The amount of testosterone in your body plummets and estrogen levels surge after having a go with prohormones and anabolic steroids. While the human body is naturally wired to realign its hormonal levels when an imbalance like this occurs, it could take a very long time to bring everything back to normal.

And that could mean already being prone to adverse side effects that can put your health at risk as well as losing a lot of the gains and strength that you’ve worked really hard for.

APEX Male claims to promote the increased production of testosterone in the system after cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones. Why don’t we subject it to a comprehensive review shortly to see if it really works?

APEX Male Benefits

A product of Blackstone Labs, APEX Male is designed to stimulate a boost in testosterone levels in the body. Besides helping you pick up the pace on the normalization of hormonal levels that were disrupted after having a cycle with prohormones and anabolic steroids, APEX Male also assists in safeguarding the muscle mass and strength levels that you’ve gained in your training program.

APEX Male Ingredients

How about we check out the key ingredients that are in APEX Male this time?

APEX Male ingredients
  • D-Aspartic Acid – Classified as an amino acid regulator of testosterone synthesis, D-Aspartic Acid or D-AA has been seen to stimulate temporary yet powerful spikes in the production of testosterone hormones in the body when used in a regular basis. It is currently considered as one of the most promising compounds in aiding male fertility.
  • Prolensis (Bulbine) – Derived from the South African herb Bulbine Natalensis, Prolensis (Bulbine) has been seen to directly elevate the levels of testicular cholesterol, which is relayed to the mitochondria of the testes and eventually processed into pregnenolone, the raw material in the production of testosterone. The higher the pregnenolone levels are in the body, the more abundant testosterone will be in the body.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Also known as Devil’s weed, Cat’s head and Puncturevine, medical studies reveal that Tribulus Terrestris can trigger a two-part effect when it comes to boosting testosterone levels in the body. First, it significantly reduces blood glucose that can hamper the formation of male hormones in the system. Second, it stimulates a spike in the activities of the luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

APEX Male Benefits

  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Regulates estrogen hormones
  • Protects the muscle mass and strength levels you’ve gained
  • Helps increase sex drive and improve libido

APEX Male Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules of APEX Male twice daily with food.

APEX Male Side Effects

Most of the users who have already tried APEX Male did not experience any major side effects while taking the product.

APEX Male Testimonials

Now let’s go over some testimonials from people who have tried using APEX Male for their PCT:

“As with every other Blackstone product I have used, it really works…great stuff!”

“I recommend this to anyone looking to get a great boost in energy and not take testosterone shots.”

“Felt stronger when lifting. Controlled weight better.”

“I take Apex Male to help at the gym and in the bedroom. It does a great job at both. I take it for 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off. Will continue to use this stuff!”

“Generally Blackstone labs has good products I was looking for a libido boost and this helped.”

APEX Male Conclusion

With ingredients that have been proven to actually help boost testosterone levels and positive testimonials from people who have actually tried using it, I’d say APEX Male is one product you need to check out if you’re looking to get a post cycle therapy going soon. You’re already getting 240 capsules for just under $70 as well. Get a bottle of APEX Male when you click here.

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