Beta Ala9 is touted as one of the best value pre workout products you could possibly find. Let’s see how it holds up when we subject it to a rigorous review.





We all know that our bodies function much like machines, with various processes occurring as we go about our daily business or work out. These processes influence our body in many ways, some positive, other negative. One major negative process that happens when we work out hard is release of hydrogen ions that drop pH levels in our muscles causing them to be fatigued faster which means it becomes harder to work out and harder to lift maximum possible weight.

This is where Beta Ala9 comes in like a charm. The product combines Beta Alanine with a number of other ingredients, whose main goal is to promote high L-Carnosine levels. The compound then soaks up these positive hydrogen ions, preventing them from reducing the pH of your muscles, ultimately making you feel stronger and less fatigues, allowing for longer and more powerful workouts.


As I already mentioned the main ingredient of Beta Ala9 is Beta Alanine. A serving of three capsules holds 2000 mg of Beta Alanine, along with 150 mg of the Beta Ala9 Proprietary Buffering Formula which contains N-Acetyl Cysteine, Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, Citrulline Malate, L-Histidine, K-R-Ala (K-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Glucuronolactone in unknown quantities. Here is the complete label:

Beta Ala9 Supplement Facts
Beta Ala9 Supplement Facts

How Do I Take It?

A tub of Beta Ala9 comes with an incredible 210 capsules in it. Since you should take three capsules per serving, a little before your workout, the product should last you well over two months, and possibly even over three months, depending on how often you work out. Considering the mega cheap price, this is one of the best value products you could possibly ever buy.

Does It Work?

Looking at how Beta Ala9 does for most people, I must say it is fairly impressive. The product is actually super cheap, costing only $24.95 for 70 servings. The product clearly provides more strength, less fatigue and generally better outlook on workouts. It will allow you to feel good while putting in extra repetitions and sets that you previously would have simply been too tired to do.

That said, the product acts like most Beta Alanine products, and it is possible that the proprietary blend in it does not do too much to enhance the results. Nevertheless, the product works just fine and for the price it sells, it is certainly a very valuable pre-workout you should consider adding to your diet.


Here are the testimonials of several of the happy Beta Ala9 customers:

Love this! I take 3 an hour before my workout paired with BCAA’s and an energy supplement. Works great, I have killer workouts and the results are there too. Creatine is recommended along with as well.

BEST supplement EVER ! After one week i’ve noticed increased strenght and endurance. Good Solid product !

This stuff seemed to work well. It took a few days before it really started kicking in, but once it did I really liked it.


Beta Ala9 is a potent Beta Alanine based pre workout that will help battle the muscular fatigue caused by hydrogen ions that destroy your muscle’s pH. The product works exactly as intended and while it may not be a miraculous booster turning you into a god, it will give you the needed strength and endurance to push for some extra reps and sets and help you recover faster.

Coming at an incredibly affordable price, the product is really an easy buy when we consider how well it works and how long a bottle will last you. I would certainly highly recommend introducing Beta Ala9 into your pre workout regimen.

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