• Lean muscle mass
  • Bigger aggression in the gym
  • Higher libido & pumps
  • Superhuman strength

We’d like to present this amazing and powerful anabolic muscle builder with a name that sounds like it’s been injected with infinite amounts of testosterone! This muscle builder is a product that packs quite the punch and you won’t regret getting it. Explicit Labz doesn't mess around with the quality of their products which is one of the reasons why they are on top of the supplement market in the first place.

There’s no doubt that you’ll achieve the desired effects once you start using BFG and you will surely continue using it for a long time. Let’s go into even more details so you understand what’s going on.

BFG Benefits

BFG works by providing your muscles with much-needed proteins that stimulate the anabolic hormone insulin. It also gives you an array of anti-catabolic and anabolic nutrients that enhance muscle growth and the synthesis of proteins. This product is designed to give you massive muscle growth and beast-like strength. It’s important to know that only by following the instructions will you achieve the best results!

BFG Ingredients

If you are wondering about the ingredients of this product then make sure you check out its label down below:


DMZ 20mg

20 milligrams of Dymethazine has a very weak androgenic activity. You’ll get nice and lean muscle gain without damaging your liver or any other side-effects.

Cyanostane 20mg

This is a highly anabolic compound that doesn’t have strong androgenic action. As with Dymethazine, it won’t produce any side-effects and it’s a great choice for people who are worried about losing body fat while increasing muscle mass.

Methyl Sten 16mg

This is a very powerful strength builder which doesn’t cause any negative estrogen side-effects.

M1-AD 20mg

The backbone of the BFG, this compound is one of the most potent and powerful compounds in the world. It’s processed by the liver which means that you must be careful and be on post-cycle and on-cycle therapy.

BFG Side Effects

Lack of proper care and therapy can result in organ damage (mostly the liver). Be very careful when using this product.

BFG Reviews

The few customer reviews that we encountered say only the best about this product. Here’s what people had to say:

“Ever since I started using this product I’ve managed to achieve immense gains and I have never felt stronger in my life! Everything about it is so good, even the price! More and more women have started noticing me and the biggest culprit for this is BFG!! ROCK HARD!”

“Man, there’s nothing bad I have to say about BFG. It literally made me into a demi-god in terms of strength. I can easily lift things that are much heavier than the objects I used to lift before using BFG. It’s crazy how effective this is! Highly recommended, 9.5/10!”

“Thank you Explicit Labz, you really helped me achieve my goals. When I started taking the Big Fucking Guns, I didn't really think it will give me such a boost in strength. I mean, don't get me wrong, I did expect something… But this, this is amazing. Not only did it increase my benchpress weight, but it gave me better endurance to endure more reps. With this being said, I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get their muscles supplied with some great stuff!”

BFG Conclusion

When you look at how carefully you need to use BFG because of the potential damage it can cause if you don’t follow the rules, you can see how good it is. It’s filled with a lot of ingredients but all of them work together to make you as strong as possible. The customers recommend it, the company recommends it, and we recommend it! Just be careful when using it and you’ll become as strong as steel in no time!

Buy BFG Online / Discount

If you want to buy this product, you can get it here for $20 off the retail price.

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Have Been on for almost 4 weeks now, noticed good gains on all lifts . Also noticed fantastic vascularity and size. Will be jumping up to 3 pills next round.

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