaSurge DRV Side Effects

Side effects are one of the biggest reasons why people opt for or steer away from a certain bodybuilding supplement. Luckily, AlphaSurge DRV has no problems with side effects meaning that it will most likely attract a whole bunch of people solely because of it.

Still, I feel obliged to report that I have been feeling light headaches since I started taking this supplement. It's nothing scary, far from that actually. They usually go away on their own after a couple of minutes. If not, I just ignore them since they are not really that painful.

AlphaSurge DRV Reviews

Here are two testimonials that prove AlphaSurge DRV is a great pre-workout supplement:

“This is probably the best vasodilator on the market. After just 2 days of using it I've already noticed extreme improvements in my vascularity which later on led to bigger and better pumps. It also made me feel more determined to follow my goals which is always a plus from these sorts of products. All in all, if great pre-workout is what you are looking for, then this sucker is all you need!”

“This shit is awesome! I remember watching a review on Youtube for this product and I just had to buy it afterward. Fast forward 1 month and here I am bigger and bulkier than ever. I'm absolutely crazy down at the gym and it's all thanks to this awesome little fella!!!”

Summary for AlphaSurge DRV

If we take into consideration everything stated above, there really isn't anything stopping me from saying that AlphaSurge DRV is an amazing vasodilator and a solid all around pre-workout supplement.

As you had the chance to see for yourselves, it possesses a stellar display of ingredients which work synergically together to give you everything you need for that extra edge during your workouts.

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