Crush Intense 2.0

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Crush Intense 2.0


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– Powerful ingredients
– Tastes good
– Works for most people


– Unbalanced formula
– Innefective for some people
– Has a lot of side effects

If you want to get ripped you should waste no time and start working out and taking care of your day right now! It isn’t easy to become a champion! A lot of sweat and blood needs to be sacrificed. But I am here to help you out, and make your journey a bit easier to digest.

Many people believe supplements are miraculous and everyone using them has a guaranteed path to success. It can’t get any more wrong than that, and everyone who thinks so should dig deeper into the subject to understand it. There are no results without a good effort, and when somebody says a good effort, the first thing that pops into my mind is the commitment to training and diet in order to achieve your desired results.

These two combined are almost guaranteed way to reach your goals. While I cannot help you out with commitment (that’s something you need to take care of all by yourself), I surely can when it comes to working out. This new pre-workout Crush Intense 2.0 seems like a solid choice. Its main goal is to increase your workout performance and allow you to notice improvements much quicker than usual.

How good Crush Intense 2.0 really is and what can it bring to the table? Well, a good way of finding out would be by looking at its ingredients and effects… and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you!

INGREDIENTS OF Crush Intense 2.0

Crush Intense 2.0 Ingredients Label

Hardworking folks at Chrome Supps created overall a good list of ingredients, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, their formula didn’t “click” and worked as expected. Instead, it failed to deliver many results. Despite this, I decided to pick out some from the list and introduce you to their possible benefits and effects on the human body.

  • Choline Bitartrate
    More and more nutrition brands realize the value of this amazing compound, and it is no wonder it is becoming so popular. Choline Bitartrate is cheap Choline source compared to some other, but still quite effective and capable of delivering good benefits. It is used for improving cognitive function and supporting brain health.
  • Beta Alanine
    Beta Alanine is a great addition for every pre-workout. It is very beneficial and because of it even sold as a supplement itself. It will provide you everything needed for better performance and that extra few reps, which in the end make a huge difference. It is one of our favorites and one to look for while searching for something to improve performance.
  • Yohimbine
    Yohimbine or Yohimbe is used in many supplements due to some of its properties but also has a negative side. Thousands of people all across the planet complain about its negative effects to the body and many side effects. If you want to experience some of its benefits it shouldn’t be hard for you to find better and safer alternative than this one, and I believe in few years’ time it will become extinct in the world of dietary supplementation.
  • L-Taurine
  • DMAE
  • L-Citruline
  • Choline-Bitartate
  • GLucoronolactone
  • Caffeine Ahnydrous
    A powerful stimulant in its purest form available on the market. 200mg of it is a pretty high dosage and creates a massive spike of energy for your workouts. You might want to lay off of coffee for a while.
  • Infienergy Dicaffeine Malate
  • Hordenine
  • Higenamine

While the dosages of main active ingredients (I’m mostly referring to Beta Alanine, L-Taurine, and Caffeine) are extremely high, Crush Intense 2.0 has received a surprising number of negative reviews in which people claim it to be ineffective.

The only reason for this is a generally unbalanced formula. As I’ve mentioned already, the formula features plenty of powerful ingredients, but as a whole, it simply fails to deliver.

SIDE EFFECTS OF Crush Intense 2.0

Side effects combined with a lack of efficiency are the main reasons to skip on this one and wait until Chrome Supps comes up with something better. It is possible to experience heart palpitations and few minor side effects such as stomach pain or dizziness.

Here is a quick look at what one user experienced while using Crush Intense 2.0:

“I could not believe I wasted money on a product that gave me nothing but a stomach ache. I’ll never buy this again! ”


BENEFITS OF Crush Intense 2.0

Crush Intense 2.0 PRODUCT REVIEWS

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times already, a huge number of people are claiming it is ineffective. You don’t believe me? Well, taking a closer look at this next few reviews might just make you change your mind.

“Was searching for pre workout change after using one particular product for years. After two months time I realized it was a mistake and I should get to the previous formula, as it did so much more than Crush Intense.“

“A bad supplement! Don’t use it you won’t feel any change at all. It is a big fat waste of your money.”

“I felt some changes, but overall it didn’t do as much as I thought it should. There are a lot stronger pre-workouts available and I don’t recommend trying this one out!”

