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Review Summary:

We've actually already seen several innovations in terms of water bottles that twist up the flavour of the liquid inside. However, most of them (if not all) are just petty gimmicks. However, Cirkul aims to change all that with an innovative approach that seems to be working like a charm. So, let's see what's this thing all about!

All of us forget to drink water sometimes. Whether it’s down to working too much and forgetting you’re actually thirsty or simply doing other things that require the entirety of your focus and dedication – it happens. Some people don’t even realize they’re not hydrated enough until they start feeling symptoms of dehydration.

You actually wouldn’t believe how often this happens. We’ve found info that, albeit untested, sounds completely reasonable. A staggering 75% of Americans end up dehydrated (although, this dehydration is usually very mild). When you look at it, it doesn’t sound impossible at all. Ask your friends and take note of how many of them say they drink the recommended water intake amount. Not a lot, I presume.

This can also be caused by not wanting to drink water as it doesn’t have any taste. Some people simply prefer soft drinks, beer, juices, or anything in-between. The truth is, only water can satisfy your thirst (alongside some natural drinks such as lemonade). Everything else has a reduced effect on your hydration, which is why professional athletes and sportspeople often avoid anything other than water.

One company has decided to aid the fellow American by introducing a product which, through a tasty solution, should help keep the general population hydrated. Of course, we’re talking about Cirkul. 

Cirkul Ingredients and Work Process

Basically, you get an infuser (and a water bottle that hosts it) which turns your regular water into tasty water. This process sounds rather simple – and it is. There are no complicated bits or the need for a smartphone (like some other solutions need), so just about anyone can use it with no issues.

The great thing about Cirkul is that you don’t need two, three, five water bottles at a time. All you need is one infuser, and one bottle – that’s it. The flavoured powder used in Cirkul is very concentrated; meaning that the infuser can hold a small amount of it, whilst you’ll be able to use that amount to fill a couple of water bottle’s worth of flavoured water. This means that the storage space needed to keep this product safely away is minimal.

Oh, you’re in control of the flavour amount as well. There’s a simple dial at the top of the infuser through which you pick how strong or weak you want the water to taste.

As for the ingredients? They’re all natural without any added colours. The powder also contains zero calories so you won’t have to worry about shedding what you just drank!

Are there any possible side effects of Cirkul?

The only side effects you may experience whilst drinking flavoured water from Cirkul is water poisoning. But this only happens if you really, really overdo the amount of water you drink. In 99.99% of the cases, you won’t drink more than what you need. The remaining fraction of a percent is due to various external factors that, when combined, can contribute to water poisoning.

Other than that, there’s nothing to be worried about. Besides, you’ll probably drink the same amount of flavoured water when working out as you would normal water. The main difference is when you aren’t working out. In any case, side effects are minimal.

What do other people have to say about Cirkul bottles? Are there any Cirkul reviews available?

User reviews usually correctly describe a product and can serve as a basis for further inspection and interest. As such, we’ve decided to include a couple of user reviews in this article to help you make a choice. From what we’ve seen so far, however, the reviews are mostly positive and people seem content with their Cirkul.

“I play a lot of games throughout the day and often forget to drink water. Energy drinks are where it's at and I found that they quench my thirst pretty well. The bad side is that I’ve noticed my body changing from so many energy drinks. But I'll be honest – this thing is awesome!”


Cirkul Review


“My experience with cirkul has only been positive. I got the starter pack for a bargain and my gym going motivation has improved. I now want to work even more and with this thing making water taste like tasty juice, I'm gonna push even more!! Props to cirkul for making this!!”

Final thoughts on Cirkul

If you absolutely despise the taste of water, you probably should do something about it. But if you simply forget about drinking your daily recommended intake, or maybe you feel sick and water just doesn’t taste as good – Cirkul is a great product for you.

There are no side effects that can cause damage to you (apart from the one we mentioned but the chances for that happening are extremely slim. You’d need to drink more than 28 litres of water daily or 1 litre hourly).

