Dark Metal Manson Review: Is This The Best Value For Money In Terms of Pre Workout Supplements?

Pre-workouts are one of the most consumed dietary supplements today. Athletes use it mostly to enhance their performance enabling them to increase workout intensity, ultimately having a big impact on their results. Whether you are trying to lose fat or build lean muscle, these type of products will help you achieve your goals. Their main function is providing sustainable energy, improving endurance, boosting focus, and enhancing strength. If a product is able to do this in an efficient fashion and without any major risk for your health we consider it as a high-quality pre-workout.

Today’s review is dedicated to an Insane Labz creation, called Dark Metal Manson. We will be taking a look at its ingredients and verified customers experiences. Without wasting any more of your time let’s jump right into it, and see what is this supplement all about!

Dark Metal Manson ingredients – anything you should worry about?

At first, this combination of ingredients looks perfect for a pre-workout supplement. Unfortunately, it has one flaw that may be a decision maker for some new potential customers. If dosed properly these compounds would for sure make a great impact on your workouts.

Dark Metal Manson Ingredients

Beta Alanine

One of the most popular choices for athletes looking for increased muscular endurance and lean muscle mass. Beta Alanine is a great choice for anyone trying to take their workout intensity to another level and achieve awesome results.


An amino acid which has found its main purpose in fighting stress and calming the nervous system. The main reason for its efficiency in this area is its ability to increase levels of noradrenaline and dopamine.


Although not getting the spotlight as much as it deserves, taurine is one of the most important compounds found in human body. It serves a wide array of critical roles having a big impact on overall health and longevity. It is good for improving exercise performance due to its fatigue fighting and improving blood flow influence.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Most of you guys are familiar with this one. Caffeine Anhydrous is a substance used by millions of people on daily basis for helping them feel wakeful, improve mental acuity, improve cognition, and suppress appetite.

DiCaffeine Malate

A combination of caffeine and malic acid trademarked by Creative Compounds LLC. Just as you would guess it is used to enhance focus, boost energy, and improve metabolism.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Regardless of what you are trying to achieve or how you are trying to modify your diet, L-Carnitine is always a great choice. It has a big nutritive value and can potentially help with fat loss, muscle mass, heart and kidney health, fertility, brain function, immune system, and much more.


A trademarked source of Juniperus comminus which works perfectly paired with caffeine found in the formula. Such a combination is great for fat loss, sustainable energy, and water weight control.


A type of Fulvic Acid which doesn’t have a direct impact on workout performance, but can aid in your overall health.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract

An ingredient filled with yohimbine content. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say how much of it is found inside, which is one of the biggest reasons for caution. If yohimbine is well dosed it can be one of the best and most potent ingredients found in any formula, but if not, it can have some negative effects on the body.


Dark Metal Manson blend looks pretty solid, having mostly potent and well-researched ingredients. However, a certain dosage of each individual compound is unknown so we are unable to correctly estimate its real value. It is a shame because customers seem to love it, and it could have been more appreciated in reviewers eyes if it had a bit more information around it.

Side effects – Is there anything dangerous here?

Fortunately, we haven’t found almost any side effect reports from the customers. Ingredients found in the formula aren’t known for any negative effects on the body as well. The only problem is the unknown dosage of its compounds, so we would recommend being cautious with first few servings to see if there is something your system doesn’t tolerate. Despite almost every customer liking the product and leaving a positive review, one wasn’t happy at all.

“Not a quality preworkout. Made me scatterbrain, jittery and sick… “

What do other users have to say about Dark Metal Manson?

Actually this one has one of the highest five star rating percentage on Amazon compared to other pre-workouts we reviewed in the past. Almost everyone seemed to like it, and it wasn’t easy to find a negative comment. Reviews from our colleagues also shared quite a positive experience.