As you can see, all of these people are strongly suggesting that Crush Intense 2.0 (or 2X, as you please), failed their expectations. You can almost feel the frustration within their words as they’ve obviously failed to hit their workout milestones.

On the other hand, I’ve managed to find a couple of positive reviews as well. It seems as though this formula works for some people. This reviewer made a particularly good impression on me with this ALL CAPS review:

Crush Intense 2.0 Review

Even though Crush Intense 2.0 had a strong marketing campaign, it is only available for sale in online shops. So for all of you who love visiting retail stores, unfortunately, you will have to use your PC skills for this one.

But, if you are looking for a slightly better alternative that actually works and brings great results, I warmly recommend Freak Juice by Boss Sports Nutrition.


Crush Intense 2.0 is an average supplement for someone not expecting great results. Unfortunately, it comes with a possibility of some side effects occurring, so in the end, I don’t consider it to be worth the risk.

A great pre-workout should prepare you for a high-intensity workout and set you in a state for a successful training session. It should do so by providing a good amount of energy, focus, and endurance for whatever activity you are up to.

I didn’t experience any of it and it is a shame considering there are some amazing ingredients packed in the box. If you want to save few bucks, and still get great results, our go-to option is Freak Juice by Boss Sports Nutrition. Hope this was helpful and informative!



Get exclusive promo codes, insider info, and be informed of top tier supplements before anyone else.


Get exclusive promo codes, insider info, and be informed of top tier supplements before anyone else.

4 Reviews on “Crush Intense 2.0”

To the Editor: This review is not accurate and Chrome Supps was never contacted or Interviewed for this topic. Feel free to contact direct to get your facts straight.
Crush Intense 2.0 was quickly replaced by Crush Intense 2X, 6 Months after its release and immediate improvements where made to the formula and manufacturing process. The company has received ZERO Complaints, ZERO side effects, ZERO Nausea, ZERO Headaches, ZERO Stomach issues. In fact, for being a DMAA/Amphetamine FREE Pre Workout Formula, consumer demand for Crush Intense 2X have increased. (NOTE: Again 2.0 is NOT the same as the 2X formula and 2.0 has been off the Market for almost 12 Months)
Chrome Supps is NOT SOLD at Various Online Shops as stated above. If you do your Math correclty and you are smart enough to follow Chrome Supps’ Social Media Networks, you will realize that Crush Intense 2X is sold anywhere from $34.99 to $38.99 – Feel free to check ALL of Chrome Supps Social Networks and a real up to date search for CRUSH INTENSE 2X reviews

Crush intense 2x is hands down one of the best preworkout powders I have ever used. The formula mixes completely and has a pleasant taste as opposed to the battery acid like taste of some of the competitors on the market. Crush comes on strong and stays evenly. No crashing, no jitters, just clean energy. I highly recommend this product. It is only offered online, but if you are lucky enough to catch chrome at a local bodybuilding show they will always have some kind of special.

Dearest “Editor”,

I find this review ludacris. My question for you is, besides using google, and Wikipedia, do you actually know anything about fitness? Better yet, do you even workout? If your answer is “yes” to either of those questions, you should know the simple fact, that everyBODY is different. Not to mention, everyone has their own opinion.

I find it laughable that you chose these “negative” reviews.. I mean, if I wanted to bash a company, and one of their top selling products for personal, or commercial gain, I would surely bring more to the table than that! C’mon, man!

Upset stomach? Sounds like me! You know, there are a lot of humans across the globe, that deal with gastroenterological issues. To base quality of a product, simply over an upset stomach, which I, myself, have experienced, with not only health supplements, but everything I consume, is simply cockamamie!

Still giggling, the other reviews? Seriously, man?! “Oh, this product doesn’t work”, blah-di-blah, “waste of money”, blah… I’m just dumbfounded.

There are a few words that come to mind (not to say they are necessarily bad), while reading this article. These words (while I don’t have enough characters to list them all) are as follows:
– ammature
– new
– inexperienced
– ignorant
– fresh

This article, in my very humble, and tasteful opinion, is complete garbage. This article, aside from the definitions you pulled from an online dictionary, is about as credible as Wikipedia. For those of you who don’t know what Wikipedia is (or isn’t, for that matter), should understand that it’s not a credible, nor an authoritative source, which can be edited by anyone, at any given time.

