Don’t let your low energy stop you from training! C4 by Cellucor is a great pre-workout supplement that will give you the “push” you need to train hard. Read this review to get the whole picture.





Want to add “oomph” to your training? Then a pre-workout booster is what you need. An increased mental focus, blood flow, durability and muscle performance will help ensure you achieve great trainings and C4 by Cellucor will make sure you get that.

C4 is unlike any other pre-training supplement being offered in the market – it pushes limits, keeps you moving forward and takes your training to the next level all while increasing muscle mass and losing body fat. C4 is the edge you need in reaching your bodybuilding goals.

Did you know it has attained the highest honors in the supplement industry? In 2013, C4 has been awarded the best Pre-workout Supplement of the Year and Best Product Innovation from top global retailers, including and GNC.

Here’s my in-depth review on C4…

C4 Ingredients

So what makes C4 a multi-awarded pre-workout supplement? What it is made of, of course! Here is a label so you’ll know what you’re getting first-hand.

Key ingredients in C4 that supply more energy to get that extra rep and finish that last set:

  • NO3 – a nitrate that is an innovative compound that supports incredible muscle pumps and magnifies the power of C4
  • Creatine Nitrate – 1000% more water soluble ensuring improved absorption and no traditional side effects of Creatine supplementation

Now with the latest ingredient:

  • TeaCor – an advanced ingredient for boosting energy that comes on faster and lasts longer

C4 Flavors

C4 is a powdered pre-workout supplement. Other past reviews have said C4 tastes divine and having tried it, I can surely attest to that! Crowd favorites are Icy Blue Razz, Green Apple and Watermelon. Other unique flavors include Fruit Punch, Mojito, Pink Lemonade, Mystery and many more!

Editor’s Tip: Check out ALPHACre HD for an even better option.

Taking a sip of C4 sends a tinkling sensation through your body giving you that motivational hit at the right time – right before you’re about to crush your training.

C4 Benefits

Here’s what you’ll experience when drinking C4:

  • Fat loss by increasing the caloric burning effect
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Augmented energy
  • More intense focus
  • Better metabolism
  • Improved mood

C4 Reviews

Listen to these C4 reviews & testimonials to learn more why people love this product:


“…Helps you stay strong at the gym. Helps you last long in the gym with heavy weights. Helps you get greater pumps…”


“…The pumps that I got from the stuff are unreal. It made me want to just go in and attack the weight…”

C4 Dosage

Use on Training Days: To determine tolerance, start by taking one serving (1 scoop) mixed with 4-6 ounces of water 20 to 30 minutes before training. Once personal tolerance has been gauged, take one to two servings (1 to 2 scoops) 20 to 30 minutes prior to your workout. Add 4 to 6 ounces of water for every serving. It is suggested that you drink plenty of water during your training.

*Use only as instructed.

*DO NOT exceed suggested daily intake.

C4 Conclusion

I get tired training from every now and then. Thus, I need an energy-booster to keep going. Taking C4 gave me a warming sensation that radiates through my body and I am ready to crush. Plus, the taste is unbelievable! After days of taking C4, I don’t feel tired. I feel confident, strong and have never been so focused. I’ve even set a new personal record (with ease) which honestly shocked me!

C4 is the real thing. It gives you the clean energy boost without crashing afterwards. This pre-training supplement definitely gave my workouts a push and I am very happy with the results I am seeing in my body – no wonder it’s loved by so many.

Have you tried C4? How was your experience with C4? Share it with us by leaving your own review below.

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That’s okay if you want to disagree. I don’t make money from Cellucor or am paid to promote them. I always thought the 50x was pretty legit, but after awhile sure you will developed a tolerance. I always switch mine up and never use the same brand twice.

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