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  • Energy Boosting
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  • Improved Libido and Fertility


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Cannibal Alpha PCT Review | One of the Best Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone is the single hormone that makes men what they are. It affects all your primary masculine traits, which is why it is crucial in bodybuilding. As such, Chaos and Pain went to great lengths to make their Cannibal Alpha supplement, hoping that high enough testosterone levels will turn you into a true alpha male.

Cannibal Alpha is more than just a testosterone booster; it is also a fantastic post-cycle therapy when taking prohormones or SARMs. It will repair the damaged hormone levels, usually due to long cycles of powerful prohormone or SARM products.

Supplement companies tend to make extraordinary claims by quoting famous historical personas. Even incredible superhuman abilities their products will give you. While Chaos and Pain tend to do just that, from my experience, their products came very close to the claims they made, which is why I approached Cannibal Alpha with an open mind. So let’s get right into the ingredients and see how the product measures up to the claims.



The ingredients in Cannibal Alpha have two main purposes: to increase Testosterone levels and to suppress Estrogen. Cannibal Alpha was sold along with several SARMs from Chaos and Pain, and it can serve as great PCT after cycles of these SARMs. The main ingredients in Cannibal Alpha are:

  • Arimit: Repairs damaged testosterone and estrogen levels and restore balance.
  • Brassaiopsis glomerulata: Anecdotal evidence of Estrogen suppression.
  • Curcumin: Improves blood pressure and prevents prostate enlargement.
  • Indole-3-carbinol: Blocks Estrogen.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: Improves sperm quality.
  • N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid: Increases testosterone levels and improves fertility.
  • Capsorb: Improves bioavailability of other compounds in the product.


There are little to no reported side effects. This product is targeted mainly at men as it boosts Testosterone levels and limits Estrogen levels. Potential side effects could vary from too much energy resulting in anxiety,

Pregnant women or minors shouldn’t take this supplement. This supplement aims to boost hormone levels. If any adverse side effects occur, consult your doctor.


The product manufacturers make some pretty impressive claims as to the potency of Cannibal Alpha, and the product seems to deliver on those claims quite well. As a standalone product, Cannibal Alpha will help you increase your Testosterone levels and give you an improved sense of masculinity, strength, and power otherwise unavailable.

Used after a cycle of one of Chaos and Pain’s SARMs, this product will help restore the natural balance of hormones in your body that can get damaged after prolonged usage of SARMs, prohormones, and other hormone-affecting products.

Overall, most people who used Cannibal Alpha showed significant increases in strength, general mood, and libido, even after taking the product for a short period. The workout sessions are more intense when you use them, and the tiredness and resignation that can sometimes catch even the most resilient quickly go away on Cannibal Alpha.

  • Restore the balance of Hormones after prolonged usage of SARMs
  • Powerful Testosterone Boost
  • Improved Libido and Mood
  • Energy boosting effect



Here is what some of the people who used Cannibal Alpha as either PCT or general supplement had to say about it:

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Increased energy, libido and mood. Been taking for 2 days now 15 tablets a day and Its makes a difference..I want to workout 7 days a week. Side effects include Obnoxiously Smelly green Hulk-like poop….

I love this product. It helped me unlock my inner Alpha. Tons more energy, and I crush my crossfit workouts. I PR’d my squat and bench quick while taking Cannibal Alpha. Warn your lady, because you are going to wear it out.

This is probably my favorite of the test boosters I’ve tried. I think the effects are usually overstated in reviews (or maybe I just get less of an effect) but alpha does make me feel noticeably different. I’m 34, I’ve had a history of hormonal problems, and I’m just a novice lifter. That being said, I’ve found that alpha helps my moods, helps me recover more quickly from workouts, and does increase my sex drive. In addition this is a better value than other similar products on the market.

Wasn’t sure about ordering a test booster/pct on amazon but… I can confirm this stuff is legit. I’ve been taking this for about a week and a half and I’m still making gains. The one negative side effect (maybe) is I’m pitching a tent pretty much all day. I feel like I’m in highschool again.

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If you are running any kind of prohormones or SARMs, post-cycle therapy is always at least recommended and oftentimes mandatory. When it comes to PCTs, Cannibal Alpha seems like one of the finer products on the market at the moment and coming at $31.95 per 30 capsules, the product won’t cost you an absurd amount of money either.

I highly recommend Cannibal Alpha for any post-cycle therapy or even as a general supplement to increase your Testosterone levels.




Order Cannibal Alpha Now For $31.95!

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