Factor 2

Factor 2





  • Fair price
  • Few highest graded compounds
  • Shouldn't do you any major harm


  • Some customer complain for lack of power
  • Unknown ingredient dosage

In the last few years, pre-workouts have become one of the most popular supplements in the world. If designed properly such a product can have a huge positive impact on your diet. Force Factor is a company known for having high-efficiency supplements and hopefully, they continue their work in such a high-quality fashion. This review is dedicated towards one of its newest creations called Factor 2.

If it is capable of doing everything it promises you should experience enhanced strength, power, and stamina followed with an explosive energy delivery to your system. It should be able doing so with a combination of few well-known ingredients, having a positive impact on few additional things as well. Let’s take a closer look at this nitric oxide booster profile to get a clearer picture of its actual value.

Factor 2 Ingredients

At first look Factor 2 looks capable of doing a good job for you and your body. When it comes to NO production it should be more than just fine and definitely make a bigger impact than some other products in the same category.

Dual Stage Next-Gen NOXplosion

Stage 1 (Regeneration Complex)


Although there is no marked dose of each ingredient on the label, it is our guess this one makes most of the formula. If its not the case it surely is one of the most important ones inside. It is an effective way of increasing l-arginine levels in the body. For this reason it is great for increasing levels of NO, improving blood flow, and even treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Lovage Extract

Contrary to some other compounds of the formula Lovage Extract is something we don’t see very often. It is extracted from a plant native to southern Europe widely used for medical purposes. It can be helpful for relieving joint pain, as an anti-inflammatory, and for treating digestion problems.


Coenzyme Q10 carries a powerful antioxidant value and is essential for plenty daily functions. Its most popular benefit is free radical damage protection aiding heart and blood vessels health. It is also efficient when it comes to energy production and an increase of other nutrients absorption.

Stage 2 (Enzyme Catalysis System)


One of the essential substances in human body. Taurine is an amino acid having a huge impact on overall health and longevity. It promotes cardiovascular health, electrolyte balance, cognitive function, and its absence can lead to some serious health problems.


L-Norvaline is greatest when it comes to improving athletic performance. It is capable of extending pump length and intensity ultimately resulting in muscle growth and better physique. Besides all this, it will also significantly reduce recovery time and fight soreness.

Factor 2 by Force Factor definitely has the capacity to change your workout intensity and improve overall health. However, it could feature few additional ingredients, especially when it comes to the production of sustainable energy. It is designed for everyone looking for a slight boost and kick in the back if experiencing troubles with the quality of your training sessions.

Factor 2 Side Effects

When it comes to health problems you should be worrying too much. It doesn’t have any compounds marked as dangerous and if used as instructed by the manufacturer you should be fine. You can potentially experience some side effects such as dizziness or nausea, but it shouldn’t do you any major harm. It took us some time to find a negative comment based on actual side effects and it really says a lot about its safety.

“Felt some real energy for the first time in more than few years. At the age of 54 I felt like a teenager again and felt really good after a long time. Unfortunately Factor 2 made me feel dizzy sometimes so I had to find an alternate solution in Test X180 Ignite.“

Factor 2 Reviews

There were some split opinions regarding its efficiency and quality. Some customers claim it is one of the best products they consumed, while on the other hand some can’t express how unhappy with its effects they are.

“Used this for 2 months straight. It definitely works, but you need to work out moderate to heavy. Noticeable gains and definition. I am 49, work out about 5 hours per week. Have become a fan of good supplements. They work. Just don’t expect miracles. And you won’t get results without real effort. “

“Not much to say positive or negative about this product. With all the hype there is a tendency to expect more but there is nothing special to say about it, especially given the price per dosage. “

One customer experienced a real positive impact of Factor 2 on his workouts in a matter of only couple of weeks.

Factor 2 Conclusion

Factor 2 is definitely packed with few ingredients capable of significantly boosting NO levels and improving your overall health and longevity. It also provides some energy but compared to some other supplements in the same category and some peoples need it just may not be enough. For anyone casually working out and trying to get the most out of their workouts, this should be enough. If you are looking for something that will take your energy through the roof you should look somewhere else. Still, Force Factor did a good job creating Factor 2 for a certain group of people making sure there is something for everyone.

Buy Factor 2 Online

Although Force Factor is a company with a big reputation some of their products aren’t easy to get your hands on. You can find it in some local dietary supplementation stores, but in most cases, you will walk out empty handed. The best way of getting a fair price and fast delivery is getting it from Amazon.

Order a bottle of Factor 2 via Amazon for $34.30!

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