With all of this being said, before you bash this company, and once again one of their top-selling products, get the facts. Try it yourself. Do a side-by-side study. Really get in there, and get the quantifiable evidence that it’s best taken off of the market, for its not up to the “hype” that it’s said to be.

I’ve tried this product. I use this product everyday. I use this product correctly, and effectively. I’m experienced, and a veteran to the bodybuilding community. I know what works, and what doesn’t work.. FOR ME. (see what I did there?)

Looking forward to a response!


Crush Intense 2.0 is different from Crush Intense2X. I have used this pre-workout for over a year now and have not experienced any of the side effects you have mentioned. This pre-workout does not give me the jitters of heart palpitations but does give me the focus and boost of energy I need to get me through my workout while getting a good pump. All the comments posted are negative, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who disagrees with the review.

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Ad style: Male Extra Review: Will this male enhancement supplement give you that “extra” you need in the bedroom?
SEO style: Male Extra by Vobue Limited | Does it work | What does it do | Side effects | Reviews
The 2nd example works well to get it ranked, whereas the first style would be better after it ranks to increase CTR. It’s much sexier. We always try to use the first style starting off because google is smart enough to know what the article is about. But either will work just fine.


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Additional Methods

Do you have any before and after photos you can include? A simple google search will be able to pull up anything if there are some out there. People like to see something visual, so photos that show the results instead of talk about them are always a powerful component that you can add.

Quotes & Paraphrasing

If you find a long, thorough review, you can simply take that review and make it ours by rewording it or paraphrasing what they said.

You can also just quote other reviews by looking online and using blockquotes. You can even quote yourself.

Although copy & paste is not the ideal method to use, we have product reviews that have used this strategy, and some continue to rank to this day. So…it works.


Always try to make the intros punchy, because those first few lines determine if someone will keep reading or not.

Always think, who is curious about this product, and why are they looking at it? The strategy is to sell them a problem: it doesn’t matter if they have that problem it or not, but the answer to that problem COULD be this product.

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The claims people are making
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What you will be covering


Harmony by 1st Phorm is a supplement designed for women to help keep hormones in check – specifically, the ones that wreak all types of havoc during PMS.

Released recently in 2019, Harmony has since then has gotten a lot of attention from women who want to look good all year round…no matter what.

But does 1st Phorm’s new product put your harmones back in “harmony” and reduce or eliminate the adverse symptoms of PMS?

In this review, we’ll look at the ingredients that are supposed to do the trick, consider all the facts, and look at the other experiences women have had while taking Harmony.


In this section we will research the ingredients to give the person reading this review exactly what’s in it so that they can reach an informed decision based on science.

Please avoid sounding too “technical” or scientific. These are bodybuilders and regular people who want to know what a product can GIVE them, and the benefits they could receive.

When researching each ingredient, consider:

Is it a proven ingredient based on scientific research?
Is there a generous enough dose?
What’s the overall blend of ingredients like? Do they pick ingredients that would work effectively together that are both sound and effective?
Go over the formulas and ingredients one by one, giving some bit of information along with each one. You can include studies, a benefit, side effect, or anything else worth mentioning.

To research ingredients, we access information produced by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, such as searches of MEDLINE/PubMed, databases that index medical research literature and, the database of clinical research studies conducted at the National Institutes of Health and many other institutions worldwide.

We also rely on sites such as Google Scholar, WebMD, Wikipedia, Food and Drug Administration and Feel free to download a detailed spreadsheet of many of the resources we reference in creating our reviews.

Scientific studies on weight-loss and other health supplements follow a hierarchy in terms of the evidence and quality they provide. As a result, in our ingredient research we look for the “Gold Standard” of studies, which is the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled (RDBPC) study on human beings that ultimately supports the product claims made by a company. Needless to say, the more RDBPC studies support an ingredient, the better.


Yerba Mate – Antioxidant that’s thought to be stronger than green tea. (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)

Guarana– Stimulant source of caffeine.

Trimethylxanthine – Scientific name for caffeine.

Damiana – Traditionally used to fight depression and erectile dysfunction, but research doesn’t support either use. (Michigan Medicine: University of Michigan)

Green Tea – Natural growth packed with EGCG, antioxidants, and a plethora of health benefits. According to WebMD, “It’s the healthiest thing I can think of to drink,” says Christopher Ochner, PhD. He’s a research scientist in nutrition at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.”

