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Is This Dirt Cheap Preworkout Any Good?

ENGN Shred





  • Impressive ingredient profile
  • Long list of benefits
  • Satisfied customers


  • Not really as powerful as pricier alternatives.

When it comes to high-quality supplementation Evlution Nutrition is known for being one of the best in business. It is a brand, unlike many others that listens to its customers and shapes their products based on their needs. If you take your time and search some of their creations online one thing that you will notice is lots and lots of positive five-star reviews. Such an accomplishment is definitely an indicator of top quality and what to expect when deciding to try something from their selection.

ENGN SHRED is one of the finest products you can find in Evlution’s assortment. It is a cutting-edge pre-workout formula with one of the best ingredient contents you can get for that price. Not only is it good for improved performance during the workout, but also has amazing fat burning and weight management properties.

ENGN SHRED Ingredients

To be able to achieve so many positive reviews and satisfy different needs for so many customers Evlution had to come up with something special. And they did just that, creating one of the most impressive and carefully designed mixtures you will ever see!

ENGN® Mind to Muscle Matrix

A nootropic part of the supplement that makes sure you don’t lack any focus or mental acuity during the workout. This mini blend besides doing heavy work in above-mentioned categories is also great for fighting stress, depression, and anxiety.

Betaine Anhydrous

Choline Bitartrate


Agmatine Sulfate


Huperzia serrata extract


When it comes to beta-alanine there is nothing on the market capable of taking the CarnoSyn’s crown away. This non-essential amino acid increases exercise performance, muscle endurance, strength, and power.


The main goal of this matrix is to help you control your weight and burn unwanted fat. It makes sure your metabolism is at top of its game, and the mobilization of fat is active for additional creation of energy.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Coleus extract


Yohimbe extract


With few other compounds on the list having a role in energy production, it was unnecessary to add crazy powerful energizers when these two are capable of doing the job more than you’d guess. You can be sure Natural Caffeine and Green Tea extracts will provide solid amounts of sustainable energy even for the most demanding workout programs.

Natural Caffeine

Green Tea Extract

ENGN SHRED definitely has one of the richest and most well-rounded formulas you will ever find. It has everything you need for a successful high-intensity training session, nothing more and nothing less. Ingredient dosage is done flawlessly, which was a hard thing to do considering how many compounds are found in one serving.

ENGN Shred Side Effects

The risk for your health with this one exists but is pretty low. With so many ingredients found within it is actually very surprising there aren’t more complaints regarding side effects. Some customers did report some problems such as nausea or diarrhea. Considering negative side effects related comments per positive five-star reviews ratio, chances of you experiencing any sort of problems with this one are pretty small.

“Taken as directed and with no sensitivity to caffeine I spent more time in the bathroom after taken this product then I did in the gym”

ENGN Shred Reviews

Comments like the one above are extremely rare. Most of the customers we talked to and the ones that left a review online had nothing but words of praise. Here are some of their thoughts:

“ENGN Shred is one of my top products that I use everyday. It gives me a lot of energy while burning my fat at the same time. It helps me throughout my workout session with incredible pump. After a couple weeks of using this product, I noticed that my body looks more defined and more shredded. I am so happy with the result.”

“I do crossfit, and before this I wasn’t good at it since I am in bad shape, but after this PW I can finish my WODs in really good time, I can feel more energy and a lot of focus during the workout, it is like there’s nothing else and you can focus on your reps.”

“The SHRED seriously makes me sweat so much. It feels great. Slight tingly feeling in fingers that last maybe less than 5 seconds, but I never feel any other symptoms like shaking, chills, or whatever else some other bad preworkouts and thermogenics give you. No crash either, but a great energy boost.”

There is nothing in this world that we like more than a simple and to the point comment revealing nothing but helpful information.

ENGN Shred Conclusion

All things considered, ENGN SHRED reserved its spot at the very top, not only among the pre-workouts and thermogenics but in the supplementation industry in general. Evlution Nutrition is a very respected brand, but despite all the positive reputation I still didn’t expect something of such an immense quality. It is designed to provide intense and long lasting energy, increase focus, improve explosive power, and improve overall athletic performance. We recommend it to anyone looking for the best budget-friendly efficient pre-workout and/or thermogenic.

Buy ENGN Shred Online / Discount

If you are the type of guy that likes to get his stuff from a local sports nutrition store, you are going to have some trouble purchasing this one. Despite its popularity it is still pretty hard to find in such a stores, at least in my area. We would recommend ordering it online for a more than fair price and a fast delivery.

Get yourself a bottle of ENGN SHRED here for $34.99!

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