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Review Summary:

If you are not just looking for a product that can shred fat but provide you with other benefits as well, then I'm happy to inform you that you're at the right place. You see, Cinerate is a brand new supplement by Vaxxen Labs, a company with great ambitions. This supplement, in addition to its fat burning properties, also gives you a whole bunch of energy and increased focus to help you advance through to your desired results. Is it really that good? Well, the only way to find out is by reading the full review down below!

Fat burners are these boring, single-usage-only, supplements. All they care for is shredding fat and minimizing your appetite. There are just too little innovations in this back alley of the supplements market and it seems as though Vaxxen Labs wants to put an end to it.

Meet Cinerate, a brand new fat burner based on L-Carnitine, Caffeine and Theacrine, all 3 very popular ingredients that have gained excellent reviews in recent years.

With the help of other ingredients, I can safely say Cinerate brings a lot more to the table in addition to fat burning. It also minimizes your appetite, provides you with a lot of clean energy for your workouts and makes sure you are 100% concentrated on the task at hands.

So with all that in mind, let's dig further to see if we can find any dirt about this supplement!

Cinerate Ingredients – Is there anything dangerous inside?

Now that you know the basics behind Cinerate, it is time to take a closer look at its ingredients label:

Cinerate Ingredients

  • Acetyl L-CarnitineL-Carnitine is a widely used amino acid which our bodies naturally produce on their own. In medicine, L-Carnitine is most frequently used for treating brain-related conditions such as Alzheimer's, memory loss and depression. In bodybuilding supplementation, it's used for increasing energy during workouts and for its fat-burning properties.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
    The purest form of Caffeine, everyone's favorite drug, on the market. I'm sure most of you know the effects already – a strong spike of energy that gives you a boost throughout the day not just physically but cognitively as well.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
    Consists high levels of chlorogenic acid. It's mostly used for its ability to combat obesity.
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • 2-aminoisoheptane
  • Hordenine
  • Theacrine
    Very similar to Caffeine, Theacrine is also used for its powerful stimulant properties that give out massive amounts of energy.
  • Chrysin
  • N-Methyltyramine
  • Octopamine
  • Bioperine
  • Huperzia Serrata
  • Halostachine

All in all, I believe Cinerate's formula is well-versed. As you can see above, it sports a whopping 1 gram of Acetyl-L-Carnitine as well as 275mg of Caffeine and 50mg of Theacrine which are more than enough to keep you well energized throughout the entire day.

Are there any side effects Cinerate could potentially cause?

In terms of side effects, you will be happy to know that Cinerate isn't prone to them. In worst case scenarios, you'll end up with mild nausea and headaches.

Warning – due to the fact Cinerate has a lot of Caffeine Anhydrous inside, people who aren't used to it will most likely suffer strong headaches for the first couple of days.

“I wish someone told me that I shouldn't start with such a huge dose of Caffeine if I never drank coffee in my life… Headaches were terrible and lasted for the first 4 days of using. After that, it went buttery smooth and I managed to loose a few extra pounds”

What do other users say about Cinerate? Does it really work?

With such a good mixture of ingredients, it's no wonder that users of Cinerate are praising it so much:

“I love it. It's not only helping me lose fat but it's also giving me plenty of focus so I can keep concentrated on my work as a journalist.”

“If you're up for a serious workout routine and a good diet plan, then Cinerate can definitely help you reach your goals. I've used it for a month and it did wonders for me. From 220 to 200. Beat that!”

This particular reviewer made me giggle:

“Shiiiiiiiiit fam, this thing is lit! Cinerate incinerated my fat and provided me with a lot more endurance in the bedroom, even though there's nothing on the website about this effect. Still, I can't love it more…”


  • Has additional effects other than shredding fat
  • Whopping 275mg of Caffeine


  • Not recommended to people who don't usually drink coffee

The final verdict on Cinerate?

Now that we have done a rather thorough research on this supplement, it's time to give you a couple of final words… a summary in a sort.

First of all, I'd like to point out that Cinerate is not only meant for people who are wanting extreme fat shredding effects. While they are the primary targets, Cinerate can greatly help with people who feel tired all the time and cannot concentrate on their work.

With a powerful formula that contains a gram of L-Carnitine and 275mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, it's 100% sure that Cinerate means business. That being said, if you are looking for a supplement that can give you all those effects described above, then this supplement is like a dream come true.

Buy Cinerate here for just $44.99!

Where to buy Cinerate?

If you really like what you're seeing about this awesome new fat burner, then I suppose you'd like to go for it too. In that case, make sure you purchase Cinerate via Vaxxen Labs official website as that's the best deal you can find for it.


Acetyl L Carnitine

A very popular ingredient that has found its way into a ton of supplements all around the world.

What does it do?

This ingredient is often found in workout boosters and fat burners due to its positive effects on energy for your training sessions.

Scientifical research

There are certain studies that show the glimpse of what to expect from L-Carnitine. [1]

Caffeine Anhydrous

The purest form of caffeine available on the market.

What does it do?

Most people use caffeine (beverages) on a daily basis due to the fact it provides them with a heavy energy spike that lasts throughout the day.

Scientifical research

There are many research studies that show the positive effects of Caffeine. [2]

Green Coffee Bean Extract

An ingredient that's rich in chlorogenic acid.

What does it do?

In addition to positive effects on one's blood pressure and diabetes, Green Coffee Bean Extract is also used for battling obesity.

Scientifical research

At the moment, there are no concrete evidence that show positive effects of this ingredient on weight loss and fat burning.

Side Effects


What causes headaches?

Headaches are most likely caused by caffeine which, especially with people who don't have any sort of tolerance, is known for causing them.


What causes nausea?

In rare cases, users have experienced mild nausea which is most likely connected to excess of Acetyl-L-Carnitine.


How much does Cinerate cost?

At the moment, you can buy Cinerate for just roughly $50 via Vaxxen Labs main website.

Does it work?

If you take just a glance at the label of Cinerate, you will see that it's packed with well-known ingredients. If that's not enough for you, take a closer look at our reviews section and you'll get the picture. This little fella works like a charm, there's no doubt about it!

Any advice before purchasing it?

As I've already stated a couple of times throughout this review, if you've never drunk coffee in your life or had any sort of previous experience with caffeinated beverages, you might experience strong headaches once you start using this supplement. It doesn't mean there's a 100% chance of headaches, but still, they're pretty high…

User Tips

“Even though similar “all in one” products are often scams, Cinerate has helped me a lot so I can guarantee it's the real deal!” Osman

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