Death Punch Review

Is This preworkout as powerful as its name suggests?

Death Punch Review




If you are looking for something to improve your performance, this is the right place for you. In today’s review, we will be taking a look at a product designed to enable high-intensity workouts. Death Punch by Hard Iron Labs is a pre-workout created for both men and woman. It is a cutting edge formula having all the necessary compounds for success. All the ingredients found within are backed by scientific studies and have great potential in what they are supposed to do for your body.

With such a high-quality list of ingredients it comes as no surprise there is so much positive feedback for this one available online for everyone to see. It is something that is a good indicator of the supplements efficiency and safety. Adding it to your diet you should experience boost in your energy levels, increased muscle pump, less fatigue, and enhanced strength. Before jumping to conclusions too fast, let’s take a better look at some of its key features and see if it is as good as people say!

What is inside Death Punch?

A quick glance at the labels makes you realize folks from Hard Iron Labs mean business. It is a carefully dosed mixture of compounds put together for some great stuff.


An amino acid which is converted into l-arginine in the kidney after consumption. Athletes use it to improve performance and preserve good cardiovascular health. It improves endurance and reduces fatigue.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the most used training intensity enhancement products world wide. It is great for increased energy, endurance, strength, and lean body mass.

Beta Alanine

A non-essential amino acid which raises the concentration of carnosine in the muscles resulting in various benefits. It works as a potent antioxidant and reduces fatigue.

Betaine Anhydrous


Agmatine Sulfate

Caffeine Anhydrous

If well dosed a great addition to any formula. It is great for improving mental alertness which can be crucial for a successful workout. It has also been shown caffeine anhydrous is good for burning fat and controlling weight.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Black Pepper Extract

Due to a high concentration of piperine, it is mostly used for increasing absorption rate of other ingredients found in the formula.

Death Punch by Hard Iron Labs seems to be dosed right and have everything one quality pre-workout should have. It is well-rounded and will provide everything it promises. Just a look at the label reveals it has some real potential and good nutritive value.

Could Death Punch cause nasty side effects?

There haven’t been any major side effect reports, and only a few customers complained about the minor ones. It is pretty safe and shouldn’t do you any major or long-term harm. You could experience some negative effects such as nausea, dizziness, or muscle cramps.

Kept feeling sick after taking it and I’ve been taking pre workout daily for 10 years.”

Are there any reviews for Death Punch?

A high percentage of verified users and people that commented its effectiveness online were extremely positive. Here is what some of them had to say about this pre workout and its overall quality:

“Death Punch’s effectiveness went right along with its name. From the first scoop to the last scoop, this stuff delivered every time. First and foremost, the Beta Alanine tingles were off the chart. I have taken many pre workout products that have beta alanine, but not as much, and I don’t feel it at all. Not the case with Death Punch.“

Surprisingly this is probably the best tasting pre workout I’ve ever had as well. Will I buy this again? Absolutely. If you think the price is high compare it’s ingredient profile and dose to any other high end pre workout. It’s right on par and delivers what you need.

Some of the comments were from experienced customers that already knew what to look for while purchasing such a supplement.

Final words on Death Punch

Hard Iron Labs did a great job designing this pre-workout. It has all the right elements needed for improved performance, and even goes a step further with few additional benefits. Ingredients found in the formula are top notch and dosed in just the right amount. Mostly positive comments back up all the claims from the manufacturer. It is definitely a great choice for anyone trying to enhance strength and endurance, reduce fatigue, and increase energy levels for a high-intensity training session.

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One of the biggest problems with Death Punch is its availability, which is very disappointing knowing the fact it is a solid product with a lot to offer. If you want to get your hands on a bottle make sure to act fast because you might just miss the last one. Check it out on Amazon if still available!

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