We’re also happy about the fact that Cirkul doesn’t use any artificial flavours or chemicals in their flavour powder, which is always a plus. An all-natural ingredient lineup plus an ingenious way of making flavoured water and you’ve got yourself the winning combination!

Give Cirkul a shot! It’s worth it!


Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate

These two ingredients are primarily used as freshness preservers. They can be found in many products of a different pedigree and niche so it’s not surprising they found their way into flavored water.


Sounds scary, but isn’t. Sucralose is an artificial (only in wording) sweetener that doesn’t contain any calories. The reason it’s artificial is because it is derived from sucrose[1] which can be found in plants. Compared to some other sweeteners, Sucralose doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, doesn’t cause cancer, infertility, or pose a threat to pregnancies. It’s also completely safe regarding the immune system.


A form of Vitamin B3. It’s used to treat and prevent niacin deficiency. This deficiency can cause dementia, diarrhea, tongue swelling, and peeling red skin. Therefore, Cirkul is essentially good for you when it comes to preventing the appearance of various illnesses.

Side Effects

Water Poisoning

Water poisoning[2] can lead to kidney failure and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What Causes Water Poisoning?

Water poisoning can appear due to too much water ingestion. The recommended daily intake of water is between 2-4 liters (the latter being in the summer months when we sweat more). Water poisoning occurs when you drink more than 1-2 liters per hour.


How Much Does Cirkul Cost?

The cost depends on what you’re after. If you just want the bottle and lid – it’s between $15 and $30. The cartridges themselves are subscription based and range from $27 (8 cartridges monthly) to $82 (32 cartridges monthly).

Does it Really Work?

There haven’t been any studies on the effectiveness of flavored water on increasing water intake, but users have reported that they have started drinking more fluids; in this case, Cirkul.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no effective alternatives to Cirkul flavored water at this time.

Where Can I Buy it?

You can get your very own Cirkul (bottle, lid, and everything else) by visiting the official Cirkul website. More info can be found there as well.

User Tips

Jonny D.“you can get more out of each cartridge by making slightly less concentrated mixtures. The taste is pretty strong if you overdo it, but holding back can last you longer!”

  1. Works great. My only complaint is that the products use sucralose instead of something natural like stevia…

  2. Sucralose does indeed spike blood sugar levels! That is a pure plain lie!

  3. I have a daughter that has MD, and a niece that has MD, the type they have affects them drinking water, they have a very hard time, they are not capable of determining how much water they have in their mouths so they choke EVERY TIME, (no matter their age). So I got them both Cirkul and even their therapists is now recommending Cirkul to her patience that have this issue. Yes, we can just buy flavored water, but the cost in the long run is very high. With Cirkul the cost is great, there are lots of options in flavor, bottle, size, and comfort. The therapist said not all her patients can afford Cirkul, but the ones that do she has seen great improvement in keeping these kids hydrated. The kids love the flavors and being able to carry these bottles with them especially since leaking is minimal. It is so much easier to toss a few flavors in a purse or bag instead of having to carry multiple bottles of multiple flavors. I would like to thank Cirkul for this product, it has improved the lives of so many people I know,

  4. poor customer service there is a phone number on your credit card bill. but it’s a fake number..
    they won’t reply to emails requesting auto-shipments be cancelled..
    the water is soso.

  5. great product to throw away. customer service won’t answer phone number on credit card bill.
    they keep shipping and billing..

  6. We have spent $220 on Cirkul cartridges. We love the LifeSip and FitSip cartridges. On one of our many orders we decided to try the PureSip Variety 4-Pack but HATED them! On July 31, 2019 we emailed Cirkul requesting a refund for $15 due to our dissatisfaction with the PureSip cartridges. Cirkul has refused to refund or give us a $15 credit. THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE especially for ongoing repeat customers who have spend hundreds of dollars on products from your company!

  7. Underneath the lid and collar, it can mold. Has anyone gotten sick from this?

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