“So I have used dozens of preworkouts over the past 7 years. The original Jack3d was always the best. Nothing has ever come close since it was taken off the market. This stuff is amazing. It’s the closest I’ve found to Jack3d. I took it on an empty stomach and within 2 minutes I was on fire. Potent stuff. So maybe have something in your stomach first.  “

“This stuff is intense. I absolutely love the jolt of energy it gives me. The only other preworkout that gave me that insane itch was The Curse, but that only got my arms, this stuff had my whole body going. I’m just gonna go toss a few cows over the moon, now. Be right back. “

One customer revealed us his thoughts in a very minimalistic, but still very informative fashion. He covered few basic features in only a couple of words. Here are his thoughts:

Dark Metal Manson Review

Final words on Dark Metal Manson

Everything considered this Insane Labz creation is worth getting your eyes on. Although it has some flaws, like no mentioned dosage of ingredients found withing the blend, it still has a lot of exciting features. Most of the people who tried it had only positive words to share about it, and it is something you don’t get to see every day. Dark Metal Manson should improve your endurance, increase energy levels, fight fatigue, reduce recovery time, and enhance focus. All these benefits create a perfect environment for high-quality performance and maximum results. Anyone looking for a pre-workout supplement should take this one to serious consideration.

Buy Dark Metal Manson here for $25.50!

Where to purchase this supplement?

Dark Metal Manson is not so easy to get in local supplement stores, and getting it online may be the best alternative. If you want to get it for a great price and fast delivery to your home make sure to check it out on Amazon.

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Beta Alanine

An amino acid which plays a crucial role in carnosine synthesis and carries a lot of beneficial properties.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Being a building block of carnosine it can have a huge impact on maximizing the physical performance of any athlete. It is great for increasing muscular endurance and helping you gain lean muscle mass.

Clinical Research

Beta Alanine has been a topic of hundreds sports performance related scientific studies.[1]

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Great amino acid with rich anti-oxidant value and performance related benefits.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

This fast absorbing form of Carnitine is one of the best options for reducing oxidative damage to the muscles ultimately resulting in faster and better muscle recovery.  It can also potentially leave a significant impact on fat loss, muscle mass, heat and kidney health, fertility, brain function, and immune system.

Clinical Research

One of the most researched supplements for recovery and muscle soreness treatment.  [2]

DiCaffeine Malate

Caffeine bonded with malic acid in a 2:1 ratio.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

A great dietary addition for anyone trying to lose weight and burn fat, especially in combination with caffeine anhydrous.

Clinical Research

Many clinical studies show impact of caffeine on sports performance. [3]

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High Blood Pressure

A condition in which your artery walls are under high pressure of the blood flow.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Such a side effect is most likely caused by caffeine found in form of Caffeine Anhydrous and DiCaffeine Malate.


A condition in which you are lacking focus and concentration.

What Causes Scatterbrain?

This side effect was reported by a customer, but we are not sure what ingredient does it come from, especially with unknown dosages.


How much does Dark Metal Manson cost?

As I’ve already mentioned in the title, Dark Metal Manson could, in fact, be the best value for money preworkout out there. It’s actually true! For beginners and intermediate, Dark Metal Manson can do a world of good. Heck, even I felt a bit of a kick after taking this. And, for just $25.50, it’s a damn good purchase!

Does it really work?

Yes, yes it does! For beginners and people who just want a better performance during their workouts, Dark Metal Manson has plenty of power to provide. However, if you’re a professional athlete or a serious bodybuilder, I doubt you’ll notice a significant punch. You’ll need something slightly more powerful… and pricier.

Where can I buy it?

Dark Metal Manson is available for purchase directly from Amazon.

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“Preworkouts are the way to go if you want a Godlike performance down at the gym…” – Rob

“Keep an eye out for your water intake… Going too low or too high can mess up your goals…”Harry


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Intense energy and focus. Insane Labz has put the best to none pre-workout on the market. L-tyrosine is a plus in this pre-workout so focus and no crash occurs. I’m stimulant sensitive so the only downside is this gives you the feeling of straight amphetamine. No anxiety, jitters, or nervousness though. This is what one should look for in a pre-workout. You could be in the gym all day. It is equivalent to the original Jack3d. To the ones buying from faulty supplement stores like GNC. This blows all of their pres out of the warer!! Especially the JYM line up of products!!!

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