Kola Seed – Research shows kola nut may help with boosting energy and metabolism, improve circulation and digestion, and work as an antibacterial. (Journal of Biosciences and Medicines)

Schizonepeta – “Schizonepeta Tenuifolia is a herb that is commonly called Japanese Catnip of Jing Jie and is a traditional asian remedy (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese) for the common cold, headcolds, and allergic skin eruptions,” shares


In this section, we are going to cover every possible thing regarding side effects.

We want to list several potential side effects, what to do about them, and why it’s happening or what is causing it.

People want to know…can I take this product?

In this section, it’s also fair to include things like special warnings for certain people, disclaimers, or anything else like that. When doing your research on the ingredients, you can simply take note of the side effects you notice for each one.

Instead of focusing on the specific product formula, we look closely at the specific product ingredients – and amounts of each ingredient – to determine possible side effects. The most common or important will be listed here. You can mention what to keep in mind, how to deal with and manage the side effects you experience, or what may causing them.

Here’s a brief summary of what you can add to this section:

Common side effects and what causes them

What the side effect might feel like

Special cautions or disclaimers

How to manage and deal with them

Suggestions and recommendations

Here’s another brief summary of what you can add from this example:

Quotes from others: you can find reviews, comments, or posts on the internet talking about a product and quote them on the side effects.

Quotes from yourself: literally just quote yourself. Once you find out about a side effect, just add your opinion in the form of a quote (“I personally can deal with a small side effect like this to gain such huge benefits,” says one of our lead reviewers.)


Like other supplements, Harmony can have adverse side effects if not taken correctly. This product is not for use by women under 18 years of age. Avoid this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Calcium D-glucarate, Maca (root), and KSM 66® Ashwagandha Root Extract make up the bulk of Harmony, so we’ll be focusing on these ingredients.

CDG can interact with alcohol and some medications that act on the liver. Alcohol might decrease the effectiveness of calcium D-glucarate. Taking calcium-D glucarate along with medications changed by the liver, such as acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol), might also reduce the effectiveness of these medications.


PMS is no joke, and supplements like Harmony are being manufactured daily to help fight effects like sluggishness, emotional mood swings, and the out of control food cravings that can occur.

Harmony also promises to reduce the symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as fatigue, acne, weight gain, infertility, low sex drive, etc.

If you are always tired, sleep-deprived, and anxious, or if you have insatiable food cravings, acne breakouts, or even low sex drive, this supplement can help keep you sane when you need it most.

Also, aside from helping eliminate the adverse effects of PMS, a lot of women have reported seeing improvements in skin, sleep, and higher energy levels throughout the day.


Think of meta title and description as an advertisement. When people google a certain phrase, a person will see at least 3-5 results at the top. The meta title and description will determine the CTR of the web listing. As well as tell google what the site is about.


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{{form.Product_reviewed:}} review

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Next to the formula, which we now know is extremely stimulant-heavy, the second most important factor in determining whether or not Zantrex Black is any good is what kind of <u>feedback</u> it gets from actual customers.

Since Zantrex Black is sold at, there are dozens of <u>reviews</u> to look at, and the <u>opinions</u> are widely varied.

There are almost as many 1 star <u>reviews</u> as there are 5-star ones.


You will notice in the example below that he mentions the 30+ reviews on his site are the same ones he found on Amazon! This tells me this he is either taking those reviews directly from Amazon or rewriting them completely.

The final part of this section, after several reviews are included in this article briefly summarize the reviews he found, and gave a general idea of what people were saying. He included 30 reviews, do but you expect the reader to read all 30? Instead, we can save them time by summarizing what people were saying, to be able to lean in either a positive or negative direction based on the feedback.

Of course, this gives us the ability to elaborate a little bit more, and again mention some of the reviews several times, allowing us to include the word reviews or any other important keyword again.


As mentioned earlier, we have read over 40 reviews, and the vast majority reflect those on Amazon.

Something important to make note of in the reviews is that even people that like Zantrex Black mention the side effects.

It’s mainly a matter of degree of tolerability that determines whether or not the reviews are good or bad.

There seems to be little question that Zantrex Black can increase your energy, and that’s the primary benefit users talk about.

But for some, the side effects are too much.


In this last and final section, this is where you will give a final review, sum up everything that was written.

The review will be leaning at this time in one of two ways. Either you will give it a POSITIVE review or a NEGATIVE review.

