CORDYGEN5 by Millennium Sport

CORDYGEN5 by Millennium Sport




Both bodybuilders and athletes often find themselves in need of some extra strength and energy during intense workout sessions. There are multiple ways preworkout formulas do this and today we are presenting a fairly uncommon preworkout product called Cordygen5.

Cordygen5 is a preworkout formula by Millenium Sports, based on cordyceps which improve Oxygen utilization, add to the cellular energy and ATP production and greatly improve stamina and endurance. The product’s manufacturers make some pretty big claims and we are here to give our honest opinion on the product and keep them honest. Let’s have a look.

What’s In It?

Cordygen5 capsules contain a proprietary blend made up of various performance increasing ingredients which are meant to improve various aspects of workout performance. These ingredients, which include 100% organic and healthy cordyceps, are a great replacement for Creatine for those who don’t want to take the commonly used supplement.

The product is meant to:

  • Boost ATP Levels
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Immune System
  • Support Endurance
  • Improve Oxygen Utilization
  • Boost Testosterone

Here is the complete label of the ingredients which are meant to achieve this:

Cordygen5 Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

Cordyceps5 uses a blend of 5 different species of cordyceps which are blended together to provide the maximum potency possible. Cordyceps are compounds well known for their potency in improving endurance and energy and allowing the body to better use the Oxygen as well as increasing ATP levels.

All of these effects in combination provide for a fairly potent preworkout formula that can possibly replace Creatine all together and serve as a powerful workout enhancer.

Of course, the ingredients in the formula can all seem good, but the product can still underperform, which is why customer testimonials and testing are the best way to determine if something actually works. In the case of Cordygen5, the product has received mostly stellar reviews for its performance as a preworkout. This combination of good testimonials and the proven ingredients in it is more than sufficient to state that Cordygen5 is indeed a working formula.


Here are a few of the testimonials on which we base our statement that Cordygen5 is the real deal:

Intensive cardio and max reps are available with Cordygen5, Millenium Sports is the only company to provide 5 strains of Cordyceps and the energy is unbelievable!

This works, period. Especially if you are going to be training or competing at altitude and are coming from lower elevations. You will adjust quicker. One of the best endurance supplements ever! Trust me, I swim more than you walk.

I enjoy long distance running, I started taking these and found an increase in stamina. I really don’t believe it’s a placebo effect. Because I’ll randomly forget to take the pills before a run and not remember until I get home. I’ll have a noticeable decrease in my times without the pills.

How Do I Take It?

Since we recommend giving Cordygen5 a shot, let’s discuss how you should use it. The product comes packed in 90 capsule containers and three capsules are the recommended serving. Take the capsules some half an hour to an hour and a half before a workout and get the best of Cordygen5 at the exact right time, during the workout itself.

Final Verdict

Cordyceps based formula are a bit less common in the preworkouts market and most people use more standard supplements like Creatine for energy boosts. Cordygen5 however, is a very potent preworkout formula itself and we highly recommend giving it a shot if you are on the lookout for a completely natural yet potent endurance and energy booster which can improve your performance whether you lift weights, run tracks or play sports.

You can order the product right now for just $22.95, an almost 50% discount on a 90 capsule container, which should last you quite a while. Let us know in the comments section how Cordygen5 worked for you!

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