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Core 21 is a difficult supplement to properly categorize due to the fact it has several beneficial effects on its users. It is made by 1st Phorm and does the following things in your body - effectively reduces cortisol levels, promotes quality sleep, as well as fat loss. Can it do all 3 of those things equally well and should it be your next investment? Well, let's dig a bit more around it in order to see what it's all about!

Getting a good night’s sleep nowadays is easier said than done. We lead relatively stressful lives and that’s never a good thing. Not only is stress a large risk factor in many health issues (such as increased blood pressure, migraines, etc.), it’s also a contributor to insomnia and sleep deprivation in general. There are a plethora of methods people use to help them get enough sleep during the night, which is probably something you’re looking out for as well. There are certain methods which are just as effective as the product we’re going to review, but they take a lot of time and don’t work for everyone.

So, what’s this product all about? In this article, we’ll be mentioning everything you need to know about Core 21, the pristine choice for quality sleep. This information will range from Core 21 ingredients, all the way to user reviews and benefits. Of course, we’ll be giving our final and detailed verdict at the end as well! Let’s not waste any more time on this intro; it’s time to jump into the world of Core 21!

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What's inside of this supplement | Core 21 Ingredients

Core 21 is a nighttime supplement that has been created to help people with sleep deprivation finally get some nice rest. As such, it needed powerful ingredients that, when working in unison (such as in this product), achieve the expected results with flying colors.

See, the main reason stress causes lethargy, mood swings, loss of willpower, and laziness in general, is because of increased cortisol levels. Whenever your cortisol levels are increased, your brain receives signals not to give up on the fat stored in your body. This all happens in the midsection of the body. So, your body holds onto this fat which, in turn, causes lethargy.

Core 21 utilizes some well-known and a couple of lesser-known, unique ingredients that lower cortisol levels. The additional benefit of this is that Core 21 aids weight-loss. Due to lowered cortisol levels (when taking Core 21), your body starts burning through stored fat deposits. It basically improves your body’s digestion and metabolism. Here’s the ingredient label:

Core 21 Ingredients

As you can see, the ingredient list is incredibly short and simple. There are only 4 main ingredients (with 3 of those being unique concoctions that have been tested and proven). But the ingredient list by itself won’t do you any good if you don’t know what these ingredients do. So, naturally, it’s our job to help you understand. Let’s take a look at the ReformBlendTM and what each ingredient in it does!


So, this blend is aimed at improving your sleep quality, mood, and reducing anxiety, stress, and other factors. All 4 ingredients in this blend work amazingly well since each of them has this effects (with slight differences). In order to fully understand this blend, we need to dissect it further and go into the smaller details – the ingredients!


GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system of all mammals. In humans, it regulates and calms down your CNS (Central Nervous System)[1].

GABA supplements are an effective form of dealing with anxiety, addiction, depression, and insomnia[2] hence the inclusion in Core 21.

Kava Kava

Kava Kava most often comes in the form of an extract and even a beverage. It is extracted from the Piper Methysticum plant. Kava is used as a way to calm anxiety, restlessness, and sleep deprivation/insomnia. Additionally, Kava is a powerful stress reliever.


This ingredient is an amino acid that occurs naturally. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a metabolic intermediate that controls the biosynthesis of serotonin[3]. In layman’s terms, 5-HTP supplements aid in raising serotonin levels in your body which has a positive effect on behavior and mood. As with Kava Kava and GABA, 5-HTP improves sleep, lowers anxiety levels, and even helps with your appetite.


Melatonin is nothing new to us humans; after all, our pineal gland produces it. However, melatonin shortages can occur and when they do – goodbye quality sleep. Therefore, melatonin supplements have been created to treat sleep-related disorders and control the sleep-wake cycles.

Can this supplement produce any kind of unwanted side effects?

There are a couple of side effects that may occur when using some of these ingredients separately. Possible side effects include headaches, sleepiness during the day, irritability, stomach cramps, dizziness, and a short-lasting feeling of depression.

However, since the blends in Core 21 have multiple ingredients that provide various benefits, none of these side effects occur. There haven’t been any reported side effects specifically connected to this product. As long as you follow the dosage instructions, you’ll be fine!

Core 21 Reviews | Everything You Should Know About Them…

Okay, so we’ve covered the inner workings of this product, but what does the public have to say about it? Are they happy with the product, or have they been left longing for more? Let’s find out!

“I love this product! I’ve never slept better and I wake up feeling well rested!“

Core 21 Reviews

“This seriously has saved my life. Brought down anxiety and I’ve never slept so good! My favorite product by far!“

No negative experiences with this product. This isn’t surprising because a lot of care and knowledge went into the making of this product, which is evident by the positive reviews and experiences of ordinary people looking to get some sleep.

Final thoughts on Core 21 by 1st Phorm!

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#1 Rated Supplement

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There’s not a lot to say which hasn’t been said already. Core 21 can only be described as exceptional. There are a lot of benefits involved with it, all of which will help you deal with sleep deprivation, mood swings, stress, and many other health issues. It is obvious that 1st Phorm didn’t just throw ingredients into the pot just because it sounds like it may work. They have tested these combinations extensively and it took a lot of work to create Core 21.

We recommend this product in its entirety. It works quickly, efficiently, and exactly as advertised (backed up by many of the positive reviews, confirming our initial thoughts on this product).

Where to buy Core 21?

If Core 21 sounds like something you’d be interested in, then you’ll need info on how to order it and from where. You can buy Core 21 here for roughly $50. You also have the possibility of purchasing a supplement bundle (in addition to the Core 21 product) if you want to lose weight quicker alongside getting a good night’s sleep



  • Carefully dosed ingredients
  • Proven to work
  • Plenty of satisfied customers


  • Almost a dollar per capsule
  • Performs better in a stack

  1. Had a horrible night’s sleep when I took this. Caused anxiety, itching and I woke up after three hours, unable to get back to sleep. Side effects are bad with this product.

  2. I have been taking this for 4 days now and I am extremely depressed almost suicidal for me I don’t think this is a good fit I have been real Dizzy on my 4th day sleepy I have experienced every side effect of this

  3. Why do I have the opposite effect? I wake up constantly to go to the restroom and don’t rest much. I already get up at 4 am but the couple days since taking Core 21 I have to get up early because I hate laying there wanting sleep.
    I started the whole Royal 21 Queen System and started 3 days ago.

  4. I had issues wit hit when I first started taking it, mainly waking up after 4 hours and having difficulty getting back to sleep. I also had very vivid dreams and would wake up more exhausted than when I had went to sleep. I kept through it though and after about two weeks of taking the recommended doses I noticed the side effects less and less and began sleeping through the night.

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