You can basically summarize all of the research you did, and then decide if you want to go in a positive or negative direction. Sometimes, if you read so many reviews saying it doesn’t work, then you can pretty much conclude with that yourself.

If the review is positive, we will sell and promote the product as well as add a call to action. If the review is negative, we will recommend a better product instead.

Use the AIRTABLE LINK to find what products we recommend depending on the category.


Based on what we’ve seen, Harmony is a product that contains all the right ingredients, and each one has been picked to combat the effects of PMS.

1st Phorm seems to put together top-notch products and has a proven track record of high-quality supplements, so I’m sure this product won’t be any different.

There are 100s of other supplements like Harmony on, such as Happy Health Hippy, each ranging from $20-$50, with this one being on the higher end at $49.99.

But you get what you pay for. And the team at Suppreviewers give Harmony a 4.5-star recommendation.

We don’t think you can go wrong using anything by 1st Phorm.


Think of meta title and description as an advertisement. When people google a certain phrase, a person will see at least 3-5 results at the top. The meta title and description will determine the CTR of the web listing. As well as tell google what the site is about.


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The KEYWORD variation
 SEO style: Male Extra by Vobue Limited | Does it work | What does it do | Side effects | Reviews
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The Catchy variation
Male Extra Review: Will this male enhancement supplement give you that “extra” you need in the bedroom?
This is more similar to a newspaper. It has a catchy title. It is not necessarily full of keywords, but in the chance that our article still ranks, it will get lots more clicks. The meta title is what people see in the search results, so the catchiest and most compelling title wins.
The 2nd example works well to get it ranked, whereas the first style would be better after it ranks to increase CTR. It’s much sexier. We always try to use the first style starting off because google is smart enough to know what the article is about. But either will work just fine.


In this section, we will discover reviews from other customers which we will be able to include within our own review. Notice how we are giving the reader exactly what they want.

You want to have sources for them, because quoting reviews out of thin air is honestly next to useless. It’s better to quote them, because there’s a higher level of credibility there, compared to “testimonials” which could’ve been conjured up out of thin air.

When including reviews, it’s safe to say you can use the experiences and reviews of other people. We are, in a sense, curating content about this product and gathering a general opinion based on what we’re able to find.

Here are some ways to include reviews of any product that you can include in your article…

1. Screenshots.

Instead of copy and paste, why not screenshot some reviews? You can go to literally any website that has the product reviews that you are looking for, and take a screenshot of them. This works for 3 major reasons:

Google LOVES media content! If you have pictures in your reviews, and makes google think that this content is media rich…and it actually is.
The photos can be SEO optimized. We can name the photos words like hydroxycutreviews.jpg, and even give it similar alt and title tags. This means that not only is the content SEO optimized, but so are pictures.
It minimizes the amount of on page duplicate content. Copy and pasting reviews still works, especially if you are only using one or two quotes. Overly done, however, can start to make too much of the content similar to other sites. Using a mixture of screenshots and quotes however, we can essentially still copy other reviews but in the form of a picture.
It’s just another tool that we have at our disposal. You can find Chrome Extensions that will allow you to take screenshots of any website you’re on.

2. Youtube. This is an easy one. Embedding Youtube videos is a super simple way to include additional reviews.

You can do this using the Content Egg plugin. Here is a screenshot of an example below:

3. Other Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

And the good news is…all of those sites allow us to embed their content! From tweets, to facebook and Instagram posts, there is an embed functionality for it that we can include.

Between those 3 sites, you should be able to find at least 1 or 2 posts about the product that are actually valuable. Things like “I’m thinking about buying the product” may not be the best things to include. But “XYZ Product Got Me ZERO Results” might be a post or tweet you’d want to embed. Sometimes, products are extremely new or rare, and it will not be easy to find information on social media just yet.

That’s okay. That’s why there we have all previous methods to this as well as more after this. Our philosophy is…SOMEbody SOMEwhere posted SOMEthing online about it. If it’s not on social media, it’s in a forum or on somebody’s blog on the internet. Our job is to find it.

That’s why THIS METHOD, although a great method to use, may only work on more popular products, so don’t stress if you cannot find any.

The key to a toned and healthy body my
@Shredz Fat Burner and outdoor cardio #DollyCastro #Shredz…
— dolly castro (@Missdollycastro) March 3, 2015