• Very good price and accessibility
  • Reported to function very fast
  • Animal friendly and presented in veggie pills


  • Not recommended for people not used to weight supplements
  • Can bring health problems if overused

It is sometimes impossible to find the time to make a nicely structured meal that will benefit us both momentarily and in the long run. That is why people are turning to fast and functional solutions, as not all of us have the time to exercise and eat right in order to lose weight.

Today we are doing an in-depth analysis of a product that has you covered on such issues. BURNZ is a weight supplement now used by many-a customer.

Let us see if BURNZ lives up to the expectations of its fans, customers and reviewers alike.

BURNZ Ingridients

Cayenne Pepper –Due to having capscain, the main ingredient in all hot peppers in the world, cayenne pepper is used by generations for its medical properties, weight loosing characteristics and for its magnificent spicy taste. Cayenne Peppers actually have more Vitamin C than lemons and in those respects act as a potent immune system booster.

L-Carnitine – Famous for its healing abilities to brain and heart complications. L-Carnitine is one of the most famous ingredients used by professional and amateur athletes, body builders and trainers alike.

Caffeine If taken correctly it can serve as an immune booster and especially while being drank during “intermittent fasting” it helps the organism work faster, thus loosing excess fat and weight in the process. However, mixing the coffee with coconut oil will eventually bring the best results.

Huperzine A – a purified substance from the club moss plant. Used mostly to boost energy and increase cognitive function. The substance helps the users muscle recovery and is also known to help in real life muscle diseases. It is used to help Alzheimer patients and it helps in the prevention of the disease occurring. It is also used to increase alertness, energy and it helps the nerves stay protected.

BURNZ Side Effects

Heart palpitations –. Due to a potent combination of ingredients it is possible that some people’s organism wont easily gets used to such a supplement making changes to their organism. If you experience any kind of sensations happening around the chest area, be sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Difficulty sleeping (mild insomnia) – Some say it is because of caffeine, and some say it is because of the body not being used to weight loss supplements. Whatever the exact root cause may be – be sure to contact your doctor for any sleep depriving experiences you might have. Sleep is an essential part of the weight loss program, so be extra careful if you experience this side effect and stop intake at once. If you experience any of the mentioned side effects above, call your doctor asap and appoint a meeting.

BURNZ Reviews

All of the BURNZ units have the biggest customer and fan base in the United States and the United Kingdom. Let us see what people who got to try it have to say about this particular product.

Burnz paired with cutz-ns has helped get my body back post baby.  

Love the fact that this is a thermogenic fat burner! Seems to be working – I’ve lost 6 pounds!

This product has given me a great increase in clean energy though the day, and has helped me drop 15 pounds in stubborn weight in only 5 weeks. No dramatic diet change, just increasing my water. I’m very impressed! Mary Stumbleweed

Buy BURNZ Online / Discount

BURNZ is an all-out game changer in the supplement market. Due to relatively healthy ingredients list, little to no side effects associated with intake, and an overall good customer service – we say YES, you should give this product a go.

Be sure to drop us some feedback on how its working for you so the manufacturer knows how to improve it further.

You can order BURNZ here for just $24.95.

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