• Amazing potency
  • No estrogen conversion
  • No suppression of natural testosterone production


  • Requires PCT
  • Side effects
  • Need to be 21+ years of age

Many of us dream of becoming better every single day. It is a hard mission to accomplish which only a few manage to do. Only the ones that are willing to fight the most! For those that want to accomplish remarkable results, ordinary supplements are just enough. Those people need something with the highest efficiency.

If you found yourself in this text, this product is for you! Androxx by Vaxxen Labs is a highly potent prohormone capable of doing a massive change. It is a no ordinary dietary supplement, with highest quality ingredients for best possible results.

We will put this product through a thorough research to find out is it actually as good as many think it is. Prohormones have been an often topic in our previous reviews, so continue reading to find out how this one stands compared to the others.

Androxx Ingredients

It is not an ordinary supplement by any means and is aimed towards the people that have been in the world of bodybuilding for some time and want to experience maximum results.

1-DHEA Blend

1 androstene-3b-ol. 17-one

1 androstene-3b-ol. 17-one Undecanoate

1 androstene-3b-ol. 17-one Caprylate

This formula can essentially be labeled as a lean muscle agent and has a huge potential inside. It is designed to enhance strength and muscle growth to envious levels. Some believe 1-DHEA is the best legal prohormone you can currently find on the market. There are few extra benefits that are associated with it, such as reduced bloating, more effective recovery, does not suppress natural testosterone production, even is thought to improve memory and concentration. That is quite a list of positive effects it has to offer, and it even isn’t the end of it. To keep any health risks as low as possible it is important to do at least a 4 weeks post cycle therapy.

Androxx by Vaxxen Labs doesn’t have many compounds packed within, but those that are there are capable of making a massive change. 1-Testosterone is available through the use of this product, and it is something you don’t see every day. It is a great formula that also features no estrogen conversion and does efficient retention of nitrogen in the muscles.

 Androxx Side Effects

Any potential formula like this one carries its risks. If you decide to opt for it, you will most likely experience few unwanted side effects. Luckily those are most likely temporary and if the cycle is done right and as recommended by a manufacturer you should be safe from any permanent unwanted side effects. There haven’t been many comments regarding this topic on Androxx, but some other 1-DHEA products had a reputation for causing loss of libido, tiredness, and lethargy.

“Although I noticed great gains I felt uninterested and didn’t feel the drive for the workouts and the gym as I expected, it was actually the very opposite.“

Androxx Reviews

It was hard to find any feedback at all, but overall people seem to enjoy the product:

“Androxx is absolute gold!! Worth every penny. Since I started using it I noticed a huge change in my muscularity and didn’t notice any negative effects at all. Recommend this amazing supplement to anyone! “

“Without a second thought this is the best thing I tried my whole life!! I am 38 yo and have competed in bodybuilding for a couple of years now. I tried a bunch of supplements in the meantime and nothing left me as happy as Androxx.“

Here is yet another product that doesn’t hide admiration to this great prohormone:

Androxx Conclusion

The market is saturated with products that are just don’t have the power to make a real positive transformation. Androxx is a total contrast to those supplements with everything it has to offer. This prohormone is a great choice for anyone trying to achieve envious results, sculpting the body of a Greek god. There is a chance you get few temporary side effects, but if you use it professionally and with care, you should see only its positive side in the long run.

It is designed to enhance strength, increase lean muscle mass, improve energy and stamina, even improve memory and concentration. DHEA-1 also doesn’t convert to estrogen and does not suppress natural testosterone production. If you want to go step further and experience some serious gains, Androxx is definitely one to consider.

Purchase Androxx here for $79.99!

Buy Androxx Online

Although you can sometimes get it on sites like Amazon and eBay, Androxx by Vaxxen Labs is easiest to purchase from the official manufacturer site where you can get it for the lowest and original price.

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